Romo’s a Go? Bad Idea If You Ask Me

Many sources around the net are reporting that Tony Romo is ready and wants to start on Sunday against the Rams despite his broken finger.

The story is that Romo practiced today and looked good and felt confident. Many players have played through injuries, even other big name quarterbacks such as Brett Favre.

My opinion… its a bad idea, especially against the St. Louis Rams. I don’t think we need Romo to win this game. Brad Johnson can stand in this one game and get the job done. We don’t need to risk our leading star to further injury.

The following week against the Bucs, and definitely the one after with the Giants, we will need Tony. I think we should give him a week off to heal. It’s just not worth it.

Double Or Nothing: Cowboys Bet On Roy Williams To Deliver

Is everyone pretty sick and tired of all the gloom and doom regarding the Dallas Cowboys these days?

Despite the huge hit we took on the injury front this week, and all the negative press that we are getting on the Pacman Jones issue, let me offer up a little dose of positive motivation.

Hidden below all the latest doomsday scenarios was a bold move by Jerry Jones in acquiring Roy Williams from the Detroit Lions, who will be a huge compliment to Terrell Owens.

Would I be just another overly enthusiastic Cowboys fan if I were to say that we now have the best 1-2 wide receiver tandem in the NFL?

I can’t think of a better 1-2 punch than T.O and Roy Williams.

Williams has always been considered a top-tier receiver who was being limited offensively due to a very bad Detroit Lions offense. He has never had a quarterback who could stretch the field like Tony Romo can, and any expert will tell you that Roy Williams is oozing with loads of untapped potential.

With Roy Williams as the number two receiver, expect to see him draw away some of the pervasive double and even triple coverage that has been limiting Terrell Owens so far this season. I can’t wait to see them challenge opposing secondaries and force them to respect both receivers.

I don’t want to knock on Patrick Crayton, who has been a good trooper and did try his best to grow into the number two spot, but lets face it, clearly his presence on the field was suffocating the production of Terrell Owens. Crayton had become an afterthought to opposing teams. Now he can slide down to the number three spot, where there will be less pressure to perform and a greater opportunity for Crayton to make more of an impact.

The addition of Roy Williams also helps to improve our chances in the next two games by giving Brad Johnson another set of very dependable hands and a tremendous red zone threat. With Romo out, we need all the help we can get, and I believe Williams will be very instrumental in victories against the St. Louis Rams and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. By the time we head to New York to play the Giants, Romo will be back and all will be well.

The Pacman Effect

It was great to hear about the Roy Williams trade and subsequent signing yesterday. We surely needed some good news after a 48 hour deluge of one bad Cowboys news story after anonther.

With the shocking news that quarterback Tony Romo will miss the next four weeks with a broken finger, it felt as though the proverbial roof had just collapsed on top of the team’s playoff aspirations.

And although the Romo injury, as well as the injuries to Mat McBriar, Sam Hurd and Felix Jones, will all severely impact our offense in a negative way, the truth is that there were already some underlying problems with the makeup of this team long before they took the field on Sunday. Linebacker, Greg Ellis alluded to some of these issues this afternoon.

“I’m just disappointed in this organization right now,” said Ellis, who is in his 11th year with the Cowboys. “From the whole deal of it. Things just aren’t going real good.

“Before the game, I said everybody’s got to take part in this football team – the strength coaches, the coaches, the owners, the head coaches. This football team is truly a team sport. You need everybody to win. Everybody has to do their best for us to win. Right now, I feel like we — players, Greg Ellis included, all of us — we’re just not putting our best foot forward right now.”

It’s quite obvious that this team has lacked a certain chemistry so far this season. Sometimes, a team can bring in a strong personality like Terrell Owens and the rest of the team can rally around him and create a new identity. But when you start filling the team with too many of these dominant and outspoken personalities, they tend to create a verry muddled situation and rather than having cohesiveness in the locker room, you start to get a somewhat divided atmosphere.

I think this team is suffering from what I am going to call the “Pacman Effect”.

Do any of you wonder if all the negative press and high expectations that came with Pacman was really worth it?

