Coordinators Making Moves, Cowboys Make Changes

This afternoon the Cowboys fired Defensive Coordinator Brian Stewart. No further details were reported or any replacement named.

It is also being reported that Jason Garret is traveling back to St. Louis this afternoon. It is being reported that he has been offered the head coaching job of the Rams. According to the Ticket in Dallas, he will accept the job.

To lose both coordinators in one day is highly unusual, and add that to the firing of the special teams coordinator, it will be a fresh start for the coaching staff next year. 

  1. Nate "The Cowboy Ninja" Trumble
    Nate "The Cowboy Ninja" Trumble says:

    Thank God. My prediction is Shannahan will be hired as head coach with Dom Capers taking over the defense. I’d love Wade to step down to accept the defense for the same money, but that’s just a pipe dream.

  2. Joe D.
    Joe D. says:

    I don’t know about Shannahan, I’d love to see him take the job, but I think he’s going to retire. That said, I love Capers… always have. He’d be just what we need as DC.
    If the Cowboys also lose Garrett, they may as well ditch Phillips and let the new Head Coach name his own staff.
    Jerry Jones has become too much of a micro-manager and I think it’s starting to effect the team in a bad way.

  3. Cowboy Bill
    Cowboy Bill says:

    I still say Jerry Jones needs to hire a GM. This guy has had too many irons in the fire for way too long. He wanted so desperately to have a World Championship team to christen the new stadium with he rolled the dice these last 12 months and lost. So now, after repatedly saying “the coaching staff is in place ” we’re looking at a fire special teams coach. A fired DC. And possibly a departed Garrett. Nice job JJ. HIRE A FREAKIN’ GM!!!

  4. Danny
    Danny says:

    Good move firing Stewart. He didn’t seem to know how to handle a talented defense like Dallas has. It was shown how good they are when Phillips took over the defense. Maybe instead of firing Phillips, get Garrett to find his BALLS and get his offense some leadership and settle the fires if there are any. I never hear about Garrett firing his team up or even talking to anyone other than Romo on the sidelines. Maybe it’s Garrett that’s overrated. I don’t know, something has to be done though