All’s Well That Ends Well in Cowboy Land

A wise man once said, “Winning cures all!” What an amazing win. I don’t know about you, but I seen a prepared and focused team Sunday night, not one filled with turmoil and drama as the media projected. A very well deserved “W” puts the Cowboys in the number one seed in the NFC wildcard race to the playoffs.

The Dallas defense absolutely exploded on the New York Giants. A healthy Terence Newman showed up to play, intercepting 2 passes and leading the team in tackles. While Demarcus Ware continued to impress the world with his attack, racking up 3 sacks. Ware is leading the league now with 19 sacks. In all, the Dallas defense sacked the reigning Super Bowl MVP Manning eight times.

As starters have been struck down all season long by injuries, several rookies have been given unforeseen opportunities to shine. Third string running back Tashard Choice has been one of those lucky stars, and hasn’t let us down. Choice accumulated 91 rushing yards and his first NFL touchdown. Cornerback Orlando Scandrick also had a nice game with 4 tackles, second only to Terence Newman’s 6 hits.

Tony Romo took some hard hits that at times worried the Cowboys faithful, but the resilient quarterback never backed down. Romo went 20 for 30 with 244 yards and touchdown passes to Patrick Crayton and Deon Anderson. As stated in his post game interview, Romo may wake up sore tomorrow but will be fine after a few days rest.

During the game Romo, Witten and Owens were seen laughing and smiling together, and immediately after the game the three musketeers were interviewed and seemed like one happy family. Though Terrell denied the ‘drama’ allegations in his postgame press conference, it doesn’t matter anymore. A nice win solves everything and the media is certainly eating their words now. Especially a certain ESPN reporter who was specifically called out by Terrell Owens. Whose laughing now? 

Its a wonderful day to be a Cowboys fan! Enjoy it!

Game Recap: Cowboys 20 – Giants 8

Choice’s Late Touchdown Run Seals Crucial Victory For Cowboys

Tashard Choice ran the ball for a 38-yard touchdown with 2:24 left in the game as the Cowboys got a huge win to keep their playoff hopes alive, vaulting to the #5 seed in the NFC for the moment.  They are currently tied with Atlanta and Tampa Bay at 9-5 but hold the tiebreakers over both due to conference record and head-to-head, respectively. 

This was a huge first step to get to the playoffs, but it is by no means guaranteed.  The Cowboys still have two tough games against the Baltimore Ravens and Philadelphia Eagles, and even one slip-up in those two games could mean their demise.  Wins in both games guarantees them a spot in the playoffs though. 

The game was primarily dominated by the two defenses with flashes of offense every now and then both both teams.  In the end, the Cowboys were able to get the running game going with Tashard Choice and score three touchdowns compared to the Giants’ two field goals and a safety, and that was the difference.

Tony Romo was a warrior in this game.  He repeatedly took shot after shot from the Giants defense, and suffered a lower-back contusion late in the first quarter and was questionable to return.  He fought through the pain, and just four plays later, he hit Partick Crayton in stride for a 34-yard touchdown to give the Cowboys a 7-0 lead. 

The Giants tacked on a field goal to make it 7-3 at halftime.  It would stay that way until early in the fourth quarter when fullback deon Anderson caught a 1-yard touchdown pass to make it 14-3 Cowboys. 

Things looked good for the Cowboys until a premature snap that neither Romo nor the offensive line looked ready for resulted in a safety to cut it to 14-5.  The New York Giants made it 14-8 on a long field goal on the ensuing free kick after the safety.

The Cowboys then proceeded to close out the Giants.  Jason Witten stetched out to pick up a huge first down on 3rd & 9 with just over three minutes left in the game, setting up Tashard Choice’s 38-yard sprint for a touchdown to secure the win. 

Tony Romo was battered and bruised throughout the game, but he was still quite effective.  He completed 20/30 passes for 244 yards with 2 touchdowns, and more importantly, no interceptions or turnovers.  We haven’t been able to say that very often with Romo this year.  He also rushed the ball 4 times for 7 yards.

Marion Barber was rendered useless running the ball.  The Giants held him to just 2 yards on 8 carries.  He did have 2 receptions for 24 yards.  Tashard Choice ran all over the Giants’ defense when he touched the ball though.  He ran it 9 times for 91 yards with a touchdown.  He also hauled in 4 passes for 52 yards. 