We were willing to overlook so much because we were sold a bill of goods that he would ignite the team much like Deion Sanders during our last dynasty. Yeah right! He was supposed to be the answer to our prayers on punt and kick returns, and a huge upgrade to our secondary. So what happened?

In Pacman’s last season with the Titans before his suspension, he set career-highs with 67 tackles, one sack, four interceptions, one interception return for a touchdown, 14 passes defensed (second on team) and one forced fumble as a cornerback. As a return specialist, he led the NFL in punt returns, totaling 34 returns for 440 yards (12.9 avg.) and three punt return touchdowns. On kickoff returns, he helped set a franchise record as part of a kickoff return unit that totaled 1,835 return yards. Has anyone seen this guy?

It seems to me we got all the personality, and all the attitude, and all the negative press, and all the lack of focus from the team, and all the trouble too. (past trouble and future trouble)

What we didn’t get is any noticeable upgrade in the secondary or on special teams.

You know what, I’m glad that Pacman was suspended… He wasn’t doing us any good anyhow. I’m sorry if you disagree with me, but I just never saw the wisdom in this trade.

Cowboys Acquire WR Roy Williams from Lions

Just before the trade deadline it seems the Cowboys have made the trade many hoped for in the offseason.

NFL Network’s Adam Schefter reports that the Cowboys have acquired Roy Williams from the Lions for “at least” one first-round pick.

Hopefully this will help us on offense, especially over the next 3 games without Tony Romo.


**Update** Trade Details:

Cowboys get WR Roy Williams plus a seventh-round draft pick in 2009

Lions get a first, third, and sixth-round draft pick in 2009

**Update** Signing Details:

The Cowboys quickly signed Williams to a new contract worth five-year, $45 million. More than $20 million is guaranteed.

As Expected, Pacman Gets Suspended Indefinitely

After hearing the news last week, I was sure Adam Pacman Jones would be suspended by NFL. I was actually surprised that Jerry Jones didn’t take any action.

ESPN reported this afternoon:

Dallas Cowboys cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones has been suspended for at least four games for his most recent violation of the league’s personal conduct policy, the NFL announced Tuesday.

The league said Jones was involved in an alcohol-related incident at a Dallas hotel on Oct. 8. Previous reports indicated Jones was involved in an alcohol-related scuffle with a bodyguard assigned to him by the Cowboys, and that hotel employees called the police.

Jones will not be paid during the suspension. Commissioner Roger Goodell will determine the ultimate length of Jones’ suspension after Dallas’ Week 11 game against Washington on Nov. 16.

In his letter to Jones informing the player of his latest suspension, Goodell said Jones’ “disturbing pattern of behavior was clearly inconsistent with the conditions I set for your continued participation in the NFL.”

So, there you have it. It really isn’t a shock or a huge blow after all we’ve been through so far this week (and it’s only Tuesday).

God Bless the Dallas Cowboys.

Cowboys Get Even More Bad News On Top Of Romo Injury

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, the whole damned roof may have just caved in and collapsed on the Cowboys’ playoff hopes.

Less than 12 hours after finding out that a broken finger will be sidelining quarterback Tony Romo for about four weeks, the Dallas Cowboys are now reporting that running back Felix Jones had an MRI on Monday, and that the prognosis is he will miss at least a couple of weeks with the strained hamstring he suffered in the third quarter on Sunday.

Todd Archer, is reporting that punter Mat McBriar suffered a fractured right foot when Arizona’s Sean Morey blocked the punt in overtime. He’s expected to miss 6-8 weeks.

Additionally, Mickey Spagnola, the beat writer for the Cowboys is reporting the following on his blog…

Terence Newman is out four weeks.
Sam Hurd is out for the rest of the season.
Kyle Kosier might be out at least another week.
Roy Williams might be out another week.
Who knows about Anthony Spencer?
Who knows about Pat Watkins?
Who knows about Flozell Adams?

After a couple of seasons where the Cowboys were very fortunate on the injury front, their luck has apparently run out.

We will keep you posted as we learn any additional information.

Breaking News: Romo Out With Broken Finger

According to a local source Tony Romo will be out for four weeks with a broken finger. Apparently Romo injured his pinkie finger during the game Sunday.

