Will Cowboys Find Philadelphia Freedom?

I read an interesting fact today on dallasnews.com.

The Cowboys have not won a season finale since 1999 when they beat the New York Giants, 26-18, at Texas Stadium. Of course, that was another win-and-in game, like this week’s game at Philly. Since, then they’re 0-8.

The last time the Cowboys won a road season finale? You have to go all the way back to 1995 when they beat Arizona, 37-13.

Wow… I knew that we hadn’t done so well in the last couple of season finales, but I had no idea we had not won a finale since 1999.

I guess it’s only poetic justice, that we now face a must win game on the road against one of our most hated rivals, the Eagles.

I do believe that many of our players will take that field with something to prove. I can sense a certain anger and determination to prove that last weekends game against the Ravens was a fluke.

I expect the defense to go full tilt from the start of the game up until the final grueling second. There will be no blown coverages, or blatant mistakes.

This time, it’s going to be different.

This time, the Cowboys will seal the deal.

Ravens Upset The Cowboys 33-24

“Leaders Are Not Made, They Are Born.” – Vince Lombardi

The Cowboys are now teetering on the brink of elimination after the disaster that ensued last night in Texas Stadium. What was supposed to be a grand sendoff for a stadium that has witnessed the greatest moments in franchise history, ended up being a dismal performance that was unworthy of the ground it was played on.

The Baltimore Ravens upset the Dallas Cowboys 33-24, in front of a packed Texas Stadium crowd that could be heard booing in the final minutes even as the stadium’s closing ceremonies were about to begin. A little more than half the crowd remained to watch the gala afterward.

What is a a shell-shocked Cowboys team to do, when they get no electricity and no fire from their sheepish head coach, Wade Phillips, and their “I just wanna be a rock star” quarterback, who seems more intent on smiling for his camera shots, than firing up a team that is desperate for leadership?

Can the Cowboys ever win when their survival is in the hands of two soft-spoken, and inanimate leaders who have never shown any emotion worthy of igniting the spirit that is buried somewhere within the belly of this team?

Last night’s loss to the Ravens, wasn’t just a typical loss. It exemplified the one character trait this team has sorely lacked since the season first started. While the team has been long on talent, they have been equally short on leadership.

If Super Bowls were won on paper, the Dallas Cowboys would have seven Vince Lombardi Trophies, not five.

Tony Romo was woefully inaccurate against a well oiled Baltimore defense that gave their Cowboys counterpart a lesson on how not to let a victory get away from you in the final minutes of the game.

The Cowboys defense allowed two of the five longest runs in franchise history during the waning minutes of the fourth quarter.

It wasn’t totally the Cowboys’ defense that was at fault… they had to spend way too much time on the field because Tony Romo and the offense had so many “three and outs” that the defense never got a chance to catch their breaths before running out to the field again. They were simply out of gas.

If there was one positive we could take away from this loss, it was the emergence of Tashard Choice as a legitimate weapon.

This excruciating loss has now left Dallas with a 9-6 record, and only a dwindling hope of making the playoffs and ending a 12-year drought. They no longer control their own destiny, and if by the slimmest of hopes they do make it, they would have done so by backing in. 

Truth be told, the only true star of the game last night was the heroic Texas Stadium itself. She has served us well, and never once has she ever let us down the way this 2008 Tony Romo and Wade Phillips led Cowboys team has. 

Cowboys Lose Texas Stadium Finale

This game is very hard to swallow. The Cowboys lost a huge game tonight against the Ravens. The game will be the last regular season game played at Texas Stadium.

This is definitely not the way the Cowboys planned on closing out their home of 37 years.

The playoff picture is fading but not gone. Here is what needs to happen for the Cowboys to still get into the postseason:

Cowboys must beat Eagles week 17

Atlanta must lose one of two last games


Tampa Bay loses last two games


By the way, Tony Romo’s postgame press conference was horrible. He says, “Give them credit…” I want him to take some credit and give us answers. You can’t blame the media every week Romo. He is my quarterback but I am disappointed in him tonight.

