Bird vs Bird

What a game the Arizona Cardinals played last night…

I was amazed at how well their defense played against an outstanding Carolina offense. 

It seemed like they knew what Carolina was going to do before the Panthers did.  I am bowing down at the defensive coordinator’s feet right now.

Arizona’s offensive line in the first half did not let the Panthers get a claw on Warner… not even close.  However, I will agree that in the second half, Warner got slashed a few times, but overall I give them an “A”.  The Cardinals’ O-line opened up the holes to get their running game rolling and they protected Warner, enabling him to throw those bombs to Fitzgerald.
I would like to see an NFC Championship game played in Arizona.
Bird against Bird. 
I think the Eagles would go down hard, so I am rooting for the Eagles on Sunday to beat the Giants. Not because I like them, but solely for the reason listed above. Just so I can see them fall flat on their face and give all us Cowboys fans a good laugh. 
I don’t know if I can do it (rooting for the Eagles),  but if it means the Eagles play the Cardinals I will try.
Go Green… See I am trying!
  1. Real Cowboys Fan
    Real Cowboys Fan says:

    Don’t care to know about other teams,
    GO COWBOYS..better luck next year!!!