If you think the Cowboys were having problems before just wait until you don’t have Romo leading the team for 4 games.

The Cowboys will have to rely on backup quarterback Brad Johnson. Brooks Bollinger is the other available quarterback for Dallas.

This is just devastating news.

The AfterMath of Week 6: Cowboys @ Cardinals

Not Much Good Comes From Game Against Cardinals

The Dallas Cowboys gave up a kickoff return for a touchdown to begin the game.  Things were not a whole lot better from that point on.  The Cowboys rallied from ten points down to tie it at 24-24 headed into overtime, but after winning the toss, the Cowboys proceeded to go three-and-out, and then getting a punt blocked and returned for the game-winning touchdown.

The Cowboys just haven’t looked like themselves since they overpowered the Packers back in Week 3.  It is still early in the season, but with each game that goes by, it seems like teams are finding weaknesses and taking things away in all aspects of the Cowboys’ game.  Other teams are picking up on it, and it seems as though the pressure is starting to get to the Cowboys and they have no answer for it. 

The Good:  The Rally

Down 24-14 with 3:17 left in the 4th quarter, the Cowboys rallied and were able to get a long, 70-yard touchdown by Marion Barber off of a short pass from Tony Romo with 2:00 remaining, and as time expired, Nick Folk hit the game-tying 52-yard field goal to send the game into overtime.

The momentum obviously stopped right there and the Cowboys lost the game in overtime, but the Cowboys have proven that just within the past couple of years, that they don’t just fold easily when it looks like they are out of a game and playing poorly.  That is a nice luxury to have.

The Bad:  Fumbles

The Cowboys fumbled the ball a total of four times in this game, fortunate just to lose one of them.  This is becoming a big problem though.  On the season the Cowboys have fumbled the ball 13 times, losing just four of them, but once we do start losing them and they turn into points off of turnovers for the other team, they will be magnified greatly. 

The fumbles in this game were mainly caused by the breakdown of the offensive line.  Better blocking will help the cause, but the Cowboys also need to secure the ball better, as they have been holding the ball out there taking some risks this year.

The Ugly:  Offensive Line/Special Teams/Romo’s Injury

The offensive line has been very good this year, giving Tony Romo plenty of time to find the open receiver and slice up opposing defenses.  That was not the case in this game.  Tony Romo got knocked down 20 times in this game, and got sacked three times.  Andre Gurode’s snap over Romo’s head that took the Cowboys out of field goal range was costly to the Cowboys as well.  Despite this, Romo still turned in a pretty good day, but he got rocked in this game, and was attacked at his blind spot frequently, which caused him to fumble the ball a few times.  With the offensive line not protecting well, it was difficult for Romo to march the Cowboys downfield with any consistency.  The punishment that Romo took did something even greater as well.

With the pounding that Tony Rony took on Sunday, he broke the pinky finger on his throwing hand, and will be out for four weeks.  This is a devastating blow to the Cowboys as the injuries keep piling up, and with the current slump that the Cowboys are already in, that makes the challenge even greater.  Brad Johnson will start in Romo’s place, but he is definitely not as nimble as Romo and does not have the arm strength that Romo does.  It will definitely change the play-calling on offense, so we will see how that works. 

The special teams looked mediocre in this game as well.  The Cowboys gave up the opening kick off for a touchdown, lost the game on a blocked punt returned for a touchdown, gave up decnt feld position to the Cardinals in the second half, and if Nick Folk makes the 37-yard field goal close to halftime, the Cowboys would have won. 

The special teams alone essentially gave 17 points to the Cardinals, and that made all the difference in deciding the outcome of the game.

What It Means:  Devastating Blow, Team Needs to Come Together

With the injuries starting to pile up, especially to key players, and with the way that the Cowboys have played in their last three games, it is now more important than ever for the team to find good chemistry with each other.  The schedule really doesn’t get any easier from here, and iff the Cowboys aren’t careful, they could find themselves in a dogfight just to make it into the playoffs.  The Cowboys are now two games back in the loss column to the Giants, so it is now unrealistic to expect the Cowboys to win the division now.  If the Cowboys even lose just one of their two regular season games with the Giants this year, the division may be all but locked up with the way that they are playing.  The Cowboys will also be playing the Giants in Week 9 without Tony Romo, which won’t help either. 