On the other hand, Terrell Owens postgame press conference was very appropriate and he said all the right things. He opened with, “This was a huge letdown for the fans…” 

He admitted the offense has been out of sync all year, not just tonight. But he also believes the Cowboys can definitely come back next week and beat the Eagles.

Owens was extremely respectful about the closing ceremony and when mentioning all of the former players and the history of Texas Stadium.

A detailed recap will be posted later tonight.

Game Preview: Ravens Vs. Cowboys

No matter what happens tonight, the game will be bittersweet as we all say our final farewell to Texas Stadium.

The Cowboys will face Baltimore in the 291st and final regular-season game ever, at Texas Stadium tonight.

Shame on the NFL for choosing such a significant, memorable and sentimental game, and putting it on the NFL Network where less than half of all Cowboys fans will be able to watch.

Today is also a big day for DeMarcus Ware who is chasing NFL history. With a league leading 19 sacks already, he is just 4 sacks away from breaking the single season record held by Michael Strahan.

Of course, it’s also do or die for the Cowboys and their post season hopes.

The Cowboys control their own destiny. As long as they win… they’re in…

There is even a chance that depending on what other teams do, they can clinch a playoff berth with a win today.

We still don’t know if Marion Barber will play tonight, but I guess no news… is good news.

In the last two games, the Cowboys have faced two of the NFL’s top defensive teams in the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New York Giants.

The Ravens will be just as tough and just as good. Pro Bowl linebacker Ray Lewis and Pro Bowl safety Ed Reed, have the Ravens featuring the league’s second best defense.

Of course, the Cowboys defense has really stepped up recently, but they must continue that trend against the Ravens tonight, and I’m certain that they will.

I’m not expecting a huge offensive outpouring from either team tonight.

The Cowboys must cut down on the penalties, and Tony Romo must show the accuracy that he has somehow lost since coming back from the pinky injury.

All in all, expect a great game and a hard fought battle.

The Cowboys will reign supreme as they close out our home of 38 years with an emotional victory, and clinch a playoff spot in the process.

Cowboys 17 – Ravens 9

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Trivia Question: Name the only player ever selected as the Super Bowl MVP, that played for the losing team?

Looking Back

Here it is the early hours of Friday morning and I just read the article written by  Terry Monroe , “So Long and Farewell Texas Stadium.” It really fired my mind up about what is really about to happen, the last game is being played Saturday night in our star-studded Stadium with that awesome hole in the roof.

I am starting to get really sad, I thought we all probably would, but so far I was doing just fine. I was looking at the cool new stadium and thinking how cool it will be for fans to experience all the stadium is going to offer.  It will be something all Cowboy fans can be proud of.  It is a top notch stadium no doubt about it even has a hole in the roof that can be closed for those bad weather games. Very exciting and something to look forward to but I forgot to look back, until tonight.

I haven’t missed a game since 1980 but, my Dad had been a fan way before that. I watched games with him in the 70’s while he taught me the game of football. He must of enjoyed the questions because I don’t remember him getting annoyed with me(lol).  My Dad passed away three years ago this month and it really hit me that I won’t be seeing the same stars around the field, the same field, the same tunnel the great Cowboys of the past ,ran out of all the same things I watched with him. An era is over Saturday night. 

 I taught my nephew about football watching the Cowboys every Sunday, while they played at Texas Stadium. He is grown now with his own family and still a Cowboy fan. Now my grandson who is five is learning by watching parts of games with me. He knows when the boys are playing at home, if he sees the stars.  So a whole new generation of Cowboys fans in the family is growing but, this generation won’t be seeing all the same things we have seen in the past.  I am sitting my grandson down Saturday night and we will watch the game that will be in all the Cowboy history books and DVD’s in the future. I told him they were moving and he was fine with that or so I thought ,until he asks me “What about the hole in the roof? How can God see them?”  I told him, “Don’t worry buddy, their new place has a hole in the roof so God will watch over them there too.”

 As we watch the game I know all of us will remember a special memory or special person that brought the Cowboys into our lives. That will make the game even meaningful because hey, we are making yet another Cowboy memory.

