Blame This Loss On The Offensive Line and Special Teams

Last week I said I wasn’t going to point the finger of blame at any player or any aspect of the team, but after today’s embarrassing defeat, all bets are off.

What in God’s name was that?

Todays performance by our offensive line was a brutal display of ineffectiveness that can only be categorized as a complete and utter abomination. The culmination of several lackluster displays of effort in the last few weeks all led to this disastrous thrashing at the hands of the Arizona Cardinals. Tony Romo was completely under siege today despite being protected by an offensive line that outweighed the opposing defensive line by almost one hundred pounds.

The Cowboys offensive line may look big and intimidating, but today they were tossed aside like they were a bunch of rag dolls offering absolutely no defense for the quarterback that they are paid to protect. Forget the fact that they are the highest paid offensive line in the league for one second and consider the fact that Romo was knocked down to the ground a record 19 times and was under pressure for almost every single snap of the game.

At least six snaps were a literal adventure in wonderland as they were completely out of sync with Romo’s signal calling.

They all looked very old and played with little if any motivation.

Even a very hot and emotional Terrell Owens couldn’t help fire up their abysmal performance.

Someone needs to get in that locker room and kick some freaking ass, but don’t expect that to come from the subdued and soft-spoken Wade Phillips and his staff.

Despite the poor showing by the offensive line, our special teams play continues to be unbelievably baffling at best, and painfully excruciating to watch at worst.

The special teams which was so flawed last season was supposed to be revamped and improved going into this new season. So what went wrong?

Their current inability to cover kick and punt returns has completely unraveled and every return is a mind-jarring nail-biter. They consistently miss tackles, draw far too many penalties, and look dazed and confused more often than not.

Going into this season, expectations were that we had the best team in the NFC. The painful reality is now beginning to set in that this team does not perform to those types of expectations. We may have been blinded by our love and enthusiasm for the team.

Unless the Cowboys find a way to correct the fatal flaws within their offensive line and special teams, the playoffs may slip between our fingers and fade away into a long off season full of questions and plenty of head scratching. 

I’ve warned all season long about the dangers of taking the NFC East for granted this season. The Giants and Redskins are for real. We cannot coast into the post season and act as if it is a God given right… It is not a right, it is a privilege, and privileges are not granted, they are earned.

It’s not too late for the Cowboys to address these problems and put this string of bad play behind them. But first, they need to find their swagger.

Game Preview: Cowboys @ Cardinals

Cowboys (4-1) vs. Cardinals (3-2) Sunday, October 12, 3:15 PM CT on FOX

Week 6 Preview:

Cowboys Revisit Old Rivalry When They Play Cardinals

The Cowboys battle a former NFC East rival when they travel to “The Desert” to take on the Arizona Cardinals.  The Cowboys really need a good, dominant game and get some problems worked out Sunday.  They have turned in two sub-par outings in their last two games, and that needs to change.  That all starts with the defense, especially in the secondary.

Faced with the fact that Cowboys’ cornerback Terence Newman will be out at least a month after undergoing surgery for a sports hernia after having hurt his groin this season and the fact that Adam Jones may not be playing for the Cowboys much longer depending on what the NFL rules, the secondary really needs to come together and play well. 

One break that the Cowboys will get in this game is that Arizona wide receiver Anquan Boldin has been ruled out for this game. 

If the Cowboys’ defensive line can put a lot of pressure on Kurt Warner, it would help take even more pressure off of the secondary.

Since 2001, the Cowboys lead the series between both teams, 4-2. 

The Cowboys could use to bit of a better performance on the offensive side of the ball as well.  After building an early 17-0 lead against the Bengals, the offense sputtered and scored just 14 points the rest of the game.  Tony Romo did not look like he was having a lot of fun, and in the end, Romo did not have his best day passing, even with throwing three touchdown passes against Cincinnati.  Romo will look to bounce back, but it won’t be easy, as he will be facing a solid pass defense and a defense that is ranked 12th overall in the NFL, giving up just 302 yards per game.

Guard Kyle Kosier (foot), cornerback Terence Newman (sports hernia), and cornerback Pat Watkins (neck) are out.  Roy Williams practiced on a limited basis in practice this week, and is still out with the injury to his forearm.  Fullback Deon Anderson (knee), backup defensive end Stephen Bowen (hamstring), starting center Andre Gurode (ankle), backup defensive tackle Tank Johnson (ankle), and starting tight end Jason Witten (shoulder) all had full participation in practice this week and are probable.  

