We are # 1

One of the many things I love about the Cowboys is I am sure to get my money’s worth all year long! I enjoy this roller coaster ride of bye week vacations, spring training, trouble or… ? One of the things I love about YOU, the fans is your passion. I watch all the shows and surfed all the sites. I know what the media says about us and our team… We’re on the “Best Fans” top 10 list but well below where one might think.

As you know, I love fans. I talk to fans across the US regularly. Not just Cowboys fans but fans for every team and I know what they say, too! As far as I’m concerned, that opinion is the one that matters. WE – are #1 – just like our favorite team! We stick with our team year after year: DO OR DIE! It’s the thrill of victory on the edge of our seats constant drama and more that captivates us year after year.

In the real world, I spend most of my time motivating others to set and accomplish goals. One of the things I teach them is to keep records and review the records from when they had that kind of success. So, after work, I spent some time surfing and watching video from the days we enjoyed most. For me, that’s mostly the ’90s. I was fascinated by the team lead by what is now known as “The Triplets”. 

No matter what your favorite era, it’s not easy to remember and want it again so much for so long. Knowing that you’ve come close, oh so very close… To be left with “Next year”

The difference between our favorite time and now?


We still do. No matter who your ‘All Time Favorite’ is or when they played – you still do. Your heart aches a little because that person no longer plays.  And here we are today, THIS season with the Cowboys: right here – right now.  Do we LOVE this team?

I dropped my beef with T.O. I even own a jersey now. I did not do it because he earned it or deserved it. It was not done for me because I was perfectly happy feeling the way I did about the whole situation. I let it go for the team.

What is going to get them through? What is going to bring this team together? Get them healthy? OUR LOVE!! OUR SUPPORT!! OUR VOICE!! It’s YOU Cowboys fans YOU!! You will be the motivation they need! GET LOUD MY PROUD COWBOYS FRIENDS!! GET LOUD!!!  I wanna see your STAR!! This website has some awesome graphics! That’s always a great start! It’s up to US to show them we care and we WANT IT FOR THEM!

It’s up to us to believe when it seems no one else will… Yes, I watch all the shows, vids and I read the articles. I know what they are saying and I know you know what I’m saying *wink*


Go Cowboys!

The Dallas Cowboys…. “Are They Fragile or Are They on the Brink of Destruction”?

Good afternoon Cowboy fans:

As I sit here at the computer trying to figure out what words I should use or what to title this article. My mind started using “Are they fragile”, “or is this team on the Brink of Destruction”? As these words kept floating in and out of my mind, my heart was telling me something different. It was telling me this is only a dream and I will wake up and everything will be alright in Cowboy land.

I was completely swept up in total amazement on Sunday, as I sat and watched what I thought was a proud Dallas Cowboy team, just being totally humiliated and “whipped”. The only thought that kept running through my mind was that of a young, frail school boy versus the big bully on the playground. I witnessed the St. Louis Rams, a team that was everybody’s “whipping post”; just dismantle the Cowboys piece by piece. The same Cowboys team, which at the beginning of the season was to be the “bully”, the “monster of the midway”, and to some they were being called “the real beast in the NFC East”.

In all the years of watching the Cowboys, I had to do some real thinking to remember when I ever saw a poorer performance. That even includes the 1989 team that finished 1-15 and ironically played who at that time a team called the Los Angeles Rams, and lost 35-31.

When it was announced this week, that Brad Johnson would be starting in the place of Tony Romo, I was one of the first that came out and said everything will be okay with Johnson, and Tony will be ready in 3 weeks when they play the Giants. Then when Johnson engineered the opening Cowboy drive for a quick 7-0 lead, I was telling myself “this will be a walk in the park”. What I didn’t know, that as the game began to unfold, I would soon realize, there would be very little more to cheer about.