If you have a special person or special memory you want to share we would love to hear about it. Just leave a comment below and share with all your Cowboy Friends.

Cowboys Bumps And Bruises

The DMN reports that Tony Romo took part in a full practice Thursday, a day after being limited in practice because of a bruised back.”If it continues to progress the way it is, then hopefully it won’t feel too bad Saturday night,” Romo said.

Romo was kneed in the back on a first-half sack against the New York Giants on Sunday but continued to play. He was noticeably sore in Wednesday’s practice and took off the final few plays.

Hopefully, Romo will be behind center in what’s shaping up to be another huge must-win game for the Cowboys.

The injuries are really starting to pile up again…

RB Marion Barber (toe), Keith Davis (knee, shoulder), S Ken Hamlin (ankle), LB Bobby Carpenter (knee), CB Alan Ball (ankle) and G Montrae Holland (ankle) did not practice on Thursday.

Keith Davis and Ken Hamlin will definitely play on Saturday, but everyone else are questionable for now. Marion Barber will once again be a game-time decision.

By the way, here is an update on rookie running back Felix Jones from Rotoworld.

Felix Jones has started rehab in his recovery from turf toe surgery, according to the Dallas Morning News. Jones said, “I’ve got a long time before I get back on the field next year. Every day is a blessing and a healing day for me.”

Jones is out for the season of course, but I believe he will be a huge part of our team next season, and his situation bears watching.

So Long and Farewell Texas Stadium

This place has come a long way!!!

From Big Tex to Bob Lilly. From great leaders like Tom Landry, Roger Staubach, Tony Dorsett, “Bullet” Bob Hayes, and the Triplett’s… Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Micheal Irvin. Texas Stadium will always be remembered as not only the stadium with the hole in the roof, but she is a star among stars.

Showcasing some of the most memorable moments in NFL history. From Tony Dorsett’s record breaking 99 yard touchdown run against the Minnesota Vikings to Emmitt Smith’s rush into history becoming the NFL’s all-time leading rusher. It is also home to 3 NFC championship game victories, and some of the world’s greatest fans, including the late Wilford “Crazy Ray” Jones, the greatest fan ever!

It is home to not only the NFL’s elite, but the world’s most beautiful and entertaining Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders! She even appeared in the intro on the 80’s drama “Dallas”.

And who can forget the memorable performances for the Salvation Army campaign on Thanksgiving day, and the electric performances and appearances by such stars like Michael Jackson, Madonna, the Eagles, Garth Brooks, George Strait, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, and the Jonas Brothers. Not to mention today’s stars like Tony Romo, Terrell Owens, and Marion Barber. It is also the place where the legendary quarterback Brett Favre never won a game.

There is only one thing left to say about Texas Stadium. “It is home” and will always be home. It’s the signature to stars and a place where lives were changed and legends were made. She will always be missed hosting games to the world’s greatest football team ever – The Dallas Cowboys!

So long and farewell Texas Stadium.


Written by Cowboys fan Terry Monroe

Everyone Loves Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys

This week Forbe’s released the top 10 most selling jerseys in sports. Three Cowboys were listed in the top 10, and our leader Tony Romo held the #1 spot. It is esitmated that over a half million #9 Cowboys jerseys were sold this year. Also in the top 10 were none other than Marion Barber (#8). and Terrell Owens (#10).

Obviously the Pro Bowl committee doesn’t feel the same way as the nation. Injury can do some major damage but it didn’t affect Romo’s popularity among fans. The fans know that without Tony Romo the team does not succeed. 

That’s okay. Tony Romo doesn’t need the Pro Bowl to motivate him. In fact, the snub may just motivate him more than being picked to go to Hawaii.

So, Saturday night make sure you throw on your Tony Romo jersey as you watch the last regular season game ever at Texas Stadium. And if by some chance you don’t have a one, hit up Mike Mosh and he will hook you up!


I Got Your Back T.O.

“It is what it is.”

