BIG “D” Issues For the Cowboys

With all the talk so far this offseason surrounding Mr. Owens, and with free agency starting at the end of this week and the draft right around the corner we need to talk about some big issues surrounding the boys defense.

First, Demarcus Ware, all signs are Jerry is going to break the bank and make him the highest payed cowboy in team history, this is by far the most important move we need to make and would solidify our pass rush for years to come.

On the other side should we let Ellis go? He scheduled to make over $6 million next year for just a 3rd down pass rusher, thats pretty steep! Unless he wanted to take a significant pay cut and less playing time, I just dont see this happening.

Which brings me to Anthony Spencer. Is he ready to play every down and live up to his draft position? He may have the skills, he just scares me. His recent arrest, and if you watched Hard Knocks, remember he didn’t show for a treatment on an injury and was fined by Wade. These things make me wonder if he’s mature enough to step up and take the position fulltime.

Now lets talk about our unrestricted free agents: Canty, Burnett, and Thomas. Canty would be painful to lose. He has been a solid force on the D-line, but the contract he is looking for might be too rich for our shrinking cap space, which leaves us either starting Jason Hatcher or Stephen Bowen. I think Hatcher would fit well he has showed me some promise in his playing time.

If Thomas and Burnett leave in free agency it would leave the biggest hole in our defense. Basically, it would leave Bobby Carpenter to play next to Bradie James. I dont know your thoughts but thats a frightening thought in my eyes. We all know Ray Lewis is out there and he has said he wants to play in Dallas, but can Jerry afford him?

After D-Ware signs I’m not so sure. Another guy that might be more affordable is Keith Brooking who is suppose to be being released by Atlanta before Friday.

The secondary has potential to be above average. T-New is solid when healthy, but thats the question can he stay healthy? As much as I love the way Roy Williams plays the run and the hits he lays, he just plain stinks in pass coverage. Like Ellis, he is scheduled to make over $6 million this year and might be cut prior to the start of free agency. Its either that or him restructuring to take a major paycut which I don’t see happening either.

My thought was to bulk him up and try him in that middle linebacker spot. I don’t think that’s too far fetched. He is made to hit and I’m surprised I haven’t heard anything like that. If he goes, who is playing strong safety? 

I don’t believe Pat Watkins is ready to step in there so I’d say move Anthony Henry to safety and let Scandrick and Jenkins compete for the corner. My vote, from what I’ve seen, is Scandrick. He just showed me way more last year than Jenkins did. One thing is for certain, count on the Cowboys picking up more corners and safeties in the draft and even free agency.

I want to hear your thoughts Cowboy fans.

  1. deb2125
    deb2125 says:

    (first!) no opinion about canty or ellis but we HAVE to keep henry and i would like to see him stay at cornerback. scandrick does not impress me (except he is personable with the fans) so i would probably give jenkins a shot. after all of the crap we went thru last season i think he would step up and do a good job. my opinion. is it football yet?? i am so ready for next season!

  2. nate
    nate says:

    canty, ellis, burnett, thomas, roy willie = goodbye…
    we can save money on ellis and roy. about 12 million if im guessing correctly. that leaves two voids.
    our current 10 million under cap should easily be eaten up by ware.
    a bit of the other 12 million should be used to sign a veteran backup at either the weak inside or strong outside linebacker spot. (one that could compete or at least push spencer and carpenter)
    i like the move of henry to free safety and hamlin to strong safety despite what mickey spagnola keeps brainwashing us into believing.
    priority in the draft with this scenario should be defensive end or nosetackle and linebacker.
    i would definately try to package some of our picks and try to get 2 picks in the second round.
    if we came out of the first day with a combonation of any two of these players, using this offseason scenario, it would be another successful offseason:
    Ron Brace NT Boston College
    Tyson Jackson DE LSU
    Scott McKillop ILB Pitt
    Jarron Gilbert DE San Jose State
    Fili Moala DE USC
    Chris Baker DT Hampton
    i realize that i have some listed as DE instead of NT, but that is how they would be projected at the next level.
    on the second day, we could go after a corner, a safety or two, maybe a QB, (depending on who’s left. less than rhett bomar and we wait til next year)and oline (a player that could swing center/guard or center/tackle. i lkie dallas reynolds in the 6th or 7th round)
    o.k. ill stop now. i get carried away sometimes.

  3. Cowboy Joe
    Cowboy Joe says:

    i feel you man love draft weekend , ill tell you ive looked at tons of mock drafts and patrick chung keeps showing up in our first pick