Wade Phillips Will Be Back Next Season

ESPN.com is reporting that Wade Phillips will be back as coach of the Dallas Cowboys next season, and that Jason Garrett will remain in charge of the offense, regardless of whether or not the team makes the playoffs.

In their article they quote owner Jerry Jones, who said…

“The coaches are in place. I’ve said that. How can I be any clearer?” Jones said. “Look, I’ve said that our coaching staff, as far as I’m concerned, is in place. I just want to make the statement rather than answer questions, because your questions imply certain things that I don’t want to imply.”

“I’m saying that when I look at where we are coaching staff-wise and when I look at where we are personnel wise, I see a team that is in place to compete for several years.”

I guess you can’t be anymore clearer than that.

I know that many of you would rather see a more fiery and aggressive coach, and were hoping for a change after the season, but it certainly looks like Phillips is here to stay.

There was a point in the season not long ago, where I really thought that Phillips’ job was in jeopardy, but the team seemed to turn it around after that mini-slump and kind of figured he worked his way back into the picture.

What do you guys think of Wade Phillips?

Do you think he will ultimately lead us to another Super Bowl?

  1. Fredooch
    Fredooch says:

    If Dallas loses Sunday, which I dont think they will, do you honestly think Wade will be our coach next year? I highly doubt that. Jerry is doing what he does best, blow smoke. Jerry Jones could sell you a 1970 pinto without a motor.

  2. Joe D.
    Joe D. says:

    I agree fredooch.
    Jones has to say what he said, especially before such a huge game.
    I am not a fan of Wade Phillips. I prefer my coaches to be fiery and intense on the field and off the field.
    When Columbo misses a block, I want someone to get in his face. When T.O. has a pass glide through his fingers, I want to see our head coach hopping mad and flinging his headset to the ground.
    I’m not into this “you gotta give the other team credit” crap, whenever we lose a game!!!

  3. Cowboy Bill
    Cowboy Bill says:

    Two words. Mike Holmgreen. Phillips gets out-coached this week like he did against the Ravens I think JJ would have to at least consider a change. Phillips steps up and gets it done, then we’re all set.
    This team simply has no chemistry. Or should I say the offense has no chemistry. Defense is SOLID. So far the Roy Williams trade is a bust in 2008. This team had much better chemistry with Owens,Crayton and Austin. I hope I’m wrong about Williams. All I can say is he has to prove me wrong.
    Cowboys 34 Eagle 12

  4. cy
    cy says:

    I think with all the penalties this season we need someone like Herm Edwards to run this team. I thought Wade was a mistake from the start and I still feel the same.