Playing Not To Lose Instead Of Playing To WIN!!!

Yesterdays loss against the Steelers hurts. It hurts on so many levels. The Defense was outstanding. I have never been prouder than what the defense did yesterday. They dominated the whole game but the defense can’t do it all folks. They are not at that level yet. The Steelers did not impress me at all. Thats why it’s so hard to take this loss and I take it personal. 

The loss yesterday felt worse to me than the loss to the Giants in the playoffs last year. Going into the 4rth quarter, I had all but started celebrating going 9-4 into the Giants game this coming week. So where did it all go wrong? Was it when Newman got burned on that 47 yard pass to Holmes? Or was it early in the 3rd quarter when Romo had Williams open in the end zone but didnt see him until it was too late? No, it was none of those individual plays. We lost the game midway through the 3rd quarter. Garrett started calling plays to try and run out the clock instead of stabbing the wounded Steelers in the heart and going for the kill. Ever heard the saying, “Play not to lose the game instead of playing to win?” Well thats where we lost the game yesterday. We fell right into that situation.

Last year people would say that the Dallas Cowboys lacked that killer instinct to close out games. We never go for the knock out punch. Thats what is exactley is wrong with Wade Phillips and Jason Garrett. They will never calls plays to slit the throat of a wounded horse. Thats why these Dallas Cowboys are called soft. Thats why Aikman reiterated to all Cowboy fans in the land that this team wasnt tough up until today.  Don’t get me wrong guys, the Cowboys defense play outstanding as I stated before. I give them an A + to the tenth power for their gutsy performance yesterday at Heinz field. The Steelers simply stole one from us or we gave it to them. The Steelers did not out perform the Boys yesterday. The offense just self destructed. The conservative play calling going late into the 3rd quarter is what lost us the game. Garrett, for all his wisdom, decided that 10 points was enough to put away the Steelers leading 13-3 going into the 3rd. We were moving the ball with ease at the begining of the 3rd quarter and scored 10 unanswered points. Then it all went to crap.

I can sit here all night and write that we should of done this and we should of done that but in the end, its not gonna change the fact that we lost that game yesterday. Wade Phillips style of head coaching is too soft, too gentle. Garrett’s sometime questionable play-calling comes into question as well. It makes you wonder if Ernie Zampese didn’t rub off on Garrett too much in the 90’s. Garrett has to understand that Romo is no Aikman and Choice is no Emmitt. Different players and different styles. We lost cause we relaxed. We lost because the defense was out there way too much. I dont blame Romo for yesterdays loss. I dont blame any single one player as well. I blame the head coaching and the offensive coaching style for yesterday’s loss. We lack the killer punch out. We lack that killer instinct. By all accounts we should be 9-4 right now.  The great Emmitt Smith as well called this team mediocre this past week. The way the offense played yesterday looks like Phillips and Garrett ate those words.    

Game Preview: Cowboys @ Steelers

Cowboys (8-4) vs. Steelers (9-3) Sunday, December 7, 3:15 PM CT on FOX

Cowboys Face Tough December Stretch Starting With Steelers

The Dallas Cowboys will head to the cold confines of Heinz Field to take on the Steelers in a battle with two teams fighting for playoff spots. 

These two teams have illustrious histories, and it promises to be a great game.

This is a very interesting matchup for the Cowboys.  Throughout the rest of the season, the Cowboys face the number 1, 2, 3, and 7 ranked defenses, respectively.  Pittsburgh is number one overall, and they will look to put the pressure on Romo and help force bad decisions.  We have seen Romo carve up defenses like this throughout his career, and it’s no wonder with the weapons that he has.  (T.O., Jason Witten, etc.)  If the Cowboys can protect Romo and give him time to throw the ball, the Cowboys should have a great chance to win, but if they can’t, it could be a long day. 

With Marion Barber out for today’s game, Tashard Choice will get the start.  That means that Barber will not be there to pound out those tough yards for the first down that he usually does.  If Choice proves to be ineffective against the Steelers stout runnng defense, the play action for Romo would go away and let the Steelers anticipate the pass to make it that much more difficult for him.  

