Who Will Cowboys Fans Root For in the Big Game?

Its now down to the final four. Philadelphia Eagles going up against Arizona Cardinals, and the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Baltimore Ravens.

Who will Cowboys fans root for? Probably no one. I think all of us have some beef with each of those teams.

The Eagles – for obvious reasons. The Steelers – because we don’t want them to have more rings than us, plus we can’t stand them! The Cardinals – well mostly for the way they treat their local Cowboys fans.

And finally, the Ravens for the simple fact we have never defeated that team. Of course, we’ve only played them three times. However, when you look back they may have shut out our hopes for the playoffs.

The week before last I picked the Titans and the Panthers for the Super Bowl, so I think I will stay out of this one. Obviously I can’t pick ’em

  1. mkrob.com
    mkrob.com says:

    This Cowboys fan is rooting for the Ravens in the AFC because I’m also a Miami Hurricanes fan and love Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and Willis McGahee. I am also rooting for the Eagles because I want another black quarterback to win the Super Bowl.

  2. TD
    TD says:

    I have to say the Ravens….not much hate for them.
    Either way, another superbowl that I am not too interested in.

  3. tiffani
    tiffani says:

    ok i know i will defenetly not cheer on the eagles. thats a big no no. i will most likely cheer on the ravens. i live in pennsylvania and everyone here wants an all pa team superbowl. not me that would be hell. it’s bad enough we have a eagles sports channel and all the news channels are talkin about it. and if i have to here that eagles theme song one more time i’m going to explode. i hope the cardinals nock them out this week.