Game Preview: Ravens Vs. Cowboys

No matter what happens tonight, the game will be bittersweet as we all say our final farewell to Texas Stadium.

The Cowboys will face Baltimore in the 291st and final regular-season game ever, at Texas Stadium tonight.

Shame on the NFL for choosing such a significant, memorable and sentimental game, and putting it on the NFL Network where less than half of all Cowboys fans will be able to watch.

Today is also a big day for DeMarcus Ware who is chasing NFL history. With a league leading 19 sacks already, he is just 4 sacks away from breaking the single season record held by Michael Strahan.

Of course, it’s also do or die for the Cowboys and their post season hopes.

The Cowboys control their own destiny. As long as they win… they’re in…

There is even a chance that depending on what other teams do, they can clinch a playoff berth with a win today.

We still don’t know if Marion Barber will play tonight, but I guess no news… is good news.

In the last two games, the Cowboys have faced two of the NFL’s top defensive teams in the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New York Giants.

The Ravens will be just as tough and just as good. Pro Bowl linebacker Ray Lewis and Pro Bowl safety Ed Reed, have the Ravens featuring the league’s second best defense.

Of course, the Cowboys defense has really stepped up recently, but they must continue that trend against the Ravens tonight, and I’m certain that they will.

I’m not expecting a huge offensive outpouring from either team tonight.

The Cowboys must cut down on the penalties, and Tony Romo must show the accuracy that he has somehow lost since coming back from the pinky injury.

All in all, expect a great game and a hard fought battle.

The Cowboys will reign supreme as they close out our home of 38 years with an emotional victory, and clinch a playoff spot in the process.

Cowboys 17 – Ravens 9