The ball was spread out very well by Tony Romo, as nine different Cowboys caught at least one pass from him.  Jason Witten caught 5 passes for 44 yards while Terrell Owens reeled in 3 for 38 yards, and both seemed to be happy after the game, a very good sign.  Patrick Crayton caught 2 balls for 49 yards and a touchdown, while fullback Deon Anderson caught 1 for a yard and a score.  Miles Austin, Martellus Bennett, and Roy E. Williams each caught a pass too, for 23, 8, and 5 yards, respectively.

Nick Folk did not attempt any field goals and made both of his extra points. 

The Dallas defense ate Eli Manning alive on Sunday night.  They accumulated 8 total sacks in the game.  The Cowboys got 3 from Demarcus Ware, 2 from Greg Ellis, 1.5 from Chris Canty, 1 from Bradie James, and 0.5 from Anthony Spencer.  Terence Newman also intercepted two passes from Eli Manning, including Eli Manning’s final pass of the game. 

If there were two blemishes on the Cowboys’ performance, it was the offensive line and the penalties.  Tony Romo was feeling the heat for the entire game, seemingly being knocked down on what seemed like every other play.  The Cowboys also commited 11 penalties for 108 yards, something that is inexcusable and a trend that the Cowboys cannot afford to continue.

The Cowboys now face another must-win against the Ravens next Saturday at 7:15 PM in what will likely be the final game ever played at Texas Stadium. 

Game Preview: Giants Vs. Cowboys

It don’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the importance of tonights game against the Giants for the Cowboys. It boils down to two things.

1. Win, stay alive in the play off hunt, and live to play another day.

2. Lose, and pretty much kiss your playoff chances goodbye.

No pressure, right?

So what does a team like the Cowboys do, to mentally and physically prepare for the challenge of such a significant game?

Well, apparently they felt the best way to prepare for the game was to…

1. Embroil Tony Romo in a passing conspiracy where he held secret meetings and developed secret pass plays.

2. Tell ESPN that the coaches are pointing fingers at everyone but themselves for the most recent loss.

3. Have your star wide receiver and star tight end get in each others faces at practice.

4. Spend the whole week talking down your teammates instead of your opposition.

Do you think this new strategy will work?

I mean after all, what do we have to fear anyway…

The Giants ain’t no big deal right?

So what if they are the defending Super Bowl champions, and that they are in first place, or that they have the best record in the NFC. We can take ’em!

I know you expected a traditional game preview filled with stats, commentary and predictions, but who needs all that when we can focus on all this exciting drama.

And guess what, I haven’t even mentioned Pacman or the fact that Marion Barber is still a game time decision because he can run but he can’t cut.

I’ll tell you what…

I’ll give you a prediction anyway. Despite all of this angst within the ranks, and that the Cowboys are on the verge of an all-out implosion, I still think they can win because anger and resentment can be very good motivators.

Cowboys 27 – Giants 17

T.O. Is Jealous Of Rudolph The Reindeer

You’ll get a chuckle out of this when you see Terrell Owens…


Us Against the World Mentality True Now More Than Ever

As the old saying goes: A year older, a year wiser. 

In my short 19-year life I have come to realize that every single hiccup within the Dallas Cowboys organization will make front page headline news. 

How much more evidence do Dallas Cowboys faithfuls need to prove that the rest of the world despises the Dallas Cowboys? 

I could only laugh and shake my head in disbelief when I arose from my sleepy slumber this morning and every media outlet on the face of the planet had this little alleged spat between Romo and Owens on the front page.  Words like amazing, astounding, or mind-blowing can’t even come close to describing this malarkey. 

The story immediately hit me right in the face when I jumped on the internet soon after waking up and saw it on AOL’s main page.

Turned on the television soon after getting out of the shower.  Not only did the two Mikes and the most biased personality ever, Skip Bayless, have this slander on lockdown, but CNN and Fox News also had short pieces on it as well.

Caught a glimpse of the television again while working out at the gym.  Sportscenter had two big stories on the situation as did Outside the Lines, which included a psychiatrist from Philadelphia talking about “what makes T.O. tick.”  Hell, they even had a Cowboys tab on that annoying little ticker at the bottom of the screen. 

You gotta be kidding me. 

As an avid fan of professional and college football, I cannot even call ESPN legitimate anymore.  In fact, one could liken a morning episode of Sportscenter to The View; biased, opinionated reporting, off-topic discussions, and irrelevant conversations. 