Adams Jones will finally make his return today after being suspended six games for getting into a scuffle with his body guard at a Dallas hotel.  His impact at corner will not be known until we see it in the game.  Lately, the Cowboys have been very stingy about allowing touchdowns to the opposition.  Excluding the game against the Giants, they have given up just three touchdowns in their last four games, with two of those touchdowns given up to the 49ers when the game was virtually out of reach.    

Barber Stays Home, Choice to Start

It has been reported that Marion Barber did not join his team on the trip to Pittsburgh for tomorrow’s game.

The hope that Barber would play after missing practice all week, has just been killed.

Rookie Tashard Choice, who was once the third string running back, will start against one of the toughest teams in the league in some of the harshest weather conditions.

It won’t be easy but Choice showed great potential on Thanksgiving Day. But then again, its one thing to rush against the Lions, and another to do it in Pittsburgh.

This will be the first game Marion Barber has missed in his career since he was a rookie in 2005.

Running Backs: The Past, The Present, The Future

The Past – Emmit Smith stepped out of the past and into the news when he made these comments this morning to reporters.

“Mediocre… I am disappointed because I saw this team being a lot better than it is. Chemistry has a lot to do with it. And for some reason, the chemistry of the Cowboys this year has been thrown off a little bit. Either there’s too much salt in the gumbo or not enough meat in the gumbo. Something’s wrong. Whatever it is, they need to get it corrected. It’s just been a blah kind of season for me.”

Ouch… I bet Jerry Jones needed a couple of shots of his finest brandy, when he heard those comments today.

* * * * * * * * * *

The Present – Bad news to report out of Cowboys camp today. It looks like starting running back, Marion Barber is still in some pain and missed practice once again with that toe injury. Initially, most team personnel expected Barber to miss one practice at the most, and be 100% ready to play on Sunday, but obviously it doesn’t look like he’s close to being ready.

Wade Phillips, had this to say, “We were assuming that Marion would play, but it’s a little more doubtful right now, so we’ll just see.”

The Cowboys have activated Alonzo Coleman from the practice squad as a result of todays news.

* * * * * * * * * *

The Future – Tashard Choice may get a chance to start in his first NFL game, and he’s making sure that he makes a great first impression on the fans. Choice has looked solid in the few chances he has gotten to carry the ball, but Sunday could be his coming out party, and all Cowboys fans are invited.

Here is what Choice had to say at practice today. (Play me)

Have a great weekend!

Cowboys – Steelers: Good vs. Evil

As regular readers of surely expect, this is where I’d usually post some random news and/or talk a little smack about our upcoming opponents. Considering this week’s game is against longtime rival the Pittsburgh Steelers, I’m sure many of you thought I’d unveil a masterpiece along the lines of “29 Reasons Dallas is better than Pittsburgh” or “Top Ten motorcycles that have thrown Ben Roethlisberger on his head.”

Sorry to disappoint.

I tried to do something like that but my heart wasn’t in it. Don’t misunderstand, I hate the Steelers, more than any team not from New York or Washington or a team that has a coach whose best wardrobe consists of cut up sweatshirts. But at the same time, I also have to respect them. When you look at the NFL, there are really two teams which stand out as the crown jewel franchises. One of course is the Cowboys while the only other choice has to be the Steelers.

Whenever a team is successful, you’ll find a segment of the country jumping on the bandwagon trying to feel like winners. This allegiance is always short-lived, ending as soon as said team stops winning Super Bowls. In the late 80s, 49er gear was all over the place. Has anybody bought red and gold merchandise in over a decade? When Green Bay and Denver had their brief moments in the spotlight, they garnered a smattering of nationwide support but most of that was pity and none of it was sustained over the years. As for the most dominant team of the 00s, nobody outside of New England cares one iota about the Pats except to hate them.

The only two truly national franchises are the Cowboys and the Steelers. People say that since the Cowboys call themselves “America’s Team“, that is typical of a an arrogant organization, it is also true you’re just as likely to find a Cowboy fan in Bangor, Maine or Butte, Montana as in Dallas, Texas. Likewise, “the Steeler Nation” extends far and wide as is evidenced by the waves of Black and Gold which invade road stadiums in numbers like no other.

