Where Will You Be On Super Bowl Sunday?

Hey Cowboy Fans!!

I hope this finds you all well! I would first like to start by saying: I am so excited to be back with you every Hump Day! I have adjusted my schedule so you will be seeing me around more often! I have missed having time to be here every week!

So, here we are at the foot of Super Bowl Sunday!! Whether your team is in the Super Bowl or not, it is still a big weekend for NFL fans. Do you have Super Bowl traditions? Plans? Super Bowl party games? My friends and I will be heading over to the House of Blues in Dallas to watch the game with D.Ware, R. White, T. Choice and T. Casillas. As always, I will take a ton of pictures. Video, too, if I can swing it! I will share it all here next week! If you’re interested in more information about this event, go to: www.DFWbigGAME.com

Since my friends and I are rooting for Arizona, our games revolve around Spittsburgh Squealers. We are not allowed to use their actual name OR ELSE!! HAHA!! This could be fun… especially around the 3rd quarter or so! LOL!


On the 20th, my buddy, John and I went to Lunch with a Legend at Sullivan’s Steakhouse in Dallas. We managed to get excellent seats for the Michael Irvin Show with guest: Troy Aikman. The things Troy said that day made big news. I’m sure you have heard about it by now and you have an opinion! John and I had a lot of fun. We met some awesome people, had a great meal and got Mr. Irvin’s autograph! It was GREAT!! They do this Lunch with a Legend about once a month! If you’re in the metroplex or planning to visit soon, I highly recommend events like Lunch with a Legend!

As the complete NFL season comes to an end, I would like to give send some shouts to some peeps that helped make the season so memoriable and fun. Of course, this site, LoneStarStruck, is TOPS on my list!! I stop by every day for the latest articles and graphics!! To my friends at CNS: I love you guys… BIG TIME! You’re an absolute blast. I can hardly wait for the chance to hang with you again… luggage carts and all!! Of course, we may need more luggage carts in 2009! So many inside jokes… so little time!

MySpacers & Youtubers: You guys are so creative and fun. I cherish our friendship and hope all of you can make it to at least one event with us this coming season! To my local friends: I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to spend time with when our Boys are on the road. Thank you so much for the invitations and for all you did for CNS in December! Their party was a HUGE success because of people like you! Thank you! Last but certainly not least, my hubby (aka: my BFF): season after season, he deals with my crazy ways without complaint. I am looking forward to celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day… and many more!! Thank you for the awesome anniversary gift: season tickets at the new stadium in Arlington!

I hope you all enjoy the big game on Sunday! Next week, we will talk about our favorite commercials, the event at the House of Blues and much much more! Remember, you can send your pictures and stories to: fans@lonestarstruck.com


  1. Katie
    Katie says:

    Check out this Super Bowl video for the AUA! With practically the entire nation tuned in, AUA is using Super Bowl Sunday to spread awareness about prostate cancer.

  2. Josh
    Josh says:

    GO ARIZONA and i’ll be at my house with my cell turned off because for some reasone people cant leave me alone on game days i shall be disturbed by anyone except maybe Starstruck and any dallas fans I LOVE YOU ALL.

  3. Mytaege
    Mytaege says:

    Looking forward to the big game but still a bit sad our boys aren’t there. But lets look forward to next year and all the fun it has in store Go Cowboys!!!!! Lots of Love Mytaege

  4. Nate
    Nate says:

    I’ll be at my buddy’s house in Indiana with all my friends, some Steelers fans from Pennsylvania, cheering for Arizona. I’ll try not to drink too much just in case the Steelers win and I start to choke those punks. Nobody likes a ninja in jail.

  5. Stephanie
    Stephanie says:

    I will be working on Super Bowl Sunday…. and my boss knows I’m a huge football fan too…. 🙁 I hate having to wait tables for non-football fans. lol

  6. Raina
    Raina says:

    Will be at home hiding from the kids in the bedroom so I can really root for the Cards! Wishing it was our boys.