The Cowboy’s Personality Is Back!

With all of the injuries the Cowboys have suffered this season, we continued to witness the Cowboys get flatter each week . It was like watching a balloon with a slow leak. We watched because we are true fans, but even I found myself doing laundry while watching the game, something I never do. When the game is on nothing else gets done.
But Sunday night the Boys were back! Not only because they won the game but, because they had their personality back. Even with the penalties and a few dropped passes you could tell they were not about to give up. With Romo, Newman and alot of their injured players back somehow you felt they were getting their spark back with each and every play. 
Yes, Tony is a talented quarterback but he is also their leader. With him back in charge they believed in themselves again. So many talked about how the Cowboys lacked leadership.  Last night they proved that they have leadership everytime #9 takes the field!
Every Cowboy played their heart out Sunday night! Marion Barber showed America why he is the starter. He showed that he is a true 4th quarter running back.  He keeps his momentum going thru the entire game.
Yes the Cowboys true personality is back!

Cowboys Back To Winning Ways After Defeating Redskins 14-10

The last time we met the Washington Redskins it was week four at Texas Stadium and they handed the Cowboys their first loss of the season. Worse yet, the Cowboys went on to lose 4 of the next 6 games, thus putting their season in doubt.

Sunday night in Washington DC, the Cowboys decided it was time for some payback as they edged out the Redskins 14-10 in a hard fought battle that left the Redskins reeling and the Cowboys dealing.

The game didn’t start off so good for the Cowboys who donned their blue jerseys and took the field with a few familiar faces that had missed the last few games with injuries.

Not only was quarterback Tony Romo back in the fold, but he was joined by guard Kyle Kosier, cornerback Terence Newman, and a banged up Jason Witten.

Tony Romo was clearly rusty, but he carried himself well, made a couple of clutch plays and led his team to victory.

One play in particular may have sealed the victory for the Cowboys, when late in the game and on the verge of being sacked he shoveled a pass to Miles Austin to convert a first down that would prove instrumental in the win. Romo’s touchdown pass to Martellus Bennett wasn’t pretty, but the rookie tightend showed remarkable poise and determination in reeling in the 25 yard pass for the game winning touchdown. 

None of this would have been possible if not for the amazing exploits of running back Marion Barber. He was a force to be reckoned with, and time after time he grinded out those all important yards that helped the Cowboys maintain control of the clock and the flow of the game. Barber finished with 114 yards and scored the game tying touchdown in the second quarter that got the Cowboys on the board and in the game.

While Romo’s return was no doubt instrumental in the win and provided an emotional boost, it was the return of Terence Newman that provided the explosiveness that the defense had been lacking in recent weeks. After missing five games with a sports hernia, Newman grabbed a late-game interception deep in Cowboys territory that turned the tide and shifted the momentum of the game. He was also able to shut down the Skins’ best receiver, Santana Moss, who was a non-factor in this game.

His presence energized the defense, particularly Jay Ratliff who was a man possessed and had two key sacks in the game, and DeMarcus Ware added another.

The win improved the Cowboys record to 6-4 and into a second place tie with Washington.

Next week the Cowboys are home and face off against the San Francisco 49ers with a renewed confidence and a regained sense of pride and excellence.

Hell Yeah, That’s What I’m Talkin’ About!

It wasn’t the prettiest win of the Cowboys 2008 season, but in terms of satisfaction I gotta give last night’s win over the Redskins two thumbs up!

The Cowboys topped the Redskins 14-10 in a Sunday night, edge of your seat thriller! 

After three consecutive dismal performances by Marion Barber against the Redskins, MB3 swooped in like Luke Skywalker in Revenge of the Jedi, and defeated the evil empire that is the Washington Redskins. With some pretty cool uses of the force and a few Jedi mind tricks too, Barber took control of the ground game and got the Cowboys back to their winning ways.

Marion the Barbarian” was an absolute terror on the field and was the hands down offensive MVP of the game for the Cowboys. He rushed for a grueling 114 yards on 24 carries, and almost half of it came on the final drive of the game. It sealed the deal and vaulted the Cowboys into a tie for second place in the NFC East with a 6-4 record.