So why do I hate them? Why can’t I establish mutual respect and leave it at that? Why does Batman hate the Joker? Why does Superman enjoy punching Lex Luthor in the mouth?


I think it might be because we are the same, but opposite. One is summer while the other is the winter. One is light while the other is dark. One is good while the other is evil. I think you can figure out which is which.

The Cowboys have always been “prime time and flash” filled with red carpet superstars. In fact we have been known to have players named “Primetime and Hollywood”. The Steelers on the other hand have always symbolized blue collar, hardworking, get your hands dirty type of team.

 Now I know the Cowboys have always been known as “one player is the franchise” or “one player is the centerpiece of our team” as most say was evident in Tony Romo this year or Terrell Owens last year going down and sent the team into a tailspin. Well, I will admit that in the 1990’s Jerry Jones put all his eggs basically in one basket when he created “the triplets”, but all they did was win 3 Super bowls in 4 years! The Steelers on the other hand have always been known as a franchise that prided themselves on one of the lowest salaried organizations and still produced great teams. They have always been about the whole being more than the sum of the parts. We may be a team known as a culture of individualism, but in the end we have as many pieces of hardware as the Steelers!

Many believe that Jerry Jones is the most arrogant irritating jackass of any owner in the NFL and you know there might be some truth to that. Jerry will admit that he and his Cowboys love living on Broadway. What is so wrong about having a team, a business, or anything that is the best it can be. The Cowboys are known worldwide in every walk of life. If you get TV or media print, you know the Dallas Cowboys!!

The Steelers say they rid themselves of evil before it tries to embed it self into their locker room or franchise. That is why the troubled Plaxico Burress is now the Giant’s problem. The Cowboys on the other hand seem to surround themselves with the “Tank” Johnsons. the “Pacman” Jones and others to just name a few. I like to think Jerry gives a great football player a second chance. Does it always work out? No not all the time but more times than not they have come to Dallas, had successful careers and ended up in Canton.

So Steeler fans, you can talk about your pure franchise, your subtle business-like owner with his “spend no money” style. I will not sit here and “knock” your team and say it is not one of most storied NFL franchises’ in the history of Pro Football. I would be crazy to think such thoughts. Just don’t knock ours because we were built on oil and not steel mills. We love Broadway and you love Pea Nut Butter sandwiches. 

Look, the moral of this story is just this. Sometimes good wins but occasionally evil is triumphant. In Super Bowl XXX  Michael Irvin and his band of madmen (as Steeler fans want to call us) handed the Steelers their lone Super Bowl defeat when as legend tells us Christian gentlemen/future astro turf salesman Neil O’Donnell was paid off by Jerry Jones threw two badly timed interceptions. Steeler fans want to believe that we are still paying for that win as we’ve never won another. That’s all fine, but after this weekend when we go into the house that steel built and beat the Steelers up; Good will then be expressed as Great and Evil will be known as “I wish I played for the Cowboys!

GO Cowboys!!  31-20

BIG GAMES, BIG DREAMS………the stretch run and more.

Gentle Musings from TD…..


  • There is just something about this game on Sunday……I am very excited and intrigued to see how the Boys’ handle this true test. I believe this could be a major defining moment, a win in the cold, hostile confines of Heinz Field (who names their stadium after a ketchup BTW?) and we could gain the final dose of confidence to push us back to where we all anticipated we would be before the season started.


  • Am I the only one really missing Felix?? Man….I was and am very dissapointed that his promising rookie season ended so quickly! Felix! We barely got to know you……


  • PAC MAN. All I have to say about this character is……RUN STRAIGHT AHEAD! Going to go out on a limb here and predict a punt return for a touchdown this weekend for ADAM. I will go with 65 yards, 3rd Quarter. You heard it here first.


  • Romo for MVP! Hey, why not? The last time I checked that meant most VALUABLE. Is there any DOUBT how VALUABLE he is to this team?? There certainly cannot be at this point. He has infused life into this team and brought back the swagger. That being said, I expect a slug fest this weekend in ‘burgh the ‘and I decided to go with Kurt Warner over Romo this weekend in my fantasy football division title game.