NFC East Report – Week 6

New York Giants

The undefeated Giants head to Cleveland for a Monday Night Football matchup against the Browns. Linebacker Antonio Pierce who was expected to be out has vowed to play. “I’ll be there Monday night, 8:30, you’ll see me,” Pierce said. “I’ll never miss a game unless I’m on IR. I’ll do what I do every Sunday.”  Once again the Giants get an easy matchup against an 1-3 Browns team that will probably be without Pro Bowl tightend Kellen Winslow who has been hospitalized with an unknown ailment. It figures…


Philadelphia Eagles

The 2-3 Eagles are in bad shape… All-Pro running back Brian Westbrook will miss his second game in three weeks against San Francisco on Sunday. Westbrook broke two ribs in the Eagles’ 23-17 loss to Washington last Sunday, though he kept playing and finished the game. On top of that injury, the Eagles will also be without Pro Bowl guard Shawn Andrews (back) and wide receiver Reggie Brown (groin). Awww, poor little birdies…


Washington Redskins

The red-hot Redskins are 4-1 and do battle against a winless St. Louis Rams team that is reeling. Their pass rush is expected to get a big boost this weekend when defensive end Jason Taylor returns to the lineup after missing the last two games. The Redskins are feeling their oats and some of them have made some hawkish remarks about the Cowboys who they just passed up on ESPN’s Power Rankings.


Final Thoughts

I hate to use the term “must win” this early in the season against the Cardinals this weekend, but this is definitely a game the Cowboys must win. Both the Giants and Redskins are expected to easily win their games this weekend, and we cannot allow ourselves to fall behind either of them in the standings. I’m expecting a huge game from Tony Romo and company, and I’m going on the record and I’m predicting another exciting TD run from our rookie of the year, Felix Jones. Go Cowboys! 

Everybody Can Exhale Now, Pacman’s In The Clear

It looks like the recent incident involving Pacman Jones may be coming to an end. According to a report on Associated Press, troubled cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones won’t be disciplined by the Dallas Cowboys for a scuffle with his bodyguard that team owner Jerry Jones said resulted from joking banter that got out of hand and was quickly settled.

“They were literally kidding each other,” Jerry Jones said Thursday. “They were jiving around … and all of a sudden one of them starting saying some things, and here you go.”

Dallas police were called to an upscale downtown hotel because of the disturbance late Tuesday night. No charges were filed.

While not planning any discipline for Adam Jones, Jerry Jones acknowledged that he was “very disappointed in that we’re having to deal with this.”

Also, regarding a possible suspension, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell issued the following statement on ESPN:

“We’re trying to determine all the facts. It’s clear that there was some type of an incident. We want to understand all the facts. Once we do understand the facts, then we can make a judgment from that point. At this point right now, it’s just making sure what could happen.”

This is the latest in a long line of off-the-field incidents for Jones. He has been arrested six times and involved in a dozen incidents that required police involvement since 2005. Some of his offenses include possession of marijuana, speeding, public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

My take on this is simple, why would Adam Jones allow himself to become involved in an incident that would only draw negative media attention and reflect poorly on the team?

He seems like an intelligent individual and yet his actions are ignorant and shallow at best, while bordering on rebellious and out of control at worst. I hope this is the last in what has been a string of one worrisome incident after another for Jones, albeit his first with the Cowboys. I just don’t have the stomach or the tolerance for any future shenanigans from Jones. Enough is enough.

What Was Pacman Thinking?

Pacman, Pacman, Pacman.

Well, I went to to see what they have posted about the Adam Jones hotel incident. I began listening to Mickey Spagnola and Rob Phillips Lunchbreak. They had some interesting points.

You may think the media has overblown this story, but I don’t. Adam Jones, alcohol and police should never be in the same sentence. He was given a second chance, a clean slate. What the hell was he doing at a hotel on a Tuesday night, period? He should be at home sleeping. He has practice Wednesday. He’s on a short leash with the commissioner. This is not good.

Who gets into a fight with their bodyguard? But then again, why does he need his own security?

So many questions and absolutely no answers.