This team has gone through more of a transformation than the Incredible Hulk and anyone you ask all have a different opinion, or want to give you their take on the demise of the mighty Cowboys. I do know this much though, there’s no confusion on what happened on Sunday. The Cowboy’s were out-coached, out-thrown, out-run, out-fought, out-thought, out-physicaled, and most of all out-scored 34-14. This is evidence that you can’t cover up.

I think about all the problems over and over in my mind and ask myself, “If I had to re-build this team piece by piece, layer by layer, where would I begin? Many people have different opinions and some believe that the re-building process should begin with the coaching staff. Should Wade Phillips be replaced by Jason Garrett? Is Jason Garrett also part of the problem or is the coaching solution?

Other fans are screaming for former Pittsburgh Steeler coach, Bill Cowher. Could Cowher’s coaching style in Dallas be right for these players or this organization? Bill Cowher has a reputation of being somewhat of “a steel head” that uses a hard-nosed approach, but has the player likeable type of personality.

I think from this fan’s prospective, maybe that’s what this team needs right now is a hard-nose approach? Maybe they have been “coddled”, hugged, and loved too much? There is no fire in this team, really no heat to speak of either. They seem to have had all the fire knocked out of them and have lost their desire to play the game.

Right now, the Cowboys are generating all the heat of a rain-soaked book of matches.

I did not see anything in the game on Sunday that I could write home and say was positive. We know the Cowboys played without our star quarterback and without our troubled and possibly ex-cornerback Adam Jones. We even managed to lose Roy Williams, the safety for the season again when he re-broke the forearm that he just spent 3 weeks trying to get healed.

Forty-year-old backup quarterback Brad Johnson tossed three interceptions and finished with a 45.5 QB rating. Terrell Owens had two catches for 31 yards. Roy E. Williams, the receiver, acquired in the much publicized trade with the Detroit Lions, did not even catch a cold, let alone any passes.

I can go on and on, about the problems in Sunday’s game and still not get to the part about the 8 penalties, two of which cost us touchdowns, which instead led to missed field goals. I really shiver when I think about the lost fumble, or maybe the fact the offensive and defensive lines totally broke down. I could not remember the last time our defensive line played so porous.

Ram’s running back Stephen Jackson finished with 171 yds rushing and 3 touchdowns. Jackson Texas Two-Stepped all over our defense, that at the beginning of the year, most believed books would be written about. Now it seems they just quit and want to be anywhere but playing a football game.

So is it the injuries? Is it the coaches or maybe this team is just getting very fragile? Do the players need to get back to the basics and quit worrying so much about their own individual persona? Is this the team we watched on “Hardknocks”, and everybody thought was the hottest team in the NFL?

Well Cowboy fans, I have a news flash for all of us. This Cowboy’s team is going to be hard-pressed to even make the playoffs, with virtually the same group that went 13-3 a year ago.

What truly puzzles me is that this team was built for a Super Bowl, but may very well be “on the Brink of Destruction”.

The Season Starts Now……

So……how bout that weather?

Well, I have been sitting back, soaking it all in, trying to formulate my own opinion on all things Cowboys. It’s been somewhat of a challenge with all of the media coverage, fan opinions and overall overkill analysis and doomsday predictions following the past few weeks. What a strange few weeks it has been in Cowboy country. Who could deny that? But in the midst of all of this, it finally hit me today:

What the hell is wrong with a little adversity?

To me, we have been officially “punked”….. the entire football world has the Boys either dead in the crosshairs or dead in the water, depending on who you talk to. The masses are questioning the heart, passion and pure will of this team. Now it’s time to fight back and climb the mountain. Sometimes, you have to hit rock bottom to begin to get your priorities right and realize that the path you are on is not the path you want to choose or follow. They may be world class athletes who make more money in a week then we mere mortals make in a year, but humans nonetheless. No one is perfect. They will make mistakes, they will even get there lunch handed to them by the Rams. And then, you either cry and give up, or you fight your way out of that cold, dark hole that is rock bottom….