On the defensive side of the ball, Jay Ratliff unleashed hell on the Redskins with a brutal assault on the Skins’ offensive line that saw him break through in punishing style and nail down two of the Cowboys’ three sacks on the night. J-Rat’s signature roar which is reminiscent of a werewolf baying at the moon, rallied the Cowboys’ defensive line who were relentless against a shocked Redskins offense that was held scoreless in the second half.

Tony Romo was back and a little rusty, but this game was clearly a tale of two grittys — The Barbarian and the Rat Man! 

It’s Been a Long Two Weeks, Time to Get Back in the Game

There’s nothing like a intense division rival to get players and fans alike back into the action. This evening the Cowboys will meet up with the Redskins in our nation’s capital for a very important matchup.

After the way the Cowboys left off, many fans are fighting to find reasons to believe this team has a chance to play in January. The NFC East has turned out to be the toughest division in the entire league. And the Redskins definitely are playing better than anyone expected.

At 5-4, the Cowboys have not been living up to expectations this season thus far. But, things are going to turn around starting today. That’s right. Tony Romo is back and ready to guide this team in the right direction.

The Redskins actually have three more players on the injury list than the Cowboys. But this week isn’t about excuses. We aren’t going to complain that so-and-so is hurt, or we didn’t have this guy out there. The Cowboys have to do whatever it takes to win this game and NEVER BACK DOWN. They know this. They are fully aware of the consequences if they don’t win today.

Look for our ‘Boys to take the reigns and control the field on the road. No, it won’t be a piece of cake or easy by any means. But we’ve got to play with heart and soul and show America (on primetime) what our team is made of.

So get your jerseys on and get your popcorn ready – tonight our STARS are gonna SHINE!!!


Felix Jones Officially Out Against Redskins

For those of you who were still holding out hope that rookie running back, Felix Jones would play on Sunday night, the news doesn’t look good.

Our friend Mickey Spagnola writes the following on

Jones has not practiced with the Cowboys since suffering the strained hamstring in the Oct. 12 Arizona game, and while there was some thought he might return to practice this week, he was listed as having not practiced the past four days as the rookie continues to rehab the hamstring with trainers. Earlier in the day Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips seemed to hold out some slim hope Jones might return.

“If he’s not able to go today, chances are he wouldn’t play,” Phillips said before the late morning practice.

Jones didn’t practice, meaning he will now miss his fourth consecutive game, continuing to place a heavier burden on Marion Barber to handle the majority of the running duties.

I never expected Felix Jones to be out so long…

Marion Barber is at his best when we have someone like Felix share some carries to lighten his load. The Cowboys will have to find a way to work Tashard Choice into the mix. I’m surprised that all we’ve seen of him has been during garbage time.

The good news is that Pro Bowl running back, Clinton Portis may be ruled out for the Redskins.

Jerry Jones Has His Eyes Set On The Playoffs

Regardless of what you might think about the Cowboys; fading playoff hopes, I think it’s quite admirable to see Jerry Jones out in front and acting as the team’s biggest cheerleader.

Regarding the Cowboys playoff outlook, Jones said,

“Yes, absolutely… That’s not optimism. I just see that we were going to have to be a team that is playing well and won a lot of ballgames at the end of the year to be what we want to be anyway and this is as good a time to start as next week. I certainly do feel we’re going to be a team that plays well enough to be thinking about the playoffs.”

Jones admitted that for the Cowboys to advance to the playoffs, it must begin with a win against the Redskins on Sunday. But feels good about the team’s chances.

“I feel good about us being a better team than we have been the last two or three games,” Jones said. “We don’t have reasons why we might not be playing as well. It’s not just about personnel. It’s about everybody feeling good about each other.”

I hope he’s right…


No More Excuses…It’s time to go… It’s the playoff run!!

Good Morning Cowboy Fans:

The Dallas Cowboys and I just enjoyed our bye week, a little R&R and now it is back to work. Over the bye week I have pondered about this team, explained my thoughts to friends about this team and fought off the “doubters and haters” regarding this team. I have faced some ridicule and endured all the questions. I finally came to the conclusion it is time for no more excuses…It’s time to go…It’s the playoff run!!