Cowboys-Cardinals…Heating Up in the Desert!

Good Morning Cowboy Fans:

Home cooking for the Arizona Cardinals used to be literally baking in triple-digit heat rising from the metal bleachers of a mostly empty Sun Devil Stadium.

Coach Phillips talked some this week about “how he played there a lot of times, and remembers way back when he was with the Denver Broncos, shoot, the whole crowd was a Denver crowd, and there wasn’t a big crowd.”
Oh my… how things have finally changed.

Entering their third season in a raucous – and air conditioned – home of their own, the Cardinals finally have a true home-field advantage and the record to prove it.

Arizona is 8-2 at University of Phoenix Stadium since Ken Whisenhunt took over as coach in 2007 and is riding a five-game winning streak there. In their two home victories this season – over Miami and Buffalo – the Cardinals have outscored their opponents 72-27, including a 41-17 win over the previously unbeaten Bills last Sunday.

Whisenhunt said “he knows that they have an appreciation of home-field advantage as a football team. I think our fans are starting to get a sense of that as well,” Whisenhunt said. ”I compliment them on how they’ve been for us. At times it’s as loud as many of the louder stadiums that I’ve been in.”

If Arizona can win a few away from home, the team could be in great shape down the stretch. The Cardinals are now 3-2, alone atop the NFC West, three of its last four and four of its last six games are at home.

The Cardinals have sold out all 18 regular season games since moving in to the 64,000-seat stadium with a retractable roof in the west Phoenix suburb of Glendale. In previous years in 72,000-seat Sun Devil Stadium, on the campus of Arizona State University, sellouts were extremely rare, usually occurring when the Cowboys came to town.

The three largest crowds for the Cardinals, and six of their biggest nine, came in their old stadium came against Dallas.

So, with that said it brings us to this weekend. The Cowboys return to the desert, just as they did a year ago when the Pittsburgh Steelers visited, many Arizona fans are expected to sell their tickets.

”Kurt Warner talked about “how he thinks it stinks, ”it’s always hard to tell somebody not to sell something when they can make money off of it, but we just want our advantage. I think we’ve fought hard for that.”

Many Cardinal’s fans are just using their heads, knowing that much if not most of the cost of a season ticket can be made up by selling away just this one game. Arizona’s players, though, want their fans to be using their heart.

Warner went onto to say this week, “I think our fans have done a tremendous job of sticking with us and now we are developing something. I just hope it gets to the point where it doesn’t matter who comes into this building.’

It’ll be like old times Sunday in Arizona when the Dallas Cowboys face the Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium.

The two teams used to meet twice a season as part of the NFC East from 1970 to 2001. As part of the 2002 NFL realignment, the Cardinals were placed in the NFC West with St. Louis, San Francisco and Seattle.

Dallas leads the series 55-28-1 and won their previous meeting 27-10 on Nov. 12, 2006.

According to Coach Phillips, safety Roy Williams and guard Kyle Kosier are both out for week six. We’ll also be playing without Terrance Newman. If it wasn’t for Boldin being out as well, that would have this writer a little worried.

I thought “Pacman” did a good job going against Houshmanzadeh and Johnson last week, so I’m interested to see if he can continue his progression lining up against Fitzgerald.

Key Match-Up’s:

1. Ware/Ellis vs. Gandy/Brown

2. Tony Romo vs. Arizona secondary

3. Kurt Warner vs. Dallas secondary

Depending on how much pressure Dallas can get on Warner, and how well our secondary performs I can see Dallas winning this one. If we aren’t able to get a lot of pressure on Warner and he has time to throw…I could see this being a high scoring affair with the less penalized/less mistake-prone team winning it.

As far as a prediction goes, I’ll say it’ll be a 31-21 game at this point, with Dallas pulling out its fifth win of the season.

The Aftermath of Week 5: Bengals @ Cowboys

Cowboys Still Have Kinks To Work Out

The Dallas Cowboys built a 17-0 lead early in the second quarter and it looked like they were going to cruise to an easy victory.  Not so fast.  The Bengals answered with 16 points of their own and were poised to take the lead until Tank Johnson and
Anthony Spencer combined to force and recover a Chris Henry fumble,
respectively.  Two plays later, Romo hit Owens for a 54-yard touchdown
to give the Cowboys some breathing room at 24-16, but they still needed
a fortuitous bounce to get a second touchdown to officially lock it up,

It may not have been the prettiest win, but it’s still a win.  A great way to start the second quarter of the season.  The Cowboys made the big plays at the crucial stages of the game, but there are still many kinks to work out. 