That was Terrell Owens reply to Stephen A. Smith during his sit down interview on ESPN Tuesday. Owens was asked how he feels about Cowboys fans booing him on Sunday night at Texas Stadium. 

I heard the booing live during the game, it was disgraceful. Wake up fans! Don’t you know you can’t believe everything you hear, especially not from the Cowboy haters over at ESPN. (Just ask this guy.)

You have never heard me bad-mouth T.O., and you probably never will. I believe he is an exceptionally dedicated player who lives for the game and has done nothing but devote his life to the sport. Yes, he’s outspoken and has strong opinions but since when is that a crime?

T.O. has never had trouble with the law. He is an upstanding citizen who loves his family, friends and his team. I’m not trying to portray him as a saint and I never said he was perfect. But I totally disagree with people who call him a ‘cancer’, it simply isn’t true.

Owens has the potential to be a hall of fame legendary wide receiver. This season his numbers are down, his receptions are low. I believe he has earned the right to complain.

In the extended interview with ESPN’s Smith, T.O. was asked “how much of it is the media, and how much of it is you?” And Owens, like the man that he is, took some of the blame. But he also went on to say that ESPN has its villians and has its heroes, and somehow he has fallen into the villian category. But Owens whole-heartedly believes hes a good person, in his words, “it depends on who you ask”.

Well ask me. I’m happy to share my thoughts. He is an amazing player and I’m proud to call him a Cowboy.

Numbers don’t lie.

Recent Career
























































I’ll never understand why the media won’t recognize him as the football player he is.

Hey T.O., just keep letting your aggression out on the field… let them FUEL YOUR FIRE! I hope you get record numbers in these last two games and close Texas Stadium with a bang! Then go on and continue that excellence in the playoffs.

They call it arrogance, I call it confidence. I’ll support you ’til the end #81!

Oh, and before I forget… extra butter please!

A Handful of Cowboys Headed to the 2009 Pro Bowl

The NFL has announced the 2009 Pro Bowl honorees. The Cowboys will send five of thier top players to Hawaii in February.


OLB DeMarcus Ware

DT Jay Ratliff

TE Jason Witten

C Andre Gurode



G Leonard Davis


 Congratulations! Your hard work and dedication is great appreciated and we know you will represent our team well.


If it weren’t for the injury bug this year we would have seen alot more ‘Boys named to the squad. Last season the Cowboys had a record high of 13 players on the roster.

One Down….. Two To Go!!

Going into last weeks game vs Pittsburgh you would have thought that winning 3 out of the last 4 games to go 11-5 would be enough to get in the playoffs.  After a HUGE 20-8 win over the Giants it doesn’t look like much has changed.  In fact, it looks like the only way to get in is to win the last two games! 

Now I know that we responded last night with a big effort in a must win game. But the reality of the NFL is that we now have only six days to do it again versus one of the best defenses in the league. That being said you have to like to way things are going right now. The way the defense has played over the last 6 weeks, and the last 2 specifically, have made me a believer. 

All we have to do is get in. I laugh at those who have picked apart the Cowboys December record, last year in particular. The Cowboys had everything wrapped up going down the stretch and didnt really need to win any of those games.

IF we get in (and it still is really an IF) this team will be the most prepared to make a run than any Cowboy team over the past 4 years. Our playoffs started last night. No weeks off, no time for the media to ask questions about the Super Bowl.

I think the 3-4 road record is a bit decieving. Two of those games came with Brad Johnson at QB. Look at Romo’s road record. Look at the way the defense is playing. Look at T. Choice running the ball. If we get in we will be a VERY tough out …IF we get in.


From where I’m sitting:

  • MB3 is tough as nails. He adds toughness to the team. BUT both F. Jones and T. Choice are better runners. We will see if they become better running backs, but either way the Dallas running game is in good hands for years to come.
  • Patrick Crayton 1 catch, T.O 3 catches, Roy Williams 1 catch… how did Romo have 20 completions again?
  • BTW, Roy Williams is a hell of a blocker.
  • The defense certainly looks a little different with a healthy T Newman, huh?
  • When is the last time a Cowboy LB has had as good a year as Bradie James?