I came into this season with the highest expectations for this team and through it all I have not waivered. This Cowboy team is still a very good team if not one of the two or three best teams in all of Pro football. I am not going to make excuses for Tony’s “pinkie pain” or any of the other injuries the Cowboys have had. It is part of football. I will no longer accept the fact “Pacman” got into trouble and threw the team into a tailspin. We could have been 9-0 at this time and “Pacman” could have still gotten into trouble. I will not accept T.O. and his criticism of the team or talking negatively about the team to the media as the problem or the maybe the coaches not preparing this team to play on Sunday. In the end those are all excuses. Excuses are like ice cream sundaes, they are okay for awhile, but once you eat so many of them you get sick of em’!

As Brad Johnson walked into the Cowboy’s locker room at Giant’s Stadium he ripped off his sweat bands and tossed them at the television stand by the door.

It was about the only target he had hit all day.

And, in a way, it was kind of fitting as he has likely played his final football game.

But that’s okay with the Cowboys, because after a well-timed bye week, they will roll open the training room doors like they are pushing a large rock from a tomb, and Tony Romo, the savior of the season, will emerge. And when the Cowboys resume their schedule this Sunday with a game against the Redskins in Washington, 52 guys will take the team bus.

Romo might walk across the Potomac.

After Sunday’s 35-14 drubbing by the Giants, the Cowboys — who thought their roster had more Hall of Famers than Canton, but, in actuality, it was more busts — are in last place in the NFC East. At 5-4, America’s Team is three games (plus a tiebreaker) behind the Giants, and clinging to the hope that the Dimpled One, with the blonde starlet on his arm, will save us.

Johnson was 5-for-11 for 71 yards Sunday. Battered by the Giants, he was sacked twice and threw two interceptions. Brooks Bollinger, in from the bullpen, threw for 63 yards and a meaningless TD, and was sacked twice.

But even with Romo healthy over the final seven games of the season, the Cowboys will be playing for, at best, a wild-card spot. At worst, maybe a good tee time.

After Sunday’s game, when the Cowboys managed only 183 yards of offense — 75 on one drive — and committed four turnovers, things couldn’t get worse. Romo, who watched from the sideline, has missed three games. The Cowboys are 1-2 in that span, and the victory came with 173 yards of offense against the Tampa Bay Bucs. In other words, brisk winds have moved the football more than the Cowboys in the past month.

But now the winds of change come blowing in. After the loss, the locker room sounded like an Obama rally in whispers: Yes we can! Yes we can!

Remember no more excuses!

I think getting Romo back will make a huge difference. I’m not giving up on this team. We have gotten a lot healthier over the bye week and I feel like the attitude of the whole team will be much better.

Remember no more excuses!

For now let’s look at the wild card way down the road and just win the next game.

Some people say that yet after the biggest fuss made over a pinkie since Fonzie fell in love, will the Cowboys expecting too much from Romo?  Will he return rusty? I say “No more excuses”!

We can’t expect that just because he’s coming back that everything is going to be just fine; of course he will be a little rusty. Even a little rusty will produce more than 71 yds of passing offense with Romo at the controls.

Come on we are the Dallas Cowboys! It’s time to man-up and stop letting people hit you in the face. Punch back. It’s like we have been taking shots and hoping to connect with our own wild punch. We’re leaning against the ropes and hoping to survive.

The Cowboys head into Fed-Ex field this Sunday night to play the “hated skins” and its time to get back on that road to Tampa and off the road to no-where.

I’m tired of all the excuses!!  There’s no reason for it. It’s time to regroup, get back to the freakin’ drawing board, and do whatever we need to do. This is the Dallas Cowboys!! This is our team!! This is America’s Team!!

Cowboys 31-17

Go Cowboys!!

Opportunity Knocks, But Cowboys Don’t Answer

Sometimes the Cowboys can really leaving me scratching my head when it comes to some of their moves, but today what perplexed me the most was their “non-move”.

