I Got Your Back T.O.

“It is what it is.”

That was Terrell Owens reply to Stephen A. Smith during his sit down interview on ESPN Tuesday. Owens was asked how he feels about Cowboys fans booing him on Sunday night at Texas Stadium. 

I heard the booing live during the game, it was disgraceful. Wake up fans! Don’t you know you can’t believe everything you hear, especially not from the Cowboy haters over at ESPN. (Just ask this guy.)

You have never heard me bad-mouth T.O., and you probably never will. I believe he is an exceptionally dedicated player who lives for the game and has done nothing but devote his life to the sport. Yes, he’s outspoken and has strong opinions but since when is that a crime?

T.O. has never had trouble with the law. He is an upstanding citizen who loves his family, friends and his team. I’m not trying to portray him as a saint and I never said he was perfect. But I totally disagree with people who call him a ‘cancer’, it simply isn’t true.

Owens has the potential to be a hall of fame legendary wide receiver. This season his numbers are down, his receptions are low. I believe he has earned the right to complain.

In the extended interview with ESPN’s Smith, T.O. was asked “how much of it is the media, and how much of it is you?” And Owens, like the man that he is, took some of the blame. But he also went on to say that ESPN has its villians and has its heroes, and somehow he has fallen into the villian category. But Owens whole-heartedly believes hes a good person, in his words, “it depends on who you ask”.

Well ask me. I’m happy to share my thoughts. He is an amazing player and I’m proud to call him a Cowboy.

Numbers don’t lie.

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I’ll never understand why the media won’t recognize him as the football player he is.

Hey T.O., just keep letting your aggression out on the field… let them FUEL YOUR FIRE! I hope you get record numbers in these last two games and close Texas Stadium with a bang! Then go on and continue that excellence in the playoffs.

They call it arrogance, I call it confidence. I’ll support you ’til the end #81!

Oh, and before I forget… extra butter please!

  1. Byron
    Byron says:

    Great points Kelly !
    People don’t realise that ESPN is trying to stir the pot so People will their channel and not everything they report is the Gospel truth especially when it comes to the Cowboys they are the biggest bunch of Cowboy haters there is !
    T.O is the reason Our Offence does as well as it does ,take him out and you will not see a Linebacker covering Witten it would be a Safety, take Him out and the Oppossing Defense would have more Blitzer’s to put that much more pressure on Romo !
    to make a long story short take out T.O and Our Offence is just Average so quit the DAMN BOOING PEOPLE!!

  2. Joe D.
    Joe D. says:

    Great job Kelly! The booing of T.O. at the game was sad to see and just a reminder of just how gullible people can be… even Cowboys fans.
    I remember these lines from a book I once read.
    Have you ever wondered why it’s so much easier for people to believe a lie, than the truth.
    Nice blog!

  3. T.O.'s fan!!
    T.O.'s fan!! says:

    Couldn’t have said it any BETTER myself!!
    My thoughts exactly!!
    I couldn’t believe so called “COWBOYS” fans were booing T.O. at Texas Stadium.I was so embarrased that they call themselves fans of the COWBOYS? True real fans WILL NEVER boo a player for the whole world to witness. I agree it was very disgraceful!!
    T.O. just wants to help the team out thats all!
    I will always support T.O. he’s a good person!!
    He is a changed player since he’s become a COWBOYS player! May God Bless T.O. always!

  4. Orlando
    Orlando says:

    I was a T.O. hater till the playoff loss last year but after he stood behind his quarterback I knew he was a True Cowboy. But even then I would have never booed him at a game or at home. This is a Cowboys family and you always stand behind your family. If T.O. was really doin the things they said T.O. wont hide what he says he will straight tell you if it smells like a rat and acts like a rat it must be a rat. T.O. will tell you whats goin on. Dont turn your back on this outstanding Wide receiver we were very lucky to have. When we get to the Super Bowl it will be because of T.O. Dont fall for all you here from the media. They cant stand the fact that the Boys will be the first to have 6 trophies. GO T.O and GO COWBOYS I am a dedicated fan and always will to the day I die and when I die I will be there next God watching over that hole in the roof.

  5. James Edwards
    James Edwards says:

    It was very sad to hear them boo T.O. last weekend.Like you said is it so wrong to have passion for for the game and want the ball???? No is it bad to be emotional and yell on the sidelines???? No it isnt he isnt yelling because he is trying to bring the team down he is yelling because he wants to help.
    Here is a example of ESPN and their sort of hatred towards the Cowboys…T.O. yells and screams on the sidelines and he is a bad person a detriment to the team a criminal a person who should be released from the team.Kevin Garnett yells at his Celtics teammates and he is a great leader and a passionate player who loves the game and gives his heart into everything.Maybe its because im a Lakers fan and I have a genuine dislike for the Celtics but that just does not seem fair.I know Owens has a history but he is right let go of the past and move on.reality is he has been a good teammate in dallas and he has not done anything wrong in Dallas but want to win and practice hard and do his job he hasnt been that distraction in Philly and SF.Common Cowboys fans do not boo this man if anything we should praise him because he puts up with all this crap week in and week out and is still a elite reciever in the league.

  6. Nicole V.
    Nicole V. says:

    You are so right, Kelly. I couldn’t believe it when I heard our own Cowboys fan boo T.O.. I was embarrased, thought our fans turn into Philly fans. NOT GOOD. We need to support the players on our team. I like T.O, he is a great player and I hope he’ll get at least 5 TD’s.

  7. CJCowboysFanatic
    CJCowboysFanatic says:

    The One thing I have always raved about is that Cowboy Fans are the best fans!!! That was a poor display of support & I was disappointed in such blatant disrespect for TO & OUR TEAM. Kelly I totally agree that TO is opinionated but he isn’t usually far off mark with his statements & he’s Fabulous on the field. Everyone has a right to speak their mind including TO. AS for THE FANS get your facts straight B4 u act like all the other TEAM’s FANS!!! Love ’em or Leave ’em! I’m Proud to have TO and to be A COWBOY FAN. I back our BOYZ ALWAYS!!! I ALSO hope to see TO’s stats raised in these last two games. I’ve got my POPCORN READY! GOOOOO COWBOYS!!!

  8. Raina
    Raina says:

    Thanks Kelly for writing about the fans booing. During our live-chat here at SS I had to ask if I heard right. Was Cowboy Fans really booing him.? I couldn’t believe it. I quit watching ESPN along time ago. I don’t believe anything that is said about the boys until I see it on SS or DallasCowboys.com. Come on Fans booing a Cowboy when we need to be loyal and have his back. You are lucky enough to go to games so be true fans guys think about it!