That being said, the Cowboys rock bottom is 4-3, two games behind in the division. With the division leading New York Giants on the schedule in 2 weeks. This is the NFL after all, its is hardly far fetched to think that the Cowboys could win next week and the Giants could lose, and then all of a sudden you have a battle for first place, with the Redskins in the mix too, in the Meadowlands in 2 weeks.

Although the confidence level from most fans seems understandably low right now, I am looking at it in a optimistic sense. The execution has been poor and the mental mistakes continue….but those are both fixable. The talent is there. I would rather have a talent-laden team like ours who struggles through a few weeks in the regular season, than a bunch of spares who catch a few breaks and go on a hot streak in October. It’s not about October. It’s about January and hopefully February. Not too mention the rash of injuries. We are without our star QB Tony Romo, explosive playmaker Felix Jones, shutdown corner Terrance Newman as well as multiple other major contributors. In the salary cap era, it’s hard to have enough depth at every position. It doesn’t change the bottom line of wins and losses, and it doesn’t quite explain the way we played against the Rams, but maybe we just got caught feeling sorry for ourselves and got all of that out of our system.

I am going forward thinking that we are still one of the top teams to beat, and if we can rally around the coach and the STAR, then we should be okay in the long run. No, we are not going to go 13-3 again…..but really, where did that get us last year? Maybe this is exactly what we need to get over the hump. As they say “Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors”, well, we are in the middle of the perfect storm. Time to MAN UP.


Cowboys Fan for Life – TD 

A Loss For Words

The last four games has gotten my thought process out of whack.  I usually try to find the positives in all aspects of any Cowboy football game, but this past month has really taken a toll on my mind. 

I’m reaching and reaching for something good to take out of this past month, but there’s nothing there.

Sure the signing of Roy Williams was a plus, but after last Sundays game I felt horrible for the guy. After listening to all his interviews and how glad he was to be home, It sickened me to see how this team played to welcome him.

There… I got that out!

I am not going to vent or rant!  I’m sure everyone (including myself) has heard enough. 

 It has been sunny and clear here in Big D, but the dark cloud is hovering over EVERY Cowboy fan.  The look on a fan’s face tells it all.  It’s that ‘someone please say something wrong to me’ look.

I’ve tried to do the pep talk, saying things are gonna get better. I’ve tried the pat on the back, the sunshine and daffodils approach, but nothing. 

Literally A LOSS FOR WORDS from most everyone I have spoken to.

I myself have a few words:

Stunned, Embarrassed, Puzzled, Angry, and last but not least Ashamed.

Ashamed for the most part! Like Fred and Kelly both stated, the lack of leadership.

Soooo.. I went digging threw some vids and found some tape for the Boys to watch before they study Tampa Bay tapes! 

And also for all us loyal LoneStarStruck readers.

This video is is the creme de la creme of all things leadership should be!

The end segment of this video is the missing ingredient the Cowboys need for this team.

Bleed Blue and Silver Fans!

 We CAN turn this around!



Anyone there?

Heya Cowboy Fans out there! How is Everyone doing out there? Well if your anywhere near where I am, then your probably not doing very well. So it seems as if StarStruck has become a little speechless after yesterday’s decimation of our beloved Cowboys. I haven’t seen a butt whoopin that bad since the Boys whooped on the Bills in Super Bowl 27. Everything started off great. Marched right down the field, T.O. got a reception, Barber was Barbarianing the Rams Defense and Brad Johnson looked 15 years younger. Then came 55:00 minutes of the worst Cowboys football this decade.

Speechless, really speechless. Thats the only way I could explain what happened yesterday. We were utterly dominated for 55:00 minutes. And then when we did get something going, we did something to shoot ourselves in the foot. Wade Phillips has done a really POOR job of getting this team ready to play. We have been pushed around and dominated for 3 weeks straight. This team seems soft and docile. Just like the coach. I even heard some TV broadcasters call the Cowboys the Dallas Cupcakes due to the unphysical and unemotional way they played. The only guy that deserved his paycheck yesterday was Demarcus Ware. The guy is a beast!! Marion Barber played good as well but he had a costly fumble early in the game.