What Lies Ahead:  Cowboys @ Rams

After the tough loss at Arizona, the Cowboys now head to St. Louis to face the Rams next week.  The Rams will be coming fresh off of an upset against the Reskins on Sunday, so they should be very confident playing against a Cowboys squad that has stuggled in the past three weeks.  It will be important for the Cowboys to take out Rams wide receiver Torry Holt in this game or it could be a long day for the Cowboys’ defense, which needs to improve.  The Cowboys desperately need a win in this game with a tougher schedule coming up soon with NFC East opponents on the slate.   

The Cowboys? Is it Crisis Mode or is it Only Memorex?

Good morning Cowboy fans:

We are six weeks into this season; I have to ask all the Cowboy faithful the same question I kept asking myself over and over yesterday? Is this Dallas Cowboy’s team already in crisis mode or is it only Memorex? As the sun comes up over Valley Ranch this morning, I don’t think the 30-24 overtime loss on Sunday to the Arizona Cardinals will go over very well.

The Cardinals?


I believe I can safely say that is not the Cardinal’s team of old. I watched a Cardinal’s team that did not fear the mighty Cowboys and may have set precedence around the league that no team needs to again.

Was that the case at University of Phoenix Stadium?

I just kept asking myself that same thing. When my cell phone began ringing right after the game, all I could tell people was “I don’t know, they’re not the same Cardinals everybody is used to beating up on”.

The bigger question might be reversed: Who exactly are these Cowboys? All seemed fine in early September, with wins coming against Cleveland, Philadelphia and Green Bay. All of a sudden comes a slip-up at home against Washington, and followed up by a totally uninspired win against the Bengals.

Earlier this week the talk around the NFL began with story lines like, “Coach Wade Phillips isn’t tough enough”, “T.O. wants more touches and the star of the NFL’s Bad Boys “Pacman” Jones is showing off his old TNT wrestling skills in one of Dallas’s finer hotels, drawing headlines across the nation”.

Naturally, when Dallas started slow in the desert, I concluded that the Cowboys were distracted, haunted by a week of controversy. After the game, it turned into a main storyline from the west coast to the east coast and all parts in between. Are the Cowboys now in crisis mode or this picture only Memorex?

I personally think that this is a big misconception that stuff like that can affect a pro team. Jerry Jones’s Cowboys dealt with all that type of hype in 1990s’ and still walked away with three Super Bowl titles.

The thing that I am finding so hard to understand is that the Cowboys own one of the league’s best offenses and ran on seven cylinders most of the time yesterday. Now I know Tony threw for 321 yds and three touchdowns, but he also fumbled three times while losing one. T.O. only caught four passes. Jason Witten got more attention for false-start penalties until he caught the 30-yard pass just before Nick Folk kicked the 52-yard field goal to send the game into overtime.

What exactly happened to that high-octane offense?

You got me on that one!

Was it the special teams that gave up a kickoff return for a touchdown so quick that a lot of fans were still standing in the pre-game concession line? The same specials team, incidentally that allowed the game-sealing blocked punt? Was it a much uninspired Tony Romo and Terrell Owens that looked like they both wanted to be somewhere else? How about the offensive line that spent more time picking Romo up off the ground than they did picking up on-coming Cardinal rushers?

Through it all, I will try to add some perspective to yesterday’s game. I will give the Cardinals credit for a nice win, and I can only hope this game was a real eye opener. I can hope this team can come to the reality that this is the NFL, and the NFL stands for just that, The National Football League; I would like to say to the team though; The NFL can also stand for “Not For Long” if they keep playing like they played on Sunday”.

I honestly did not think the Cowboys would be sitting 6-0, but I knew that was the possibility. I did not ever dream that this team would become so lethargic and complacent as they have shown since winning there first 3 games. Right now Cowboy fans at this moment; I don’t know what this team needs to do. So I ask all the Cowboy faithful out there? “Is this team in crisis mode, or is it really just Memorex”? Only next week will answer that for all of us.

