Getting Autographs

In today’s world it seems hard to find something to make your day.  We are always are worrying about bills, our kids, etc. etc. I could go on and on, but we forget all that when we watch our Cowboys.  We then begin to brag and cheer when we win, Tony Romo has a great game or Jason Witten had a great catch or T.O. caught a sixty yard bomb for a touchdown. 
Then there are the games that we wish we hadn’t watched.  We try to figure out what went wrong.  Sometimes our hearts are broken, and our emotions pour out in a lot of different ways.
We are  a part of a big family; the Dallas Cowboys family, players and fans alike.
I took the time to write to Daryl Johnston in the early 90’s. He was my favorite player at the time. I never really expected anything back.
One evening after a hard day at work, I was checking my mail when I saw “#48” written in the corner of one of the envelopes. I knew exactly what it was and I was smiling from ear to ear. All of a sudden, the terrible day I at work was long forgotten, and didn’t even matter anymore.  
I gently opened the envelope and pulled out a football card that Daryl Johnston had autographed for me. What a fantastic feeling that was…
So I sent pictures with a stamped addressed envelope to Nate Newton, Leon Lett, Bill Bates, and Charles Haley and they all returned them autographed. Each time I opened a envelope it simply made my day. Today, they are all framed and hanging on my Wall of Fame.
I was thinking I didn’t have any new autographs in 2001, so I sent out three or four SASE with pictures.  I waited and waited, but never received them. I tried again this year, but again no mail.
I made special collages of the four players I whose autographs I had asked for. Again, I have waited and waited, with no returned autographs. I even mailed them with delivery confirmation, but that proved inconclusive… I wonder if the players even got my requests. 
Maybe it isn’t my favorite Cowboys ignoring their fans…
Maybe the person at Cowboys headquarters that handles players mail isn’t doing their job… 
Maybe they don’t realize how much a player’s signature can mean to their loyal fans. Most of us will keep them for years and years and handle them with great care.
I am wondering if any of you have received a autograph through the mail recently, or even if you had the pleasure of meeting a player in person and getting his signature or picture.
I invite you tell us your stories and sharing your own experiences with us.
  1. Tom
    Tom says:

    Probably the best thing that was ever done for me was last year. I’m friends with Chris Cooley and his wife (more her than him).
    When he made the Pro Bowl I joked about her getting an autograph or two for me and I didn’t think anything of it. When they got back, his wife handed me a visor. Chris sacrificed his own Pro Bowl visor and had TO, Witten, MB3 and Romo sign the visor and they gave it to me along with pictures from the game. It was so awesome of him to do that, and I had him sign it as well, since it was originally his. I’ll always hate the Redskins, but will forever be a Chris Cooley fan and friend because of his thoughfulness.

  2. Shelby
    Shelby says:

    I haven’t tried this through the mail but I have met several players and was able to get their autographs!
    Open Practice I met Jay Saldi, Russell Maryland & Walt Garrison (autographs). I met M. Bennett, I. Stanbeck, A. Henry & P. Crayton in Sept. (pics & autographs)
    I met M. Bennett again in December… I got autographs, pictures & got to hang out w/ him and T.Choice for a little bit. (That was cool! It was Inside the Huddle at the House of Blues – Marty B called me out of the audience! Yes! I have VIDEO of that!! LOL!!)
    I met Randy White by accident. I didn’t have anything with me for him to sign but I did get my pic made with him!
    My friends are always looking for a chance to hook me up with some signatures, too. I got D.Ware & Rocket (and a few others) that way.
    I just LOVE the Dallas Cowboys and I LOVE their fans! I feel so honored to have met so many and to have a venue where I can share my excitement with fellow fans (like you)

  3. Robert Enriquez
    Robert Enriquez says:

    two years ago my little brother who is a football player in high school suffered a broken collar bone inujury while he scored his VERY FIRST touchdown of his high school career, and it broke his heart that he could not play his first high school season. So My mom wrote a letter to Roy Williams who is my brothers favorite player. Well A Few weeks had passes by and my mom gets a call from a private number and she answers the call and the voice says “hello is this Loretta?” And She says “yes this is her” and the voice says “This is Roy Williams from The Dallas Cowboys.” And my mom was SPEECHLESS, so they carry on their conversation and he tells her he got the letter and he was very touched by it, and he will be calling my brother to talk to him and he sent over a few autographed pictures.