I hate to say this guys but its becoming very obvious and apparent whats wrong with this team. We have no REAL leaders on this team. No one on this team that calls people out when they play like crap. We dont have that Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin type player on this team. We have a bunch of guys that just hang their heads when they get punched in the mouth. I remember during the Superbowl heydays how both Michael and Troy would be berating players on the Cowboy sidelines when they were playing poorly. It was unnacceptable and thats whats missing from this team. Terrell Owens has tried to repeatedly take this position on this team but all it does is bring him controversy from some fans and the media. There is T.O. becoming T.O. again. That is total B.S. and for any real Cowboy fans to think that is ludicrous. T.O. has the right idea but I just don’t think guys on this team respect him as a vocal leader due to his past.

This coming week against the Bucs is the season folks. I know it’s Week 8 and it’s early and everything but this is the breaking point. The guys on this team need to do alot of soul searching this week and fulfill the potential that comes with playing for the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones even called out his team after yesterdays game and called it one of the worst losses in his tenure as Cowboys owner. Yesterday’s game brought back memories for me of the Chan Gaily/Dave Campo eras. That bad……. Anyways, I will be at the Boys and Bucs game this weekend. I have been to 6 Dallas Cowboys home games in my life. They have never lost any of the games I have ever been to. So maybe the boys need me this weekend. :O) I am coming guys. Give me some pads and a helmet and I will give it my all. Yeah right, maybe in some Disney movie. Anyways guys, I know hope is bleak but I know there is still time to turn it around. I will bet the farm that Tony Romo plays. If I ever see a Brad Johnson pass again it will be too soon. That guy was under throwing, over throwing and just plain throwing some ugly ducklings yesterday. The back-up QB postion needs to be addressed and it need to be addressed soon. Brad Johnson is no where near the answer.

So keep your chin up Cowboy fans. I will be there this weekend. I am on my way to save the Boys season. So wish me luck, cause lately it seems like we are gonna really need it.



Game Recap: Rams 34 – Cowboys 14

Cowboys’ Struggles Continue; Battered 34-14 by Rams

The game got off to a promising start for the Cowboys, but it just was not meant to be today.  The Cowboys got demolished by the Rams 34-14, losing their second consecutive game for the first time since the end of the 2006 season. 

Nothing came together for the Cowboys in this game.  Brad Johnson was ineffective on offense, the defense failed to stop Steven Jackson, and the special teams coverage was not very good either.

For the first time this season, the Cowboys received the ball to begin the game.  The Cowboys immediately capitalized.  Brad Johnson hit Terrell Owens for a 19-yard catch to his own 48 and Marion Barber broke a 35-yard run down to the St. Louis 6.  Barber then pounded his way for those other six yards, jumping over the pile and into the end zone for a 1-yard touchdown on 3rd & goal to give the Cowboys a 7-0 lead early on.  Little did anyone know that this would be the highlight of the game for the Cowboys. 

The Rams responded immediately.  On the next drive Rams’ quarterback Marc Bulger hit a wide open Donnie Avery just four plays into the drive for 42 yards and a touchdown to tie the game 7-7.  It was a 62-yard drive. 

After a three-and-out from the Dallas offense, Steven Jackson ran all over the Cowboys’ defense.  A bad 36-yard punt by new Dallas punter Sam Paulescu set it all up.  St. Louis started the drive at the Cowboys’ 44, and Steven Jackson gobbled up 25 of those yards.  After a 19-yard pass play to Torry Holt, Jackson ran 25 yards on just three plays, ending it on an 8-yard score to put the Rams in front 14-7.  Things then went from bad to worse for the Cowboys. 