How in the world did the Cowboys allow Ty Law to go to the Jets… or anyone else for that matter?

Just last week, in an attempt to bolster their secondary in advance of their big matchup with the Cowboys, the Redskins signed cornerback DeAngelo Hall.

Hall is a two-time Pro Bowl cornerback and a five-year NFL veteran, who adds significant depth to the Redskins’ secondary. He is regarded as a strong cover corner whose speed and athleticism can match the best receivers in the league. The move was intended to shut down T.O. and the newly acquired Roy Williams with a secondary that now features two of the best coverage defenders in the NFL.

The Redskins are totally pumped for the game… are the Cowboys?

Not too long ago I posted a blog about why the Cowboys needed to go out and sign free agent cornerback Ty Law and cut all ties with Adam Pacman Jones so they could fit him under the cap.

On Monday, the five-time Pro Bowl cornerback agreed to terms on a one-year deal with the Jets after sitting out the first 10 weeks of the season as a free agent.

What a missed opportunity for the Cowboys!

Even with the return of Tony Romo, his ability to move the ball downfield against the Redskins has now been considerably weakened.

So what, you say. We’ll beat them with Marion Barber…

Think again, my friends…

As quoted from the Redskins website:

Marion Barber has been a beast at times in his brief NFL career, but rarely against the Redskins. Even when he was tearing up the rest of the league a year ago, the Redskins held him in check.

Barber faced the Skins in September and had what has been his lowest output of the season with eight carries for 26 yards. Against the Redskins in the last regular-season game last year, Barber ran six times for minus-6 yards, his lowest output of 2007 (he ran 15 times for 43 yards – 2.9 per carry) in the other meeting in 2007.

So in his last three games against the Skins, Barber has rushed 29 times for 63 yards, 2.17 yards per carry. That’s shutting him down, totally.

If it’s one thing I hate more than a bad move… it’s a bad non-move.

Why Are The Dallas Cowboys The Best Team In Sports History?

We’ve always heard the Dallas Cowboys often referred to by their most commonly known nickname, “America’s Team”.

It’s no accident why Forbes Magazine recently ranked the Dallas Cowboys as the most valuable sports franchise in the world.

As fans, we can easily accept and acknowledge these honors without ever questioning it or asking why. That’s what fans do… But for those of you out there who want to know how the Dallas Cowboys came to be the most revered franchise in sports, rivaling even the New York Yankees, here are five reasons why.

1. The Dallas Cowboys hold the record for the most consecutive winning seasons in professional football with twenty. They accomplished this amazing feat from 1966 to 1985. With the advent of the salary cap in the NFL, this record may never be broken and will most likely stand forever.

2. The Dallas Cowboys have more victories on Monday Night Football than any other team in the NFL. With those 41 wins, the Cowboys were able to showcase their excellence on a national stage and helped build a fan base that stretched far beyond the state of Texas. Everybody loves a winner.

3. The Cowboys hold the NFL record of consecutive games played in front of sold-out stadiums. The Cowboys’ streak of 160 consecutive sold-out regular and post-season games began in 1990, and included 79 straight sellouts at their home, Texas Stadium, and 81 straight sell-outs on the road. Now that’s what I call love!

4. The Dallas Cowboys are the third most recognized and most popular sports franchise in the entire world behind Manchester United (soccer) and the New York Yankees (baseball). What makes this very amazing to me is that both the Yankees and Manchester are well over 100 years old, and the Cowboys have yet to turn 50.

5. Post Season excellence is the hallmark of the Dallas Cowboys. In their 48 year history, they have been to the post season an NFL record 29 times. They also hold the NFL record for most Division Titles with 19, most NFC Championship appearances with 14, and the most Super Bowl appearances with eight. Their record five Super Bowl wins is tied by the Pittsburgh Steelers but does not include the Cowboys two championships before the AFL/NFL merger.

Simply The Best! 

There ya go, Cowboys fans! 

Expect To See Some Changes When The Cowboys Resume Play

As I stated yesterday, the Cowboys are now in a do or die situation if they expect to play in the post season. And while there are no guarantees in this game, the Cowboys’ chances have just gotten infinitely better.

