Looking Back

Here it is the early hours of Friday morning and I just read the article written by  Terry Monroe , “So Long and Farewell Texas Stadium.” It really fired my mind up about what is really about to happen, the last game is being played Saturday night in our star-studded Stadium with that awesome hole in the roof.

I am starting to get really sad, I thought we all probably would, but so far I was doing just fine. I was looking at the cool new stadium and thinking how cool it will be for fans to experience all the stadium is going to offer.  It will be something all Cowboy fans can be proud of.  It is a top notch stadium no doubt about it even has a hole in the roof that can be closed for those bad weather games. Very exciting and something to look forward to but I forgot to look back, until tonight.

I haven’t missed a game since 1980 but, my Dad had been a fan way before that. I watched games with him in the 70’s while he taught me the game of football. He must of enjoyed the questions because I don’t remember him getting annoyed with me(lol).  My Dad passed away three years ago this month and it really hit me that I won’t be seeing the same stars around the field, the same field, the same tunnel the great Cowboys of the past ,ran out of all the same things I watched with him. An era is over Saturday night. 

 I taught my nephew about football watching the Cowboys every Sunday, while they played at Texas Stadium. He is grown now with his own family and still a Cowboy fan. Now my grandson who is five is learning by watching parts of games with me. He knows when the boys are playing at home, if he sees the stars.  So a whole new generation of Cowboys fans in the family is growing but, this generation won’t be seeing all the same things we have seen in the past.  I am sitting my grandson down Saturday night and we will watch the game that will be in all the Cowboy history books and DVD’s in the future. I told him they were moving and he was fine with that or so I thought ,until he asks me “What about the hole in the roof? How can God see them?”  I told him, “Don’t worry buddy, their new place has a hole in the roof so God will watch over them there too.”

 As we watch the game I know all of us will remember a special memory or special person that brought the Cowboys into our lives. That will make the game even meaningful because hey, we are making yet another Cowboy memory.

If you have a special person or special memory you want to share we would love to hear about it. Just leave a comment below and share with all your Cowboy Friends.

  1. Kelly H
    Kelly H says:

    Im with you Raina, I didn’t even realize what was happening until this week. And all of a sudden I have this strange empty feeling. Im excited about the new, and sad we are leaving the old. Thats life though, Im just glad we will always have the memories.
    My Dad gave me my love for the Cowboys. There are moments I will never forget. I have never stepped foot inside Texas Stadium but at the same time, I feel like I live there.
    God Bless and Go Cowboys!

  2. ShelbyK
    ShelbyK says:

    This hit me at the game Sunday…. The opening ceremony triggered a feeling about the very spot I occupied… the event within my view… Texas Stadium. As the flags waved on the field, I began to weep. This is a place that has been a part of my life longer than I can remember. It’s more than a place. It’s bigger than than the building… something words can’t explain but every fan understands.
    After half time, I heard the intro to a song that makes me cry every time I hear it – “The Dance”. Looking up at the jumbo, I see history that I witnessed. These amazing athletes wearing a single blue star, Dallas Cowboys through the history of the very building in which I stood. History and players that captivate us with their desire to accomplish amazing things.
    I couldn’t control the tears.
    It was right then… that very moment that it hit me.
    Very soon, things will be different. And while those differences may be larger than life, it will never hold the same memories or the same view or the same feeling Texas Stadium gives us, the fans. The song, the jumbo… it was all too much. I was overcome by “farewell old friend… I will always love you.” and all the feelings this statement brings.
    I’m sure I will be happy and comfortable in the new stadium in Arlington. I look forward to the memories this change will bring into my future without ever forgetting the past.
    I will miss Texas Stadium.
    This is a season I will not soon forget. I have met some of the most amazing people, Dallas Cowboys players (present and past) and been a part of things I only visited in my dreams. THANK YOU, DALLAS COWBOY FANS, for making this season so special!

  3. Terry Monroe
    Terry Monroe says:

    I remember when I was 5 I used to watch this show called “Dallas” even though I didn’t know what was going on!! I just liked to watch it when it came on!! The year was 1986!!! But anyway, when the show’s introduction came on I asked my momma what were the blue stars on the ground with the building with the hole in it!!! And what the words were saying!! She told me it was the Dallas Cowboys football field and the stars were on their helmets!! I will never forget that!! I became a Cowboys fan instantly!! I used to watch that show just to see the beginning when it flashed a the end zone of what I now know as Texas Stadium!! If you watch closely you will see what I’m talking about!!! FOREVER COWBOYS!!

  4. James Edwards
    James Edwards says:

    When I was young i say about 5 I saw Dallas playing and I saw them with their blue and silver but most of all I noticed that hole in the roof.I had seen stadiums before being born in Miami I have been to pro player and the Orange Bowl,but never had I saw a stadium like that stadium and from then on out I just fell for that STAR.I love you Cowboys and I love you Texas Stadium our team will not play inside of you anymore but youo will always be our home.