  • Plaxico Burress…..LMAO!! I probably dislike this jerk more than any other NFL’er except for maybe his dumbface QB….and that was before this season. I threw away my Christmas list when I heard that he was suspended for the rest of the regular season and ineligible to return for the playoffs. That is the best gift I could have recieved! He is no Cowboys killer, but still a tough matchup for any corner. Can’t stand him……..


  • Well….here we go, the stretch run…..the pundits are calling for at least a split of these last 4 games to make it to the tournament. I am beginning to think it could take more. Time for the Boys’ to keep it going and go out balling. Who would have thought before the season that we would be fighting for the wild card…..against the FALCONS!?!? Wow….guess, that’s why they play the games and that’s what makes being a fan so fun…and stressful!


Enjoy the Journey…….


Cowboys Fan For LIFE! – TD   

Player News: Update on Marion Barber’s Status

After injurying his toe during the Thanksgiving game, Marion Barber has been taking it easy. He did not practice today, and will not participate tomorrow.

Coach Phillips says that Marion’s status for this week’s matchup against the Steelers will depend on how he does in pratice on Friday.

So the plan is to rest him as much as possible and see what he can offer on Friday.

When asked last Friday during an interview on the Ticket, Jerry Jones admitted that sitting Barber out would be left up to Barber himself, and he didn’t see that happening. The “Barbarian” is tough and it is doubtful that he would miss such a crucial game if the decision was left to him.

If by chance Barber doesn’t play, Tashard Choice would be the starting running back. Alonzo Coleman would most likely be brought up from the practice squad to be the backup.

Of course, that is a very unlikely scenario. Barber will play, and Choice will probably get more drives than usual. But after seeing what Choice can do last week, the Cowboys should be okay with that.


The Cowboys have had more than their share of the injury bug, it seems more like an epidemic in Dallas this season. The loss of Kyle Kosier and Pat Watkins this week only furthered the Cowboys losses on the year.

Thus far the Cowboys Injury Reserve list includes: Roy Williams, Felix Jones, Sam Hurd, Kyle Kosier, Pat Watkins, and Mat McBriar.


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Cowboys Still On The Outside Looking In

Last weekend I laid out a few scenarios for Sunday’s games that could have put the Cowboys into the playoff picture.

As I stated then, the Cowboys needed San Diego to beat Atlanta, New Orleans to beat Tampa Bay, or Green Bay to beat Carolina.

Unfortunately, not one of those games went our way.

Despite entering the season as the Super Bowl favorites, the reality of the situation is that the Cowboys enter the final month of the season outside of the playoff race.

With a record of 8-4, the Cowboys are the seventh team in a six-team chase.

The Cowboys have won three straight and picked up some much needed momentum, but lets remember those wins came against three fading teams.

The big test will come this weekend against the Pittsburgh Steelers who are coming off a big win against the New England Patriots.

At this point in the season, we do not control our own destiny. All we can do is keep winning and hope that another team falters.

One thing is certain though, another loss would spell doom for our playoff chances.

The Steelers are always tough at home…

This Sunday, the Cowboys will have to be even tougher. 

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Here’s a little something to feed your Cowboys fix on this big football Sunday around the league.

Tic Tac Toe, Three In A Row – Martellus Bennett’s touchdown catch gave him at least one in the last three games, something only two other Dallas rookies have achieved; Antonio Bryant in 2002 and Bob Hayes in 1965. I’m still mad at Martellus anyway… Bennett broke his promise when he said he would score two touchdowns on Thursday… we’re still not on speaking terms.   

Thanks For Nothing – Julius Jones had a Texas Stadium homecoming he would like to forget. It was one of the worst single performances in his career, finishing with 37 yards, two fumbles, no touchdowns and the fans booed him every time he touched the ball. He was also replaced as the starting running back at the end of the third quarter. Ouch! 

Get Out, And Stay Out – The Cowboys are now 3-0 at home ever since the team’s mascot, Rowdy has been banished from the Texas Stadium sidelines during game action. I never liked Rowdy anyway, he always reminded me of those other three big headed mascots from Pep Boys… creepy…

A Helping Hand – The Cowboys need some big-time help today to improve our chances for a Wild Card spot. We need San Diego to beat Atlanta (7-4), New Orleans to beat Tampa Bay (8-3), and Green Bay to beat Carolina (8-3). Like John Lennon said, “We’ll get by with a little help from our friends.” 