Most of us all expected to see quarterback Tony Romo return against the Redskins, but the Cowboys received some more good news in practice today when both Prob Bowl cornerback, Terence Newman and starting guard, Kyle Kosier practiced without any limitations.

The return of Newman will probably send rookie cornerback, Mike Jenkins back to the bench, but we’ll be sure to see more of Jenkins as the season moves forward.

Kosier will provide some instant relief to an offensive line that has been the same since he was injured back in week three.

Rookie running back Felix Jones is also considered to be at 100% and is expected to make his long awaited return against the Redskins as well.

There was some additional news that came out of practice that suggested Greg Ellis will lose more playing time to Anthony Spencer. Wade Phillips did little to extinguish those rumors when he said the following.

“I thought he played the best of anybody up front or the best of anybody on defense in our last game,” Phillips said. “We’ve got to get him in the ball game, certainly.”

It will be interesting to see how this plays out going forward.

That’s all for now, Go Cowboys!

It’s Do Or Die Time

It happens to the best of us…

All of the injuries coupled with a bout of complacency and a lack of cohesiveness have derailed what was supposed to be another exciting season. Reality is slowly beginning to creep in. Rather then examining playoff scenarios, some Cowboys fans are already looking toward the draft and wondering how high of a selection we will have.

The Cowboys still have one last glimmer of hope left.

Josh Ellis of wrote this morning, that if the playoffs started today, the Cowboys would be on the outside looking in. Their .556 winning percentage would put them a half-game out of fifth place in the AFC, where seven of 16 teams have a winning record. The Cowboys currently have the ninth-best record in the NFC.

If they could squeak by Washington, then there’s a possibility the Cowboys could be 8-4 on Thanksgiving night, since they play back-to-back home games against seemingly weak San Francisco on Nov. 23, and the traditional holiday game Nov. 27 against Seattle.

Should the Cowboys fail to win against the Redskins, then any realistic chance of making the playoffs goes down the drain.

The good news is that Tony Romo will be back, Jason Witten will be fully healed, and Felix Jones will also be in the fold. It might just be the perfect medicine to cure an ailing team and save a season on the brink.

If there was ever a time to rally the troops…

Hard to see this one coming. Think back to Sunday night September 21. Dallas was rolling over Green Bay in Lambeau. Tell me you didnt at least have the thought of an undeafeated season in your head. Best team in NFC AND NFL. Make your reservations for Tampa.  Hard to believe that was only six short weeks ago. 

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.  

Now 5-4 and in last place in the NFC East and, as hard as it is to believe, the playoffs are far from a sure thing.  Sure the starting QB missed some games. Terrence Newman & Felix Jones being out hurt too.  But all of the Cowboys woes can’t be placed on injured players being out.  There were plenty of signs in the Arizona game that this team was flawed. All this talent and 5 wins in 9 games ?  Where do we go from here?

After all the injuries, poor play and coaching, the PacMan Jones saga and a rough start in the division the season can still be saved!!  One win in Washington can save the season.  Next Tuesday the practice field should look more like the 2008 Cowboys were supposed to:  Romo, Newman, Kosier, F. Jones, A. Spencer and Roy Williams.  Two weeks to rally the troops.  Two weeks to save the season!

From Where I’m Sitting:

-Brad Johnson.  Seems like a nice guy.  Too bad his last NFL pass had to be an interception.

-Finally hit me after 8 weeks yesterday how big a loss the Kyle Kosier is.  Without trying I saw Cory Procter get beat 4 times yesterday

-I really hope that we didn’t waste a first round pick on Roy Williams for 3 catches. I understand that it is unfair to judge him on 3 games with Brad Johnson but lets hope he can make more plays with Romo

-What was Mike Jenkins thinking on the last Giants TD run? 

-I know I’m reaching but did anyone else want to see an onside kick at 28-14?

-I say it every week that I love MB3…but we sure do miss Felix Jones

-Not sure that Witten had a catch yesterday…but man it should say something that he even gave it a go yesterday with a bye coming up..