Something is missing in Big D

The most unlikely way to finish a game may have altered the course of the whole season.  Overdramatic?  Maybe.  True…probably.  The difference between 5-1 and 4-2 may only be just one game but in the big picture this loss feels worse than just one game.  To come all the way back and have the game end on a blocked punt of all things just feels worse.  A BLOCKED PUNT!  While one loss in and of itself is not a big deal the psyche of the team is concerning.  No longer dominant at home going into this game the Boys have played much better on the road.  But now with all of the NFC East road games still to play and Pittsburgh, all of a sudden just getting into the playoffs is no longer a given. 

It was the same time last year that a dramatic win in Buffalo, in roughly the same cercumstances, had Cowboy fans thinking big..real big.  But now, just one year later, this loss could be a sign of things to come.  Again, without being overdramtic they are still 4-2 and with games against the Rams and home vs Tampa in two weeks we could be 6-2 heading into a showdown with the Giants.  But the bigger picture remains that this current edition has weaknesses, lots of them, that we supposedly corrected and are not:

  • The offensive line, the same O-line that got abused by the Giants last year, got Romo beat up again yesterday.  Also, for a 3rd straight game could not open many holes for MB3. 
  • The secondary, supposedly bolstered by M Jenkins & A Jones, could not stop K Warner in the 2nd half. 
  • Romo.  When does he stop getting his a pass for his play?  For a guy that has never won a playoff game he sure does get plenty of leeway.  Should have at least 3 more turnovers yesterday.  I know you are going say that I am crazy and to look at his stats.  Thats fine.  The numbers are there & when he is hot he is very good.  All valid and I do agree.  But Eli Manning took that next step.  B Rothersberger has as well. P Rivers also.  Maybe he needs a playoff win to do so.  But the more I see Romo with his head down moping off the field instead of the fun loving, playful, winning QB the more I see the Cowboys season ending in the same heartbreaking fashion as it did yesterday …and last year.     

Game Recap: Cardinals 30 – Cowboys 24 (OT)

Cowboys’ Offensive Line and Special Teams Struggle in 30-24 Overtime Loss to Cardinals

The Dallas Cowboys made a furious rally in the final three minutes of
the fourth quarter to tie the game and send it into overtime.  The
Cowboys had all the momentum at that point, won the coin toss to start
overtime, and then the offensive line and special teams failed once
again.  The offensive line allowed a sack for a 7-yard loss on first
down, and then it came time to punt the ball, Arizona sliced right
through, blocked the punt, and picked it up for a touchdown to win the
game 30-24. 

The Cowboys looked very sluggish in their last two games, and this one
was no exception, and the game got off to a very inauspicious start to
begin things.

Right off of the opening kickoff, J.J. Arrington sprinted 93 yards for a touchdown to give Arizona an early 7-0 lead.

The game would then become a defensive stalemate for the better part of the first half, but it was not without great chances fir the Cowboys to score. 

Anthony Henry recovered a Kurt Warner fumble at the Arizona 25 yard line in the first quarter, but on first down, Tony Romo was sacked and fumbled the ball.  It was recovered by Cardinals’ defensive end Antonio Smith. 

Cowboys’; cornerback Ken Hamlin also picked off a Kurt Warner pass on a deep ball thrown by Kurt Warner late in the first quarter, but the Dallas offense could do nothing with it. 

It wasn’t until lat ein the first half that Romo Romo finally got going.  He engineered a 7-play 91-yard drive that ended in a 55-yard Patrick Crayton touchdown to tie the game, 7-7. 

The Cowboys had another great chance to score just before halftime when Tashard Choice recovered the muffed kick-off by defensive end Calais Campbell at the Arizona 27.  But the Cowboys failed to get a first down on the drive after Romo threw a short incomplete pass to Terrell Owens on 3rd and 1.  Nick Folk came on to attempt a 37-yard field goal, but it hit the inside of the left upright and fell short.  It was no good and the score remained 7-7 at halftime.

