Steelers and Cardinals Are Going To The Show

When Sunday morning broke, I awoke with the anticipation of watching both the Eagles and the Steelers lose their bids to go to the Super Bowl.

And while the Eagles did fall in heart-breaking fashion in the final minutes of the game (hee hee hee), the Steelers were simply too much for the Ravens to overcome.

 So now the Steelers move on to their seventh Super Bowl in franchise history, with a chance to become the first team ever to win six Super Bowls. Currently, they were tied with the Cowboys and the 49ers with five each.

So obviously, it’s no secret and no big surprise who me and just about every Cowboys fan in the galaxy will be rooting for in two weeks… right?

One of the more interesting twists to the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers matchups is this:

Mike Tomlin vs. the Cardinals’ Ken Whisenhunt, the offensive coordinator when the Steelers won the Super Bowl three seasons ago, who went to Arizona after being passed over for Pittsburgh’s job.

Whisenhunt and his top assistant, Russ Grimm, left after the Steelers unexpectedly hired Tomlin, who has done something even Chuck Noll and Bill Cowher couldn’t do by taking Pittsburgh to the Super Bowl in his second season.

It looks like their may be some bad blood between the two head coaches, as current Cardinals head coach, Ken Whisenhunt was hoping to get the Steelers gig, before Pittsburgh decided to go with Mike Tomlin.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more on this angle in the days leading up to the February 1st gala.

The other great reason to watch the Super Bowl (as if rooting against the Steelers is not enough), will be the half time show that will feature longtime rocker, Bruce Springsteen.

  1. Raina
    Raina says:

    I am so glad the Eagles lost. I usually don’t root for anyone but the boys but I sure as hell was rooting for the Cards and will be Feb. 1st.

  2. Nate
    Nate says:

    I know Jerry wanted continuity among the coaches, so now that Capers is gone, do we move up Campo or Grantham or wait til after the superbowl and try to pry away Dick Labeau to be our HC/DC?

  3. ~lin
    ~lin says:

    I am totatlly with Raina on her sentiment for rooting for a non-COWBOYS team. I usually don’t care, but this year there was something different. The SUPERBOWL will be “IN” Arizona… And for sure, ARIZONA CARDINALS, has taken them to the FINALS….and I (a DIE HARD COWBOYS FAN) will definately be praying and cheering for THE CARDINALS!!!! HISTORY IN THE MAKING for sure. It just seems like The Cardinals have something to honestly shoot for….winning an ARIZONA SUPER BOWL….how much more fitting?! GOOD LUCK, CARDS!!!!
    This COWBOYS’ FAN is with ya!!!

  4. Rock
    Rock says:

    Hey fellow Cowboys peeps. I’m feeling kind of sunday la,la,la,la. How sweet is that seeing the Eagles Choke again haha. I was waiting to see Mcnuggets dance on the sideline and also waiting to see Dawkins doing that stupid SHEAGLES song and dance after there lost.
    What’s up with Aikman saying Mcnabb is the best player ever to put on a Eagles uniform. Aikman quit kissing azz. Aikman your wrong Reggie White was the best player to put on that UGLY azz uniform. Mcnabb is just a Randall Cunningham wanna be.
    F.Y.I to the sports writers. Instead of talking smack about the Cowboys playoff woes, They should talk about the Eagles now. Come on 5 times in the NFC Championship and only winning it once and when they did win they lost in the SuperBowl. If the Cowboys went to the NFC title game 5 times you know they would have won a couple Superbowls. Bottom line Eagles just Suck hahahaha.
    Cowboys 4-life!!!

  5. shitsbburg aint gona get it
    shitsbburg aint gona get it says:

    aha im feeling kinda i hope…and pray the cards….if not we will be seing that damn game again. on nfl films and the guy will say that this was when the steelers won their sixth