On the second play of Dallas’ next drive on offense, Brad Johnson’s pass intended for Jason Witten was deflected up in the air and picked off by linebacker Will Witherspoon at the Dallas 19.  Stephen Jackson later plunged into the end zone from a yard out to bolster the Rams’ lead to 21-7. 

The Cowboys’ problems on offense continued when Marion Barber fumbled at the Dallas 34 and it was recovered by Rams’ strong safety Corey Chavous.  The defense did finally stop the St. Louis offense and forced a long 54-yard field goal attempt from Josh Brown, which he pulled wide right.  The rams would add a 52-yard field goal towards the end of the first half to take a 24-7 lead at halftime though.

The Rams made it 31-7 6:03 into the third quarter when Steven Jackson broke a 56-yard run for a touchdown.  It became a defensive struggle for much of the game after that.  The Rams kicked a 35-yard field goal to make it 34-7 Rams early in the fourth quarter, and late in the fourth quarter Martellus Bennett caught his first touchdown in the NFL, a 34-yard score to make it 34-14, but it did not matter, as it was way too late and the Cowboys lost their second straight game. 

Brad Johnson was mediocre at best, completing just 17/34 passes for 234 yards with a touchdown and 3 interceptions.  Tony Romo did not play in the game. 

Marion Barber carried the ball 18 times for 100 yards and a touchdown. 

Jason Witten caught 6 passes for 44 yards.  Martellus Bennett caught 2 balls for 67 yards and a touchdown.  Miles Austin and Terrell Owens each had 2 receptions for 43 and 31 yards respectively.  Patrick Crayton reeled in 3 balls for 30 yards.  Wide receiver Roy Williams did not catch anything in the game. 

Nick Folk missed his only field goal attempt, a 46-yard attempt.  He made both of his extra points, but one went off the upright and in. 

The defense once again did not force any turnovers.  The one bright spot of the defense is that they did put some pressure on Marc Bulger at times.  Demarcus Ware recorded 3 sacks in the game, his 10th straight game in which he tallied at least one, tying an NFL record.  Bradie James and Greg Ellis made one sack each. 

No one thought that the Cowboys would be in this position after they got off to the 3-0 start, dominating Green Bay.  Since that game, the Cowboys have not put together a solid team game, and the injuries have continued to pile up.  Safety Roy Williams broke his arm in this game and is now gone for the season.  If the Cowboys do not come together as a team soon, we will not even be talking about making the playoffs this year.  If the season were to end today, the Cowboys would not be in the playoffs. 

The Cowboys now head back to Texas Stadium to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers next Sunday.

Are The Dallas Cowboys Lacking Leadership?

This morning NFL Network had a piece about the Dallas Cowboys featuring author of “Boys Will Be Boys” Jeff Pearlman and beloved star cornerback Deion Sanders. They dared to compare the team of the 90s to today’s team.

Deion Sanders remembered his days as a Cowboy, and the leadership that filled the clubhouse. It’s true. At every position there was a leader, from Emmitt Smith to Darren Woodson to Nate Newton.

It could be, with all of the talent on this amazing Cowboys team, the one thing lacking is leadership. We have shining stars but who on this team takes charge and leads these ‘Boys on and off the field?

The only person that I can honestly say has taken the role as leader, gets the most criticism and negative attention for his passion… that’s right Terrell Owens. In my opinion, I’ve seen Terrell step up not only on the field, but to the media and in the locker room as well.

We actually got a great inside look this year during preseason as the Cowboys were featured on HBO’s Hard Knocks. I recall hearing Terrell Owens preaching and guiding the young receivers. Yes, he gets cocky and yes he gets pissed when he doesn’t get enough passes, but that’s because he’s a leader and a champion. He wants to win, and he will do anything that’s necessary to acheive that.

Yes, Tony Romo is our leader on the field. He’s our commander and without him this ship will surely sink. He just doesn’t seem to take over the team like he should. Not like Troy Aikman or Roger Staubach did in their time. Romo is young and new and maybe in time he will become that leader that is needed to guide 53 men to be the best in the world. He’s just not that man right now.