The Gang Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight – Giants wide receiver, Plaxico Burress is in some deep shit after getting caught with a loaded gun in a New York nightclub. The gun accidentally slid down his pants leg and discharged, shooting Burress through the thigh. He is expected to be arrested on felony weapons charges and could face up to five years in prison. Carrying a concealed weapon in New York carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 3 ½ years. Send us a postcard from Rikers Island once you get settled in…

Cowboys Lose Kosier For The Season

The Cowboys got some more bad news yesterday on the injury front, when they learned that left guard Kyle Kosier, would require surgery on his left foot.

The news forced the Cowboys to place Kosier on injured reserve, thus putting an end to his injury marred season.

The ever growing list of players that the Cowboys have placed on injured reserve, now includes Kosier, running back Felix Jones, punter Matt McBriar, wide receiver Sam Hurd, and safety Roy Williams.

The Cowboys filled Kosier’s spot on the 53-man roster with rookie linebacker Steve Octavien, who was signed off Washington’s practice squad.

The former Nebraska standout, is expected to fill in at special teams and provide some depth at linebacker for DeMarcus Ware, who hyperextended his left knee Thursday against Seattle.

Replacing Kosier at left guard will fall to sixth-year player Montrae Holland, who got the start on Thursday against Seattle and really impressed Tony Romo and coach Wade Phillips.

With Holland on the offensive line, the Cowboys held the Seahawks without a sack and helped our running backs gain 116 rushing yards.

Tony Romo has been sacked only once in the three games he has played since returning from a fractured right pinkie, and many believe Holland’s presence had a lot to do with it.

Also, an MRI test on DeMarcus Ware’s hyper-extended left knee showed no ligament damage, and an MRI on Marion Barber’s right fifth toe, which was dislocated, revealed no fracture. Each of them will receive treatment and their conditions will be evaluated daily.

Dallas Defeats Seattle 34-9 In A Thanksgiving Classic

Not long ago, the doubters were already writing off the season for the Dallas Cowboys, and were looking ahead toward next season. I have a memo for them…

We Ain’t Dead Yet!

The Dallas Cowboys continued their winning ways with their third straight victory after defeating the hapless Seattle Seahawks by a score of 34-9.

The victory was a coordinated attack by both the offense led by Tony Romo, and the defense led be DeMarcus Ware.

Tony Romo got the Cowboys on the board in a big way as he orchestrated four consecutive scoring drives to start the game. He ended the day with some gaudy numbers completing 22-of-33 passes for 331 yards, with three touchdowns. Romo is now 3-0 on Thanksgiving Day.

Jason Witten led all receivers and had his first big game since returning from a rib injury, catching nine passes for 115 yards and a touchdown. Rookie tight end, Martellus Bennett had yet another big touchdown catch and is now emerging as a serious offensive weapon for the Cowboys.

Terrell Owens backed up last weeks huge game with another touchdown on five catches for 98 yards, and missing the century mark by only two yards.

The game was a decisive win for the defense who held Seattle to just three field goals and kept them out of the end zone. DeMarcus Ware led the way with three more sacks, and now leads the NFL with 15.

Bradie James had a nice day himself with 12 tackles and a pair of sacks on the day. It was actually a great day for the entire defensive unit as a whole.

The game marked the return of Julius Jones to Texas Stadium and he quickly fumbled the ball on Seattle’s first possession leading to a Dallas score. He finished the day with just 35 yards, and was booed everytime he touched the ball.

Both Marion Barber and DeMarcus Ware left the game with injuries and never returned to the field, but x-rays today came back negative and both are expected to play against the Steelers on Sunday, December 7th.

All in all, it was a must win for the Cowboys, who now need a loss from the Buccaneers on Sunday to claim a tie for the second wild card spot. The next few games will not be easy as they must now fend off challenges from Pittsburgh, the New York Giants and Baltimore. One thing they must overcome is the fact that they have not had a winning month of December since 2001.

It’s now time to turn it up a few notches, as the competition will be even fiercer than ever, and the consequences of any loss could be devastating as well.

Go Cowboys!