No Respect and No Chemistry Is A Bad Combination

If you weren’t dejected enough already, wait until you read some of the stuff thats beginning to filter through in the last 48 hours.

To begin, Terence Newman is pissed off, and Jennifer Floyd Engel of the Star-Telegram got some interesting quotes from the star cornerback. Here is what she writes.

Cowboys cornerback Terence Newman encapsulated all of this angst, somewhat unintentionally Monday, when talking about lack of accountability in this locker room.

“It is like the problem when you had the anonymous player saying all that stuff,” he said. “They are a coward, you know, and that kind of stuff ruined this season.”

Let that sink in: A bigtime Cowboy called another bigtime Cowboy, and Witten specifically — if locker room rumblings about the identity of “the snitch” are to be believed — a coward.

This is the second time in two weeks that Witten has come under a negative spotlight.

On Sunday after the game, I talked about the lack of leadership on this team, particularly from Tony Romo and Wade Phillips. It looks like Jennifer agrees with me. In the same article she also writes…

This Cowboys team lacks leaders, or enough of them. Too few guys hold themselves accountable. This group requires a coach willing to do both and what they got instead was Wade Phillips.

I also wrote about the lack of chemistry after the game, and how it has become fractured…

The lack of chemistry is glaringly obvious in how players talk about one another. A lack of respect seems to exist for many Cowboy coaches as well. Everybody is always blaming somebody.

And deep fissures remain amongst Dallas’ biggest names, personalities, and players with Wade Phillips basically intimating that he had to have a come-to-Jesus intervention with Jason Witten, T.O. and Tony Romo before Philly.

Jerry Jones may have to rethink his plan about retaining Wade Phillips and the coaching staff. The problems with the Cowboys are not going to go away with a team meeting and a party at Terrell Owen’s house.

If there is going to be any change, it has to come from either a major shakeup and cutting ties with some of the stars on this team, or a top-to-bottom coaching transplant.

Replacing the coaching staff would be easier and less painful for us… the fans.

  1. KingStunned
    KingStunned says:

    Yes, I agree. Changing the coaching staff would be less of a blow to us. Plus, JJ only gives them 3 years to make it to the big dance before he lowers the ax. I totally expect that to happen next year or maybe even sooner if things don’t change quickly. We have way too much firepower on our team to be cutting them loose. We just need a leader who isn’t afraid to get in their faces and let them know who the boss is. Bring back Joe Avezzano, please. I think he is the hardass we need at the head coach position.

  2. ROMO'S
    ROMO'S says:

    Bring back Joe Avezzano..WTH???? What a joke!!
    PPL act like the COWBOYS are the ONLY ones who
    didn’t make it to the SUPERBOWL this year??!!??
    Yes it made me upset they didn’t BUT for me
    to keep crying & whining about it it’s JUST
    Sportswriters are bashing the COWBOYS over the
    Lions also? Goes to show how ignorant writers
    are to think the Lions were better!!
    There’s always next year?The Jets didn’t make
    it either and NO ONE says NOTHING bad about them!!!! WTF…….
    It’s pretty pathethis to see a so-called
    COWBOYS website keep bringing up all the
    negative about the BOYS too!!!
    All it’s doing is just giving more fuel to
    the haters to laugh about??
    WIN,LOSE OR TIE…COWBOYS I will always be
    your faithful,positive fan!!!!!
    GO COWBOYS!!!!!!

  3. Tito S.
    Tito S. says:

    You know what else makes the Cowboys look bad is seeing the Miami Dolphins go from 1-15 to 10-6 and make the playoffs Thanks to Parcells.
    If Parcells was still here the Cowboys would not be in this mess. T.O would have been gone. And last years 13-3 record was from Parcells draft picks from previous years.
    If it wasn’t for Parcells the Cowboys wouldn’t of have T.Romo,D.Ware, M.Barber,J.Rattlif, S.Hurd, M.Austin, M.Mcbriar and anybody eles I for got to mention.
    Bill Parcells and I Quote “I can’t do the grocery shopping unless I have my shopping list”
    Jerry Jones is an idiot getting rid of these H.O.F coaches Landry, Johnson and Parcells.
    Jerry has alot of work to do.
    Untill next season Cowboys fans.

  4. CAT aka Get T.O. the Damn Ball!
    CAT aka Get T.O. the Damn Ball! says:

    I don’t think that removing certain stars would help the team win…
    That’s why I keep saying listen to T.O….he has ALOT of valid points on what went wrong.
    The Witten thing is total B.S.
    Why should he have to defend a convo that was SUPPOSED to be private.
    I hate the media right now for being such vultures when it comes to my beloved Boys.
    I haven’t watched any sports news since the post-game interviews. Not ready yet.

  5. Soldier_Fan
    Soldier_Fan says:

    I am a Soldier in the U.S. ARMY, and speaking from experience, before you can be a good leader you MUST be a good follower. Some of the players on the team need to take a good hard look at themselves before ever speaking out. If they were trying to be team players then they would NEVER place blame on an individual, but would always except blame as a team. On any team you have to accept certain facts. Fact, Coaches are stuck having to deal with whatever players are on the team, even if their off field actions are distracting in the locker room. Coaches also have to accept responsibility when a player doesn’t perform up to their potential. That is what good leaders do! Fact Players are stuck with their coaches. Do what your coach has taught you to do. Accept responsibility when you mess up or it doesn’t work out, as a player and as a team. If at the end of the day each person, (Coach and Players) can look themselves in the mirror and say that they honestly tried their best then as a Fan I will always be happy!