The Good:  Bouncing Back Early

The Cowboys showed no ill effects of the loss to the Redskins last week early in the game.  They forced an interception on the first play of the game and built up a 17-0 lead on the Bengals early in the second quarter behind a strong running game and defense.  They finally handed the ball off to Felix Jones on offense and he ran it 33-yards for a touchdown.  It really makes you wonder why Jason Garrett did not call any plays for him, especially since he actually outgained Marion Barber by 12 yards in 14 less attempts. 

The Bad:  Not Stepping on Their Throats

After building the 17-0 lead, the Cowboys got a little too comfortable and did not have that killer instinct.  They almost lost the lead altogether and nearly lost the game.  If not for that forced fumbled after the Bengals recovered that surprise onside kick, who knows what would have happened and how that game would have turned out.  The Cowboys capitalized on it with a Terrell Owens touchdown, and later were fortunate to get the last touchdown, otherwise this could have easily been a loss.  When you have a team like the Bengals down 17-0, you have to keep applying the pressure and not take your foot off of the gas.  That is how leads get blown and teams lose games.

The Ugly:  The Cowboys Offense After the 17-0 Lead

Tony Romo and the Dallas offense really did not generate much from early in the second quarter on.  A turnover and a 54-yard Terrell Owens catch and run provided one touchdown, and a lucky bounce late in the game finally sealed it off of a long drive by Tony Romo.  But without that catch, the Cowboys would’ve had to settle for a field goal and given the Bengals a chance to win the game late down just 5 points.  It just seemed like the ball was never coming out right for Tony Romo.  It was wobbling, which makes it that much harder for receivers to catch the ball, and there were times when balls were being underthrown and thrown behind the receivers.  Even though he had three touchdown passes in the game, you could tell that he was not having a lot of fun like he usually does out there.  He will get it fixed, but he sure doesn’t complete just 14/23 passes for just 176 yards very often.

What It Means:  They’re Not Perfect

No team is going to go through the regular season and play 16 flawless games throughout.  Even the New England Patriots of last year made some mistakes that could have ans should have costed them a couple of games in the regular season.  The past two weeks for the Cowboys haven’t looked very good, and the 1-1 record in those two games shows it.  The Cowboys could have easily lost that game, but they found a way to get it done, and Week 6 is a new week.  It doesn’t matter how you win, just win baby!  The Cowboys know what they did wrong against the Bengals and what they need to address heading into their next game.  They are concerned about them and will put a lot of focus on it in practice.  The big question is whether or not all of that hard work will carry over to the next game.

What Lies Ahead:  Cowboys @ Cardinals

The Cowboys now head west to Arizona to face the Cardinals in Week 6.  The Cowboys cannot take this team lightly though.  Arizona is much improved over last year and has emerged as the early favorite to win the NFC West.  They are the only team with a winning record in that division at 3-2.  The Cowboys will have their concerns heading into that game, especially at cornerback.  Terence Newman has now been diagnosed with a sports hernia injury that will probably need surgery, and that will keep him out a minimum of six weeks.  Adam Jones may also be a question mark headed into Sunday as he was in an altercation at a Dallas hotel Wednesday.  This could mean a lengthy suspension for him as he is a repeat offender.  The Cowboys will catch a huge break in this game though, as Cardinals’ wide receiver Anquan Boldin is out indefinitely after surgery on a facial bone.  We’ll see how it turns out.     

Breaking News: Pacman Jones Involved In Violent Scuffle At Hotel

The following is being reported by CBS 11 News and we will continue to update you on this breaking news.

CBS 11 News has exclusive information involving a Dallas Cowboy with a troubled past. Sources confirm to CBS 11 that Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones was involved in a violent scuffle.  The investigation surrounds what happened inside a Dallas hotel overnight.

Jones was banned from the NFL for at least a year because of conduct unbecoming a player.  He sat on the sidelines only to come back with the Dallas Cowboys under the assurance and the hope that he would not be involved in any conduct that would be deemed illegal or creating an embarrassment to the league.

