End of the Season

Here we are at the end of another season. I did something I never do this morning. I watched ESPN and the NFL channel. What gets to me is the Cowboys are not in the playoffs, but we were the main subject of the show. Between the two shows they talked about our mind set, bad chemistry in the locker room, and some think TO should go. They also believe the Cowboys were better off playing with Patrick Crayton and Miles Austin instead of Roy Williams. They said he looks like he is playing in quicksand. One thought, giving Williams one offseason to learn the offense and will help make him an asset to the team. My opinion is shouldn’t he already know the offense by now? Is our offense difficult to learn?

Trent Dilfer had the nerve to say the reason the Dallas Cowboys are America’s Team is because of the drama. 

ESPN also said the talent on the team is not as talented as everyone thinks. Why oh why did I watch it?!

Okay this is my opinion and mine alone. Isn’t it funny how we have started out well the last few years? I mean kick ass well! After one team learns how to disrupt our offense of course they all learn our weaknesses. Isn’t that the coach and offensive coordinator’s job to react to that and come up with different plays, move some people around, and get Romo an offensive line (I know there were injuries) that can give him the time he needs?

I feel like a lot of the heat that Tony has received is uncalled for. A lot of the interceptions were receivers that ran the wrong route. We all know about his back and his pinky, but I wish I would have counted how many high balls he threw this year. We are not talking just out of reach, I mean high! I hope it is because of his injuries, if not get Troy or another QB coach to work with him this off season.

TO and Roy Williams? I am just throwing my arms in the air. I am really disappointed with the play of Williams. I hadn’t seen him play except when the Lions played us, but I really thought he was the missing link. Patrick and Miles helped the team a lot more than Roy.

TO, well he is TO. He is a playmaker, but he also drops a lot of passes. He and Tony seemed like they had such great chemistry and then kaboee – where did it go?

The defense did not get the recognition they deserved by far! Our defense is the bomb! How can they go out and play their hearts out when the offense and special teams don’t show up?  Maybe that is what happened Sunday against the Eagles, no one showed up.

A lot of so called fans did show up! I have heard so much name calling on Myspace. I could not believe they really call theirselves fans! I was really disappointed.  But there are the fans that love the boys no matter what. We get upset, we give our thoughts on what went wrong, but no matter what we have the Cowboys’ back. Forever a Cowboy fan! That is what Lonestarstruck is all about.

Thank you to Kelly and all of the fans that have left comments on my articles. They really encourage us to keep writing. Have a safe and Happy New Year. I can’t wait to see what Kelly has planned for 2009.