NFL Live has also become somewhat of a humorous joke with the likes of Trey Wingo and the most sorry cast of hypocritical, washed-up NFL veterans I have ever seen.  These guys speak horribly and routinely get names wrong.   

As a Cowboys fan, it is quite amusing to see Keyshawn Johnson drowning in his own jealousy.  The man is so envious of Terrell Owens that he can’t help but take a shot at the Cowboys every chance he gets.    

As a loyal fan, I refuse to turn my back on the team I have loved since being brought into this world, and will have my boy T.O.’s back against what the media says all day, every day.

All the man wants is the football, and to win.  Is that too much to ask for?  

Keep it real Cowboys fans.


Well, it finally happened…

Terrell Owens is at odds again with another quarterback, only this time it’s Tony Romo.

Terrell Owens, Patrick Crayton and Roy Williams all met with offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, to discuss their concerns about the offense.

Mainly they all believed that Tony Romo has been secretly creating plays with his best friend, tight end Jason Witten. They also believe that Romo consistently looks to Witten first on passing plays, and even forces throws to him when he has other options that are wide open.

Owens believes that Romo left him wide open on the play that ended the game on an interception that was intended for Witten in the loss to the Steelers last weekend.

I watched that game myself and actually shouted out loud, “Owens is wide open”, on that game-changing interception.

Witten and Romo, were both reportedly shocked when they learned that they held private meetings to create plays.

The Dallas Morning News also adds,

There is a growing concern among the wide receivers that Romo practices more with Witten and that this could hurt the team’s chemistry.

There is also a perception among the players that Owens is jealous of Witten’s bond with Romo because of the number of the times Witten has been targeted.

This is the last thing the team needs only days before what will be their biggest game of the season against the Giants this weekend.

I’ve been noticing that Romo’s game has changed somewhat, and there has been a lack of deep pass plays in the last few games.

I attributed it to the pinky injury that kept Romo out for a few games.

That said, if this team can’t get past this latest drama, it could mean the end of the road for our playoff chances on Sunday.

Is The Criticism Of Romo Fair Game?

It seems like everybody is hammering Tony Romo these days…

ESPN – “He is soft, and when the chips are down, he’s not the guy you want calling the signals.”

Fox Sports – “The more we see of him in a big spot, the more frightening he gets.” – “Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger are not lookers, but they’re not chokers either.”

Fair or unfair?

Is it fair to chastise a player who has barely completed his second full season as a starter?

Even Ben and Eli were regarded as busts by many early in their careers, and each didn’t blossom until they had a few full seasons under their belt. Ben had 23 interceptions in his third full season, and Eli had 60 picks in his first three full seasons!

How does Tony Romo feel about the harsh critique of his play in the spotlight of a big December game?

“Well, I have only two Decembers,” Romo said of his time as a starter Wednesday. “This is my third one now. So I don’t know if you can really have anything … if I play about eight years and we stink in December every year, maybe we can talk about it. But the first year you are just kind of running around with your head cut off, you don’t really know what is going on. And I think we went 2-2 last year. People talk and they come up with stats and a few different things.”

Romo will have another chance to step up and redeem himself, and also quiet the doubters and the haters.

“Our backs are to the wall,” Romo said. “I think we are the last team in the playoffs right now if it ended today. So we control our own destiny and that is all you can ask for. We have different ups and downs throughout the season and now it is time to go and play the tough football that we are capable of playing.”

I hope for his sake, that he can get the job done and squash all this talk of him shrinking in the face of adversity. We need him to rise above all of this and deliver the Cowboys to the post season like we all know he can.

Video: ESPN and Wade Phillips on Pacman Jones Injury

Pacman Jones out this Sunday due to a neck injury sustained in Week 14 against the Steelers.

Adam Jones Out for the Season

According to several sources, it appears that Adam Pacman Jones has sustained a season ending neck injury that could jeopardize his career.

The injury occured during the Cowboys Steelers game on Sunday.

A spokesman said that when Jones suffered the injury during the game his body went numb for two whole minutes.

He has already seen several specialist and is expected to see more.

Some of those who are closest to Adam Jones have reportedly said he is done for the year and could be done for his career.

Jerry Thinks The Barbarian is ‘Soft’?