The question now is – what happened inside the Joule Hotel?  Hotel management wouldn’t talk to CBS 11 News and offered no comment regarding the incident.  However CBS 11 Sources say there was a violent confrontation, involving Jones, at the hotel Tuesday night.

Sources say police were called after Jones argued with one of his own bodyguards.  By the time police arrived he was headed back inside the hotel and patrons could clearly hear a fight going on in the bathroom.

That fight was allegedly between ‘Pacman’ Jones and a member of his security detail.  Security inside the hotel allegedly pulled the two apart.  At least one mirror was broken in the confrontation.

Sources say Jones went outside and left the hotel without paying his tab.  He was reportedly with a woman who drove the two away from the scene.

The Cowboys have declined to comment on this matter as they try to prevent this from spinning out of control. Pacman Jones as a part of his reinstatement deal with the NFL, was ordered to stay out of any trouble especially any incidents involving the authorities. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the next 24 hours.

Suffice it to say, we will be closely monitoring the situation here at 


Defending the Star at Any Costs

In my line of work I am fortunate enough to only go to the office two days a week. Since football season began, every Tuesday as soon as I walk in my boss will call for me to come to his office. No, I’m not in trouble and no he’s not commending me on a job well done. He wants to talk Cowboys with me. He is still rather surprised that a female knows as much as I do about football. Like many Cowboys fans, he began to complain immediately yesterday (just like the week before). I listen, but its not for long before I begin to defend my ‘Boys’.

He seemed to be mostly worried about Terrell Owens and Tony Romo. They just didn’t look happy. Would you be happy if you were coming off a painful loss? And what if every media outlet in America was preaching that you and your number one receiver aren’t getting along? I believe my boss has been persuaded by sports talk radio and ESPN and I told him, “You are letting the media get to you!”

Yeah, Terrell Owens spoke out the week before about wanting the ball more. You must understand that Owens lives for football and HE IS a playmaker. He gets things done, it’s his job. Sunday, he kept it short and simple after the game. During the game you could see the frustration on his face, even after his beautiful touchdown. He wasn’t the same. But never be mistaken, he wants great things for his team, he craves domination. Jerry Jones sees it, and you should too.

I’ve also heard some fans ask why Felix Jones isn’t getting more carries. Listen, Marion Barber is our starter, he’s our man. He proved himself last year and worked damn hard to earn his starting role. We don’t need a running back controversy again.

Don’t get me wrong, Felix Jones has won my heart as well. He is explosive! His passion and determination has pretty much already won him “Rookie of the Year”. I don’t think we should name him starter or give him more of Barber’s carries, but I do think he should be our exclusive return man. I would also like to give Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones a hat tip for going with Felix over Mendenhall, despite major criticism following the draft. Felix is turning out to be the steal of the draft.

So let’s take the win, and the 4-1 status and be happy about our team. Even a team chock-full of SUPERSTARS can have problems but the thing is they won the game. That’s what we want right? Our expectations are high, as they should be. But honestly, its better for them to work out the kinks now than in Week 12 or beyond. Tony will get his timing and his smile back. T-New will get fully healthy and hopefully good ole Roy will be back soon (I so desparately miss him!). This team is fully alive and still on a mission. We have 11 more games to go, let’s enjoy the journey!

Sure, It wasn’t pretty…

,,, but we got what we wanted – THE WIN!!

Yes. It was a closer game than it should have been. Yes, there were some things each of us feel need addressed. Bottom line, we added to the win column and we have every reason to be EXCITED!!

Below is a quick video I put together. These are pictures my husband and I took while we were there. I hope you enjoy it! There are a couple of photos I liked A LOT! I’m sure you will, too!

This weekend, the Cowboys are on the road. I am meeting Cowboy fans for a watch party at Duke’s in Bedford, Texas – AND YOU’RE INVITED!! For those of you that can’t make it, you know you can count on me to share the story and photos! Don’t forget to send pictures of your Cowboys Tailgate or Watch Party to me at:   -If you can get them to me before Wednesday morning, I will include them in my next blog! Y’all know iLove me some Cowboys and iLove their fans!! AND THAT MEANS YOU!!

Because of a seasonal allergies, I need to let this post resemble me: short & sweet. *giggle* By this time tomorrow, I’ll be back to being LOUD & PROUD which means this time next week – HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS!! hehe!