The Cowboys wasted on time in taking the lead in the second half though.  Tony Romo capped off a long 12-play 69-yard drive by hitting Miles Austin in the end zone for a 14-yard score to give the Cowboys a 14-7 lead.  It would not last very long though. 

Kurt Warner responded quickly by hitting Steve Breston for a 22-yard catch down to the Dallas 24, and later finding Larry Fitzgerald in the end zone for a 2-yard touchdown to tie the game, 14-14.

The Cowboys were not ready for a surprise onside kick last week against Cincinnati, but this week they were, as Tashard Choice leaped up into the air and reeled the ball in at the Cardinals’ 46. 

The Cowboys could not do a whole lot with it though.  They got one first down, but when Cowboys’ center Andre Gurode snapped the ball over Romo’s head on 3rd and 9 from the Arizona 31, it took Dallas out of field goal range and the Cowboys had to punt. 

The CArdinals then took a 21-14 leadon their next drive.  the Cardinals’ moved the ball to the Dallas 38 on a deep pass that was caught by Larry Fitzgerald for 39 yards.  Later on the drive, Steve Breston caught an 11-yard pass from Warner for the go-ahead score. 

After the Cowboys went 3-and-out, a 41-yard field goal goal by Neil Rackers gave the Cardinals a 24-14 lead with just 3:17 left in the game. 

The Cowboys struck quickly in 1:17 when a short Tony Romo pass to Marion Barber on 2nd and 15 went 70 yards for a touchdown to cut the AQrizona lead to just 24-21 with 2:00 left to play in regulation.

The Cowboys then needed to force the Cardinals into a 3-and-out, and they did.  They forced the Cardinals’ to punt and got the ball back with 50 seconds left at their own 32, but now had no timeouts to work with. 

Penalties hindered the drive at first, but Tony Romo completed a deep pass to Jason Witten deep to the left for a 30-yard gain down to the Arizona 39.  The Cowboys got downfield quickly and spiked the ball with four seconds left, and also forced an offsides call on Arizona to make things a little easier for Nick Folk.  After much discussion about the spiked ball and the offsides call, Nick Folk nailed the 52-yard field goal to tie the game, 24-24, and swnd the game into overtime. 

It looked like the Cowboys had all of the momentum at that point.  They had come back from down ten points to tie the game with just 3:17 left, and they also won the coin toss, but it just wasn’t meant to be. 

On 1st and 10 from their own 22, the offensive line of the Cowboys once again broke.  Cardinals’ outside linebacker Chike Okeafor immediately broke free and sacked Romo for a 7-yard loss.  Romo fumbled on the play but was able to recover. 

The Cowboys were forced to punt on a 3-and-out, and then disaster struck.  The CArdinals decided to try to block the punt, and they did.  Cardinals’ wide reciver Sean Morey blocked it at the Dallas 3 while Arizona linebacker Clark Haggans picked it up and dove into the end zone to give the Cardinals the exciting win.  It was a fitting end to a game that featured a multitude of special teams blunders.  It was the first time in NFL history that an NFL game ended in a blocked punt returned for a touchdown.  There was a penalty flag on the play, but it was because Bobby Carpenter was downfield.  It was obviouslt declined.

Tony Romo dealt with pressure from the Cardinals’ defense all day.  He was knocked down 20 times in the game while he was sacked three times.  Despite all of that, he still turned in a great game, completing 24/39 passes for 321 yards and 3 touchdowns with just one lost fumble. 

Marion Barber carried the ball 17 times for 45 yards, but also caught 11 passes for 128 yards and a touchdown.  Felix Jones rushed the ball 3 times for 22 yards.  It was the first game that he did not score a touchdown that he touched the ball on offense. 

Patrick Crayton had 3 receptions for 84 yards and a touchdown.  Jason Witten and Terrell Owens each reeeled in 4 balls, for 55 and 36 yards, respectively.

Nick Folk was 1/2 on field goals, connecting on a 52-yard field as time expired to tie the game at 24, but missing one from 37 yards out late in the first half. 

It was a tale of two halves for the defense.  In the first half, Arizona scored no points on them, but moved the ball well on them in the second half and scored 17 points.  DeMarcus Ware came up with the only sack late in the game while Ken Hamlin made an interception. 

