Could Ray Lewis Be A Cowboy?

After learning about a rumor from a friend, I rushed over to the Baltimore Sun‘s website and sure enough, front and center, the story read:

Word around the NFL is that the Dallas Cowboys are very interested in obtaining Ravens inside linebacker Ray Lewis if he becomes a free agent. The speculation is that the Cowboys are willing to give Lewis a three-year deal worth between $27 and $30 million, with $25 million guaranteed.

Dallas owner Jerry Jones believes his team is in the serious hunt for a Super Bowl title next season, and that Lewis could help solve some of the team’s problems inside the locker room.

Never say never. Jerry Jones could be on to something. Ray Lewis is undeniably a leader on the field and in the clubhouse. The Cowboys need an outspoken leader who can pull the team together and get them fired up.

Makes perfect sense to me.  

  1. kevin
    kevin says:

    Choice isn’t his half brother. His brother got cut. But Ray Ray Ware, Bradie, Spencer, Ratliff! Wooooo

  2. CAT aka Get T.O. the Damn Ball!
    CAT aka Get T.O. the Damn Ball! says:

    oh snap……i like,,,i like….
    maybe we can get keon lattimore back on the practice squad,,,loved that kid.

  3. Josh
    Josh says:

    awesome find on this article kelly i pray with everything in me we get him he could pull this defense togethere to play 60 minutes a game and 16 games a season…..might even help the offense just from his pure inspiration as a leader

  4. Danny
    Danny says:

    Don’t everyone get excited now. First he has to become a free agent and I can’t see how Baltimore are gonna give up the face of their franchise. Then he has to want to come over here and want to be a Cowboy. So don’t get too excited unless he signs a contract.

  5. cowboy fan
    cowboy fan says:

    Ummm!!! I think some of us are getting ahead of
    themselves, everyone better check themselves, cause we all got ahead of ourselves last year,cause we thought that our team had the best talent and we were gonna be unstoppable, because we had all these supposed weapons, and look what happend! It all turned to Crap!! Just like the Offense and the Coaching staff. And as much as it hurts to say this, I think we should start looking for a new quarterback, because Romo is not concentrating on his game or his team, his head out in space, with his girlfriends brain, I think her stupidness is rubbing off on him, he should be practicing, instead of being on TMZ!(EVEN MICHAEL VICK SOUNDS GOOD RIGHT ABOUT NOW!) I will just stop now because just thinking of this season, really upsets me…People the freakin’ ARIZONA CARDINALS are in the Super Bowl! WTF! IS THAT ABOUT? IT’S ABOUT THEY WANTED IT MORE AND THEY PLAYED AS A TEAM AND HAD A GOOD LEADERS IN THE LOCKER ROOM, AND ON THE FIELD, AND IN THE END, AND FOR ALL THOSE REASONS THEY DESERVE TO PLAY IN THE BIG SHOW.

  6. Cowboy Bill
    Cowboy Bill says:

    “Even Michael Vick sounds good right about now” gets my vote as the dumbest thing in the comments section so far. Congrats “cowboy fan” you get the trophy.
    Ray Lewis. It could work. But this defense does not need help. The defense is solid. Nothing against Ray Lewis. But Dallas can win a championship without him. Seems like a waste of money to me.
    Trade up and get a rookie QB that will put the heat on Romo. Fear of losing your job is an incredible motivator. Romo’s gotten lazy.

  7. Cowboy Fan
    Cowboy Fan says:

    I’m not saying michael vick should be a cowboy he does not even deserve to be in a football jersey ever again, the point of my comment was in sarcasam! Just venting because again the season was such a dissapointment, since we the fans had such high expectations! Am I wrong? And is it so wrong to be sarcastic? I love the cowboys as much as everyone else on this site, and I hate to see them fail!

    JOEJOE says:


  9. Cowboy Bill
    Cowboy Bill says:

    We’re all frustrated. My comment was honest. Uncalled for? Who knows. I didn’t think so. After all the BS we’ve endured thanks to Pacman Jones, even the innocent rumblings of a frustrated fan about Michael Vick will get some of us a wee bit aggravated. So if calling your comment dumb offended you “cowboy fan”, or anyone else for that matter, maybe I shouldn’t have said it. Sorry. But can we try to get a little thicker skin??

  10. Cowboy Bill
    Cowboy Bill says:

    So… you don’t want the trophy? A joke. A touch of sarcasm is always welcome as far as I’m concerned. But these thugs are a thorn in my side. And for the record, I didn’t actually catch the sarcasm as I read the comment originally.

  11. Tom
    Tom says:

    No. I don’t want to spend $30M on an aging linebacker who, while has great leadership ability and can make an occasional play, would be way overpriced. Besides, how would we sign D-Ware?