Please don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t want anyone else in the league to be our quarterback. I love this team and every member on it (excluding one that is currently suspended, but I won’t go there). I believe in my heart they will win it all. I think they will surprise everyone and fight to the finish. As they go along they will learn hard lessons and overcome adversity.

As Deion said, “They’re still on course.”


Video Link: http://www.nfl.com/videos?videoId=09000d5d80bbe0bd

Game Preview: Cowboys @ Rams

Cowboys (4-2) vs. Rams (1-4) Sunday, October 19 at Noon on FOX

Week 7 Preview:

Cowboys Looking For Important Win Against Rams

It has been a very busy week for the Dallas Cowboys.  Adams Jones was suspended for at least four games by the NFL, they traced for wide receiver Roy Williams at the trade deadline on Tuesday, and we have been wondering all week whether or not Tony Romo would actually start this weekend against the Rams.  That has finally been answered. 

Tony Romo will be active, but will not start against the Rams on Sunday.  Brad Johnson will get the start as was expected before Romo said that he wanted to play this week after he got a call from Jets’ quarterback Brett Favre.

Wide receiver Roy Williams will step in immediately to try to make an impact for the Cowboys.  He will be lining up opposite of Terrell Owens, hopefully taking away some of the double coverage that Owens has seen in recent weeks. 

With Terence Newman still recovering for a sports hernia and Adam Jones suspended, the Cowboys are very thin at the cornerback position.  Anthony Henry is the only cornerback who really has any NFL experience, and the Dallas Cowboys will have to rely more on rookies Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick until the situation gets better.  They could easily struggle trying to contain Rams’ wide receiver Torry Holt in this one. 

The Rams thrive off of what Stephen Jackson does in games.  If the Cowboys’ defense is able to contain him, then they will be in great shape to win.

With Felix Jones out for at least two weeks with a partially torn hamstring, rookie running Tashard Choice will get more playing time to spell Marion Barber.  With both Adam and Felix Jones out, Patrick Crayton and Miles Austin will be your two return men for the game.

The Cowboys have so many players listed on the injury report that they could make a whole baseball team if they wanted to.   Wide receiver Sam Hurd (ankle, placed in IR), punter Mat McBriar (foot, placed on IR), running back Felix Jones (hamstring, starting left left guard Kyle Kosier (foot), staring cornerback Terence Newman (sports hernia), outside linebacker Anthony Spencer (hamstring), and safety Pat Watkins (neck) are all out.  Linebacker Kevin Burnett (calf) and starting quarterback Tony Romo (right pinkie finger) are listed as questionable.  They will both be game-time decisions.  Backup safety Keith Davis (thumb), backup defensive tackle Tank Johnson (ankle), starting safety Roy Williams (forearm), and defensive end Marcus Spears (illness) are all listed as probable.     

Can Dallas Cowboys Reel In Pro Bowl Cornerback?

There was report today in the Miami Herald in which Pro Bowl cornerback, Ty Law suggested that he had interest in playing for the Dallas Cowboys.

Here is what was reported…

In an interview with NFL.com on Thursday, Ty Law, a free agent, sounded as if the would prefer to play for either Dallas or Green Bay if one of the teams was interested in him.

The Cowboys are dealing with cornerback Adam ”Pacman” Jones’ suspension, and the Packers recently lost Al Harris to injury — two scenarios that could make both teams interested.

”I just don’t want to play for anybody,” Law said. “I want to play for a contender, where I have the chance to go to the Super Bowl. I can help Dallas. I have the experience, I have been there before and I can help get a team over the edge.”

“I’m not going to be a weak link for anybody and I’d love to try to provide some leadership for Dallas.”

Law, 34, said he would still listen to other teams, like Miami, if interested.

