Crayton Sounds Off About T.O.

The Dallas Morning News has an interesting article today featuring Patrick Crayton. It seems Crayton has appeared on ESPN two days in a row, speaking out about Terrell Owens and the rumors flying that T.O. divides the locker room and should be released. 

Crayton says he doesn’t know where the source got their information speculating the division in the locker room or that Owens is a ‘bad influence’.

He also admits that the assumption that T.O. is a selfish guy is just ridiculous. A competitor, yes, but not selfish.

Crayton has been known to ‘tell it like it is’ and he certainly made his opinion loud and clear.

What some find strange, I found refreshing. So be careful what you believe, especially coming from ESPN aka Cowboys hateland… and even more careful when it’s from Ed Werder’s mouth.

  1. Riggs
    Riggs says:

    People (Cowboys fans) are buying ESPn bullshit tho and it annoys me. We need TO, hes a great player and has proved it. We need to look at other things then Owens, hes not our problem, yes you have to be all together n all but you cant blame just TO…go out and hang out together during the offseason…come back and own next season, its that simple, we have the talent, we have the complete team, we just need to get over some lil humps, everything will be ok, GO COWBOYS!!!! (i hope T.O stays, 100%!)

  2. Raina
    Raina says:

    ESPN is so full of it. I don’t believe anything they say. I think TO gets a raw deal all the way around. I pray we don’t let him go.