Y’all have an awesome week! I’ll see you again on Wednesday!

Should We Be Worried About The Defense?

Some of you might think that’s an odd question to ask considering that the Dallas Cowboys have a winning 4-1 record thus far this season. I can’t disagree with you, but I also can’t bite my tongue on this issue either. It bothers me that the Cowboys defense is ranked 14th in the league. When you consider the talent laden lineup that the Cowboys have, one that is loaded with Pro Bowlers, you can’t help but be disappointed with the way things have looked so far.

For some unknown reason we are having a big problem shutting down an opposing team’s offense, and while that has not affected us greatly so far this season, how long will it be before our luck runs out?

Finally, we got our first interception of the season… and it was by an unlikely Greg Ellis who happened to be at the right place at the right time. When Adam Jones was granted clemency and had his suspension lifted, I was thrilled. I felt that finally we would have an attack dog out there deflecting and grabbing some picks from would-be wide receivers. So far, the jury is still out on Pacman’s impact on defense.

We also added Zach Thomas in the offseason. Surely that one move raised all of our expectations. and yet the defense continues to keep our opponents in the game.

We beat the Bengals by nine points last week, but shouldn’t we have trounced them by twenty points or more?

We drafted Mike Jenkins in the first round of the NFL draft this year. We all remember the hype that came with his selection, and yet still has not cracked the starting lineup. If Henry and Newman can’t step up, then let’s see what Jenkins can do. Could he do any worse?

Look, I’m not looking to point fingers at anybody, least of all some of my favorite players on the team. Maybe I’m just frustrated and maybe I’m just ranting, but I’m still waiting for our defense to play at the level we all expected at the start of the season.

Our four wins have come against opponents with a combined 9-15 record… And yet we had to sweat each of those wins out because the defense kept them in the game.

Our only loss was to the Washington Redskins… we lost by two points… two points…

Clinton Portis rushed for 161 yards in that game. Clinton Portis is older than John McCain!

I expected more from a defense that featured DeMarcus Ware, Pacman Jones, Zach Thomas, Ken Hamlin, and Tank Johnson. There’s still plenty of season left. There’s still plenty of opportunity left. This team should not just be meeting expectations… they should be exceeding expectations.

The potential is still there… It’s time to realize that potential guys.

Cowboys Buzz: What They’re Saying

Top 10 Quotes About this Week’s Game

“This was a great team win. It was frustrating out there, but I kept with it. My teammates stuck with it. … God used me today for his glory. Reality is where glory resides. That’s all I’ve got to say.” – Terrell Owens

“You don’t get crowned champions for being the best-looking team right now. We know you don’t win it right now. You just continue to get better, keep stacking up wins.” – Tony Romo

“Somebody else can say, ‘Hey this wasn’t good enough or that wasn’t good enough,’ but it was good enough to win and that’s what we’re here to do. And that’s what we’ve done and I think that’s what we will continue to do.” – Wade Phillips

“I come in here on a Monday, I’m trying to enjoy our win, and people come in here beating us up. Really, it’s tough. Right now, we know, with us having so many expectations, the only people we can really make happy are the people in this locker room. That’s it. And I’m happy. Wins are tough to get in this league. So you shouldn’t worry about how you won the game. We know we have to get better, but there’s not anything we can change about how we played.”  – Bradie James [Referring to the media]

“A win is a win, which is good, but you can’t be satisfied with the way we won. There’s a lot of stuff we need to work on.” – DeMarcus Ware

“I think overall, our team feels that way. Yeah, we played well enough to win, which is the most important thing. But there are still things we can do to get better. That’s what we’re doing right now. I guarantee (the players are) looking at that and they’re looking at themselves.” – Wade Phillips

“That’s what you’re frustrated about and disappointed in, especially when you’re playing a team that’s 0-4 and you have a chance to put them away, and we didn’t do that and they made a game out of it. We’re happy we got the win, but we have to continue to get better and I think this team understands that.” – Jason Witten 

“I was very anxious, I’m a football player and I want to have the ball in my hands. But I’m also patient. I wait for my opportunities and once I get that opportunity I maximize it.” – Felix Jones

“I don’t think bitchin’ is coachin’.” – Wade Phillips

“After the week where the sky fell, the sun has risen again.” – Bradie James