I was very disappointed to hear the comments Jerry Jones made which insinuated that our starting running back, Marion Barber might be soft.
I don’t think he realizes how he feeds the media’s obsession with piling on the Cowboys. We were already getting laughed and mocked over Sunday’s disastrous loss to the Steelers. We don’t need to feed them more fodder for them to use against us.
Between Terrell Owens, Pacman Jones, Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo, the last thing this team needs is more negative attention.

Is the bad Romo starting to outweigh the good??

I wanted to give myself some time to recover before I typed anything I would regret.  I needed to sleep on it to make sure I really felt this way.  The problem was I couldn’t sleep.  The thought that kept going in and out of my mind was: Has the bad Tony Romo started to outshine the good? 

Another game, another turnover.  In this case it was turnovers.  Make no doubt about it, this one hurt.  I will not say that the last INT was entirely Romo’s fault.  But as he said it came out of his hand so he will put that one on him.  It goes without saying: Tony is the best cowboy QB since Aikman.  That we know.  The question is can he lead this team to the Super Bowl?  Hey, 13-3 regular seasons, home playoff games and potential playoff runs don’t happen every year..just ask the Patriots.  An 0-2 post season record and at least one turnover in 15 of the last 16 games will not get it done.  It was after the first INT that I yelled out my first, “every game”.  After the third I starting to get the scary vision that Tony Romo may end up being a new version of Jake Plummer.  He can make plays with his feet, he will be exciting as hell, but he will have at least one turnover every game.  The way the defense played yesterday, and for the past month, they deserved better.  Look what Big Ben did.  I know he was at home but he made the plays to win. Before this year I would have given you two QB’s that I would rather have than Romo(Brady & P Manning).  Now, I can think of 5…with at least 8 more that are very debatable. 

Hey, the season is not over and Tony’s career can not be defined by one bad game.  He will have the next 3 weeks and hopefully more to prove he can lead the Cowboys to the big game.  But make no mistake about it.  The bloom is off the Romo rose.  A disapointing finish to this year will do nothing but make these rumblings a whole lot louder. 

Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory, Steelers Stun Cowboys 20-13

What started out looking like a major upset win for the Cowboys over the Steelers, turned into a stunning and crushing defeat in the final few minutes of the game.

The Pittsburgh Steelers dealt the Cowboys a jarring defeat by coming back after being down 13-3, and beating Dallas 20-13.

It was another one of those big meaningful games that the Cowboys needed to win, that saw quarterback Tony Romo once again, crack under pressure. His four turnovers proved costly and the multitude of fans who doubt his big game ability continues to grow.

“This one’s on me,” said Romo, who threw three picks and lost a fumble. “As a quarterback, you can’t turn the ball over that many times and expect to win, especially in an environment like this.”

Up until the final minutes of the game, the Cowboys were on cloud nine. Playing without Pro Bowl running Marion Barber who didn’t make the trip, running back Tashard Choice stepped in and gained 88 yards on 23 carries and caught five passes for 78 yards. He looked a little shaky at the start of the game, but once he settled in he played like a man possessed. Jason Witten had six catches for 62 yards and Owens caught three passes for 32 yards and a 12-yard touchdown in the third quarter.

T.O. was seen jeering at Steeler fans in the end-zone, and both he and Martellus Bennett were dancing around, but unfortunately somebody forgot to tell them that the game wasn’t over yet, and that there was still ten minutes left. In retrospect, they actually must have been the brunt of many a joke in Pittsburgh, as the Steelers got the last laugh, and they didn’t need to dance to prove which team was the best on this Sunday night.

I’m not a big fan of the end zone dances and the trash talking that goes on during Cowboys games. All it manages to do is motivate the other team and drive their performance to a higher level.

The sad part of this loss is that it wasted an amazing display of just how dominating the Cowboys defense could be.

For 53 bone-crushing minutes, the Cowboys defense held the Steelers to just three points. Bradie James was absolutely explosive and led the way with eleven tackles, a forced fumble, and a fumble recovery. DeMarcus Ware regained the NFL sacks lead, and things were actually looking pretty good for the Cowboys…

Until the final seven minutes of the game, when the Steelers score 17 unanswered points.

James had this to say after the game.

“That’s about the only thing I’m disappointed about. We probably met all our goals on the defensive side. But, you know, it takes a team to win a game. That’s what we have to do. We have to win it collectively.”

The Cowboys are not dead yet. Let’s just say they are on life support and the doctors are thinking about pulling the plug.

Don’t look now, but here come the Giants.