Ravens Upset The Cowboys 33-24

“Leaders Are Not Made, They Are Born.” – Vince Lombardi

The Cowboys are now teetering on the brink of elimination after the disaster that ensued last night in Texas Stadium. What was supposed to be a grand sendoff for a stadium that has witnessed the greatest moments in franchise history, ended up being a dismal performance that was unworthy of the ground it was played on.

The Baltimore Ravens upset the Dallas Cowboys 33-24, in front of a packed Texas Stadium crowd that could be heard booing in the final minutes even as the stadium’s closing ceremonies were about to begin. A little more than half the crowd remained to watch the gala afterward.

What is a a shell-shocked Cowboys team to do, when they get no electricity and no fire from their sheepish head coach, Wade Phillips, and their “I just wanna be a rock star” quarterback, who seems more intent on smiling for his camera shots, than firing up a team that is desperate for leadership?

Can the Cowboys ever win when their survival is in the hands of two soft-spoken, and inanimate leaders who have never shown any emotion worthy of igniting the spirit that is buried somewhere within the belly of this team?

Last night’s loss to the Ravens, wasn’t just a typical loss. It exemplified the one character trait this team has sorely lacked since the season first started. While the team has been long on talent, they have been equally short on leadership.

If Super Bowls were won on paper, the Dallas Cowboys would have seven Vince Lombardi Trophies, not five.

Tony Romo was woefully inaccurate against a well oiled Baltimore defense that gave their Cowboys counterpart a lesson on how not to let a victory get away from you in the final minutes of the game.

The Cowboys defense allowed two of the five longest runs in franchise history during the waning minutes of the fourth quarter.

It wasn’t totally the Cowboys’ defense that was at fault… they had to spend way too much time on the field because Tony Romo and the offense had so many “three and outs” that the defense never got a chance to catch their breaths before running out to the field again. They were simply out of gas.

If there was one positive we could take away from this loss, it was the emergence of Tashard Choice as a legitimate weapon.

This excruciating loss has now left Dallas with a 9-6 record, and only a dwindling hope of making the playoffs and ending a 12-year drought. They no longer control their own destiny, and if by the slimmest of hopes they do make it, they would have done so by backing in. 

Truth be told, the only true star of the game last night was the heroic Texas Stadium itself. She has served us well, and never once has she ever let us down the way this 2008 Tony Romo and Wade Phillips led Cowboys team has. 

  1. Romo's Fan
    Romo's Fan says:

    I disagree with SOME of what was said in this article….First of all the 2 TDs in the end that looked like the COWBOYS were gonna win when ROMO & T.O. & Witten……..
    only 2 be answered back…WHAT happened to the almost perfect DEFENSE we have been having in the past weeks??
    Stop blaming ROMO….when he is NOT be protected 100%…..he can only do so much!!!!
    Romo hasn’t been here that long with the COWBOYS?
    About him being a Rockstar….WTH did that come from….Romo never asked to be titled that?
    It’s you people giving him titles like that NOT him!!!
    The COWBOYS could of won last night with those 2 last TDs BUT defense let it GO JUST LIKE like with the steelers game.
    Seeing them lose last night made my stomach hurt BUT I still LOVE THEM no matter what!!!
    Props to T.O. & ROMO for facing the media EVEN after they lose…they are real men that face the music regardless of losing.
    On a positive side well at least we are NOT Lions fans!!! Hahaha!!
    GO COWBOYS!!! Win Lose or Tie IM A FAN TILL I DIE!!!

  2. Omaddnes
    Omaddnes says:

    Thats what i’ve been saying… Romo did a hell of a job.. What QB would be able to do the job he does?? all that defense coming at you and no one putting up any pass blocking.. I feel the O Line needs to play every down like its there last… Romo isn’t feeling that.. i mean thats how he got hurt because the Line is playing in there own world… COWBOY UP !!
    Defense needs to FOCUS UP!! 4th Quarter ?? WTF happen??

  3. TD
    TD says:

    I don’t really know what to say…..
    As far as the defense goes…..I don’t care how long you have been on the field, and I can even MAYBE excuse them giving up the first run for a TD, but when you and everyone else in that stadium knows they are going to run the ball, you HAVE to make those stops. That is how football games are won.
    To me, it doesn’t matter what has happened up to a certain point in a game, there are times when you have to make the plays to win the game. The defense did not make those plays last night. They are the best conditioned, highest paid athletes in the world. The Ravens held the ball for only 5 more minutes then the Cowboys, so it was a total time of possesion blowout.
    Like I said, I don’t know or claim to know the overall problems, but in that particular game, at that particular time, it was on the Defense to give us the ball back and they failed, MISERABLY, twice.
    And that’s why we lost….the game is 60 minutes.

  4. ~lin
    ~lin says:

    I have to agree with TD…. Supposedly we had the 2 best defenses playing that night and I did not see our Dallas Defense at the tail end of that game…. And to reaffirm that it “DITTOed” a razor sharp cut to our COWBOYS’ pride as well as the score!
    I just am wearing thin on showing face and defending them with nothing to fight with….
    I don’t know how many chances or “gifts” of a chance DALLAS will be offered to carry them to the playoffs. And are they really deserving if it seems that they are not playing with heart!??? I want THEM to go to the SUPERBOWL, but I want them to go with some dignity and honor.
    I’ll keep the prayers comin’…none-the-less.

  5. Christopher de Mer
    Christopher de Mer says:

    You guys watch the same game I did? I love my ‘Boys too – have loved them since the 60s – you guys even around then? But what I watched the other night was Romeless losing another game with bad decisions, poor throws and no leadership. Hell, the defense was on the field so much they couldn’t catch their breath! The D has kept them in the last four games – two of which Romeless gave away. He stinks, Garrets got to go, and TO needs to leave. Bring in Cowher, some discipline and we’ll shine again.