The Prodigal Son Returns?

Prodigal son returns? Well not exactly…

I mean technically, I think you have to officially leave before you can be called a prodigal son, but in any event Jason Garrett was already on his long flight back home when the news broke that he was passed over for the St. Louis head coaching job by Steve Spagnuolo.

Rams GM Bill Devaney summed it up this way…

“There’s just a toughness about him. He represented what we were looking for when this process began. Having a guy who’s got swagger makes a difference.”

Ahh… There’s the key word, “SWAGGER”.

I mean if you were looking for swagger, I think the last place you’d look for it right now, is the Dallas Cowboys coaching staff, right?

Are Wade Phillips and Jason Garrett synonymous with swagger?

Anyway, bad news for Jason Garrett, good news for Dallas Cowboys?

It depends on how you look at it.

Were you thrilled with the Cowboys offense this season?

Were you inspired be the lowest quarterback rating in Tony Romo’s young career?

Did Marion Barber and his career low rushing average take your breath away?

Did you jump for joy because of how soft and porous the offensive line was this season?

Were you overcome with gladness when you heard about the negative discourse among the receiving corps?

Well if you were happy with the results of last years offense, then the good news is, that for now, Jason Garrett will return.

As for me, I wouldn’t have lost any sleep if Garrett had gotten that head coaching job.

  1. Nate "The Cowboy Ninja" Trumble
    Nate "The Cowboy Ninja" Trumble says:

    I believe Garrett was working on a one year 3 million dollar contract last season. Does this mean he is no longer under contract? If so, Jerry would be nuts to resign him for the same money or promote him to head coach. The rumor is, the reason he didn’t get the Rams gig was because he wanted too much money. I have no reason to believe he will be back, at any capacity, with the Cowboys in ’09. I truly believe BIG changes are coming to Big D in the very near future.

  2. Joe D.
    Joe D. says:

    I wasn’t aware that Garrett was only one a 1-year deal. I’m shocked that Jerry Jones hasn’t made any comments of support about Garrett the way he has for Wade. Maybe you’re right and he won’t be back, so I wonder why there hasn’t been more of a media spotlight on the matter.