”It’s not a money issue at this point,” he said. “At this point, you just want to feel respected. But I’m ready to come in and help the right team.”

I don’t know about you, but if there is any way humanly possible to acquire a talent like this for our secondary, then by all means we should strongly pursue it. Law was a casualty of the salary cap and was released by the Chiefs to clear his $8 million dollar salary and enable them to fill a few spots. Since then, Law has been looking for a huge pay day and was close to joining the New England Patriots again, but the deal fell through when they couldn’t fit him into the salary cap.

I know how to fit him into the cap… officially cut Pacman Jones and sign Ty Law. At 34 years old, Law still has a few solid seasons left in him. In his career, Ty Law has amassed 52 interceptions (you read that right!) and has returned seven of them for touchdowns. Sixteen of those interceptions have come in the last three seasons. He has also averaged over 65 tackles per season. Law would bring a winning attitude to the team by virtue of his five Pro Bowl selections, and three Super Bowl rings. Go get him J.J.!

MVN’s Great Debates: Is Wade Phillips the right man for Dallas?

Check it out:

Lonestarstruck.com participated in this week’s debate at mvn.com asking the question:

Is Wade Phillips the right man for Dallas?



Our response:

I wish that Wade Phillips was more aggressive in his approach to coaching. That said, he is a players coach and we knew that going in. Whether or not he is the right choice to lead the Cowboys for the rest of the season remains to be seen. The bottom line is that the Cowboys are not in a position to fire him in mid-season. It would send a wrong message to the team and to the fans and would be looked at as a desperate move by the franchise. He deserves the chance to try and get the team to the post season, and if that fails than we can resurrect this discussion in the off season.

Please check out the link. Show us some support or contribute your own opinion!

Cowboys Sign Carlos Polk To Bolster Special Teams

In what continues to be a whirlwind week for the Cowboys, the Dallas Morning News is reporting that the Cowboys have signed former San Diego Chargers linebacker Carlos Polk.

Polk who played for Wade Phillips in San Diego, is now a Cowboy. He takes the roster spot of WR Sam Hurd, who was put on injured reserve after undergoing ankle surgery.

The 6-2, 262-pound Polk, who is an eight-year veteran, was a special teams standout for the Chargers. He led San Diego in special teams tackles before suffering a season-ending shoulder surgery.

Polk, who arrived at Valley Ranch this morning, said he can play any of the LB spots in Phillips’ scheme. But his biggest impact with come on the Cowboys’ special teams, which obviously need all the help they can get, especially if LB Kevin Burnett (calf) can’t play Sunday.

“I’m just going to do what they ask me to do,” Polk said. “I don’t know anything yet. I’m just going to go with the flow.”

I’ve gotta tell ya, I Iove this move for our Special Teams… Polk was named Special Teams Player of the Year three times while with the Chargers, often leading the team in tackles. Polk was on his way to another solid season in 2007 when injury struck again and he was placed on injured reserve.

Wouldn’t it be great to see him go out there and make an impact this weekend against the Rams…

Polk will be wearing his familiar uniform number 52…

Lets Go Cowboys!

Cowboys-Rams: A Fan’s Agony To Receive One Gift and Have Another Taken Away!

Good Morning Cowboy fans:

As the Cowboys enter week 7 of the NFL season, I am somewhat of a “train wreck” over everything we as fans have had to endure this week. I have been on vacation the last two weeks so I have definitely had some time to reflect and “arm chair quarterback” some ideas in my mind if Jerry decides to call.

As my week began on Monday, I was still smarting from the fact we had just literally gave a game away in Arizona to drop to 4-2, when the news began to trickle in.

Our beloved Cowboys were beginning to crumble at our feet. First it was the news that our field general Tony Romo had broken a finger on his throwing hand and would be out up to four weeks. Shortly thereafter, it was learned that Felix Jones would miss two weeks with hamstring issues and finally the news began to trickle out that “Pacman” Jones would be suspended by the Commissioner of the NFL for four games due to his after hour activities which was deemed detrimental to his probation placed on him by the NFL Commissioner when he was reinstated a little over 6 weeks ago.

