Game Preview: Giants Vs. Cowboys

It don’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the importance of tonights game against the Giants for the Cowboys. It boils down to two things.

1. Win, stay alive in the play off hunt, and live to play another day.

2. Lose, and pretty much kiss your playoff chances goodbye.

No pressure, right?

So what does a team like the Cowboys do, to mentally and physically prepare for the challenge of such a significant game?

Well, apparently they felt the best way to prepare for the game was to…

1. Embroil Tony Romo in a passing conspiracy where he held secret meetings and developed secret pass plays.

2. Tell ESPN that the coaches are pointing fingers at everyone but themselves for the most recent loss.

3. Have your star wide receiver and star tight end get in each others faces at practice.

4. Spend the whole week talking down your teammates instead of your opposition.

Do you think this new strategy will work?

I mean after all, what do we have to fear anyway…

The Giants ain’t no big deal right?

So what if they are the defending Super Bowl champions, and that they are in first place, or that they have the best record in the NFC. We can take ’em!

I know you expected a traditional game preview filled with stats, commentary and predictions, but who needs all that when we can focus on all this exciting drama.

And guess what, I haven’t even mentioned Pacman or the fact that Marion Barber is still a game time decision because he can run but he can’t cut.

I’ll tell you what…

I’ll give you a prediction anyway. Despite all of this angst within the ranks, and that the Cowboys are on the verge of an all-out implosion, I still think they can win because anger and resentment can be very good motivators.

Cowboys 27 – Giants 17