  4. Nicole V.
    Nicole V. says:

    I went to the Draft Party last year and got to meet Andre Gurode, Bradie James, Tyler Everett and Courtney Brown. I got my little helmet signed and took pictures. Andre even waved and smiled for me when I took the picture. You are right Raina, little things like that really make our day.
    However I wrote an official letter from my work to the Dallas Cowboys organization and to Marion Barber, Miles Austin. We were trying to get an autographed football or jersey to auction off because our Bank was raising money in support of the Wounded Warrior Project. I never gotten an answer. We were still able to raise $8,000.


    Hi Raina, I was very lucky to get the chance to meet seven of the Cowboys players. They played a charity basketball game in NJ where I am from. After watching them play they had an autograph session. We were in line for 2 1/2 hours and everyone was getting tired including the Cowboys. When we finally got up there Jay Ratliff was the first one. He thanked my son and I for coming and told us we must be real Cowboys fans to wait so long and said how much he appreciated it. That made our whole night!! What an awesome guy and he was so sincere. My son and I smiled from ear to ear. We also met, Chris Canty, Marcus Spears, Miles Austin, Stephen Bowen, Demarcus Ware (for the second time)and Jason Hatcher. I have pix on my profile if you want to check it out. This will always be one night I will always remember!! 🙂

  6. Josh Bradley
    Josh Bradley says:

    2 years ago i had the chance to meet Witten and i must say he is HUGE in person i got his autograph and that football is a protective case and has not moved since and last year i had the chance to be withing arms reach of bobby carpenter at jason wittens football camp he holds a town up from me in tennessee and this year romo and owens are rumored to appear YAY FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. ~lin
    ~lin says:

    Hey girl….YOU ARE RIGHT ON!!!
    In 1999 I had just got divorced and as a positive “gotta move onward” I was determined to go the a DALLAS COWBOYS TRAINING CAMP when they were in WICHITA FALLS, TX. We are talking a 13 hour drive, hun. Well since my babies were 11, 9, and 4, my sister and her family decided we should not go alone. So OFF WE ALL WENT! Well the weather, even in Wichita Falls at that time was 110+ degrees!!!! We would go to the morning practices and the afternoon practices….in between one of those times I would take the kiddos inside the PRO SHOP somewhat air conditioned tent. FOR ME it was heaven! I have loved the COWBOYS since I was a child but my youngsters were all prepped and pooped too, so I really had to watch them. We took pictures inside with ROWDY while he walked around and I was taking pics left and right with the sales people. When we decided we were ready to tackle the heat again we headed for the bleachers. On our way back to the bleachers I get a tap on my shoulder from someone I did not know or recognize….At first I thought my youngest had accidently walked out with something in her hands that I had not noticed, but then he said, “Do you want some of these?” in a whispered incognito voice. In his cupped hand were tiny 1 x 1 square sheets of paper like tickets that said TROY AIKMAN AUTOGRAPH SESSION! When I read that, my first thought was, “HUH?”….I then asked, “What exactly do I have to do? And how much are they?” He replied softly, “They are FREE! But you MUSTN’T tell ANYONE where you got them!!!” I said, “Sure…yea, ok.!!” Then he just took off and I began feeling weak and confused I hurried to show them to my sister and explain how things happened. Well another person had overheard what I was saying and told me that at these training camps they give these passes out especially for the kids who are being observed as being really dedicated fans. Then when practice was over that afternoon, the kids with tickets were separated like cattle at a sell barn and TROY AIKMAN was on the opposite side of the fence where only the kids could get his signature and now we have one memorable picture of that special day! It still gives me goose bumps! It…..was…….fantastic!
    But I guess the real special event for me was when I was 12 and I decided to send ROGER STAUBACH a letter and posterboard cut outs shaped in a helmet and decorated it and all. I never expected anything. I think we had lost in the playoffs and I was feelin’ ROGER’S pain….you know what I mean? Anyway, low and behold I receive a letter from the DALLAS COWBOYS with an autographed photo of him! Now that picture brings sentimental tears to my eyes….because Roger had been my late brother’s all time favorite player and role model so much that his admiration rubbed off on me….even as a little girl. My brother passed away when I was 10….so by 12 years old I was a veteran fan…..or so I felt at the time. Thanks Raina for the opportunity to share these events with our family…..COWBOY FAMILY, that is!

  8. Kelly Horn
    Kelly Horn says:

    I have some autographs, but I must admit they weren’t signed in person. I am still waiting for my opportunity to meet a great Cowboys player. I think I would want it to be one of the ‘Triplets’ because thats about the time I really got into the game. Great blog Raina!