Adam Jones has or had a very good opportunity to be one of the premier defensive backs in the league and a real gift to the Cowboys. I really felt that when Terence Newman returned to the lineup the Cowboys had two Pro bowl caliber “shutdown” corners. Now that gift has been taken away from the team and us as fans all because of his foolish decisions.

So, with all that said it has not been a good week for Cowboy fans!

I do feel confident in Brad Johnson to lead the team while Romo is out. With the injuries to Terence Newman and Felix Jones, and the verdict still out on Adam Jones, the younger players like Michael Jenkins and Tashard Choice will have to step up and play key roles in the Cowboy’s defensive and offensive game plans.

Well Jerry Jones has never one to be out-done on any deal. After all the bad news we could endure so far, Jones came out of the NFL meetings with a gift to replace the one that had been taken away. The Cowboys announced on Tuesday that they had reached a lucrative deal with former Detroit Lions wide receiver Roy Williams. I for one am ecstatic that Williams is coming to Dallas. Jerry Jones’ pursuit of Williams was almost as ardent as that of Adam Jones’. The Cowboys owner had attempted to trade for Williams over the last two years but could not get the Lions to agree.

So, with just a few hours before the 3 p.m. trade deadline Jones began earnest negotiations with the Lions to bring Williams to Dallas. With at least nine selections in next year’s draft, the Cowboys felt comfortable in giving up their first-, third- and sixth-round picks in return for Williams and Detroit’s seventh round pick. The Cowboys immediately worked out a contract extension to keep the Odessa, Texas native and University of Texas star in Dallas through 2013. The deal said to be in the 45 million dollar range will more than likely give Williams’ a chance to finish his career as a Cowboy.

Williams came in to the league in 2003 as the Lion’s first pick and went to the Pro Bowl in 2006. Since that time his numbers have fell off considerably due in part, to many quarterback and coaching changes that also resulted in many different offensive schemes as well.

When Williams was drafted by the Lions, all they could talk about was his great character and the talent he possesses. Now he joins Terrell Owens to form a dynamic duo at receiver that will feature not only good size but game breaking speed. That combination should play havoc on any opposing secondary.

Thanks Jerry, I am feeling better already!

Brad Johnson is on the spot this week. So are T.O. and MB3 on offense and DeMarcus Ware and Greg Ellis on defense. Pro Bowl players must perform at a Pro Bowl level to help the Cowboys overcome the loss of Romo and the others when the Cowboys travel to St. Louis on Sunday to play the Rams. I think the two players that will have the biggest impact on this weeks game is Miles Austin and Patrick Crayton. Both play wide receiver, but they will be filling different roles against the Rams. With Adam Jones gone, Crayton will be handling the punt return duties and without Felix Jones on kickoff returns that will be the responsibility of Miles Austin. The Cowboys have to maintain good field position. Johnson is not Romo. He has neither his arm nor his mobility. So sacks figure to increase and big plays decrease with a 40-year-old quarterback at the controls. The Cowboys will need more plays to cover more yards to fuel scoring drives.

Field position will be critical Sunday against the Rams. The longer the kickoff and punt returns by the Cowboys, the shorter the field for the offense. With Felix Jones out, Austin figures to return kickoffs and with Adam Jones out, Crayton figures to return punts.
The Rams are strong in the kicking game and we will need long kickoff and punt returns to shorten the field for Johnson and the offense. I think the game will be slowed down considerably compared to what we normally see with Romo. Johnson will be a lot more deliberate with his decisions on the field, I am sure a very good run oriented offense has been put into place this week. That will allow Johnson and the offense to control the clock and have very few mistakes.

In the end the Cowboys will do just fine and get out of St. Louis with a win. My prediction is Cowboys 28-17.