The Cowboys have now struggled mightily in their last three games.  This loss clearly goes on the offensive line and special teams.  Not since a dominating 27-16 win at Green Bay in Week 3 have we seen the Cowboys in top form, and their record indicates that at 1-2.  The Cowboys go to St. Louis next week to play the Rams, who should be very confident after beating the Redskins in Washington on Sunday.  It will be interesting to see what happens in that game.

Is It Time To Hit The Panic Button?

Wow….I am with Joe D on this one. The 2008 Dallas Cowboys seem to be in a fiery tail spin after a loss to the Arizona Cardinals. Wade Phillips will say everything is fine, he sugar coats losses, and Tony Romo will simply say they were outplayed. The only thing that bothers me is that teams have been outplaying the Cowboys for the past 3 weeks now and there is no signs of impending improvment. Terrell Owens has been diminished into a 8 million dollar complimentary player to Marion Barber and Felix Jones. Jason Witten was close to non-existent today. So what’s going on in the heart of Cowboys land? I have no absolute clue. None whatsoever! And thats the scary part. No one seems to know why they can’t perform to thier level. Absolutely no one. Not Tony Romo, not Terrell Owens, not Marion Barber, not Bradie James, not Demarcus Ware, no one. So where are the leaders of this team? Who is getting in people’s faces for sub-par performances everywhere? Anybody, anyone?

Many players on this team are passive by nature. Many players on this team believe that they are men and don’t need to be yelled at or called out on their performances. Thats where they are wrong. The defense played great the first half holding Arizona. The second half came and they turned into swiss cheese. The secondary is horrid and Demarcus Ware always seems to be a step too late. Pacman Jones looked like a 12 year old boy trying to cover a man out there versus Fitzgerald and Brian Stewart would be better off calling a womens softball game than the Cowboys defensive scheme. Tony Romo at times has looked like a 1st year rookie over the past few weeks than the gun slinging burner we all know he is. Jason’s Garrett’s playing calling at times as well has looked overly conservative as well. This Dallas Cowboy team looks absolutely nothing like the team that beat both Cleveland and Philadelphia a few weeks ago. I am scraed to say that what would happen if we played someone actually good like the Broncos or the Chargers. We would get our butts kicked. Sorry to play the pessimist but you can’t blame me for watching 3 quarters of horrid football by a team that was supposed to be built to win now. Jerry Jones must be having many a sleepless nights nowadays.

The game of football is all about execution. Do your assignment and the play will work to perfection. Today Romo was running for his life. The Dallas Cowboys offensive line was completely dominated. I say DOMINATED. The were outplayed physically and emotionally. I think thats where the problem lies. Too many players on this team arent executing. They are not prepared. They are not motivated. So how do we fix this? Didn’t I already ask this question before……… Hey Mr. Phillips, you need to deliver a really good and long ass chewing. I know it isn’t your style. You prefer men to be men but come on Wade. 3 weeks of sloppy football in a row? You need to call out players on their missed assignments. You need to call out the whole offensive line for almost getting Romo killed today and you need to give another ass chewing to your defense and special teams for playing sub-par. Thats another thing, how many of you out there are now wishing Joe Avezanno was still our special teams coach, This Bruce Reed guy absolutley Sucks! The game started with a busted special teams play and ended with one. If I was Jerry Jones I would of fired the guy on the spot. No questions asked. That is unacceptable.

So overall there is alot of blame to go around for today’s loss. Don’t get me wrong people, I LOVE the Cowboys but their play is utterly unacceptable. This team has gone from the juggernauts of the NFL to it’s joke and I for one as a fan and as loyal follower have to stand up and say something. I know it’s harsh but if this team plays to it’s potential, there isn’t anyone in the league that can compare. And I am not saying that just because I love the Boys. Someone in this team has to stand up and demand accountability and no one does. Patrick Crayton tried to play this role after the loss today but he didn’t go into details. Just stating that people on this team need to start being held accountable and that they needed an ass chewing after the way they played. Good start, now follow through. Something you guys havent been doing lately.