Cowboys Cannot Afford to Release T.O.

Ok we have been talking about T.O. being released since the day the season was over; well here are my thoughts on the subject

T.O. is a solid number one superstar at wide receiver, and there are not many guys in the league that have his skills and that command so much attention from defenses. Just his presence on the field makes everyone he plays with better. It takes that one guy, that FREE safety away from say, Witten running down the seam or keeps him from coming up to help contain Barber from breaking a big run. It basically puts everyone man on man which I would take everytime. His attitude is what it is, we all know what happened in San Francisco and Philadelphia. But I have seen a more mature Terrell Owens the last couple of years, he wants the ball and wants to win! We see him barking on the sideline frustrated with the way things are going, let me ask you this, if that was Tony barking would he be called a cancer? Or would we all be happy that he is finally trying to lead his team? It is not a coincidence that the Cowboys scoring offense was ranked 25th and 15th the two years prior to T.O., then it jumped up to 5th and 2nd his first two years, it is real simple he makes the team better ! 

I think releasing Terrell would be one of the biggest mistakes in Dallas Cowboy history.  If you thought Galloway for two first round picks was dumb, that was absolute peanuts compared to this if they were to let him go, unless it was a trade for suitable replacement its just crazy talk.  Some of the wide receivers that are on the trading block are Plaxico, Ocho Cinco, and Anquan Boldin , the only one that would make any sense is obviously Boldin, but that is highly unlikely. You think T.O. gets bad press playing for Americas team, can you imagine what it would be like for Plaxico and Ocho Cinco.  

Roy Williams in my opinion is at best right now a 1a wideout.  He has the skills he just doesn’t command the same attention that Terrell does, now if Jerry made the mistake of letting him go and moved Roy to the one spot who’s our two?? Crayton? I think he has proved the last two years he is nothing more than a 3rd slot receiver at best. Are Austin or Hurd ready to jump up to two?? Don’t think they are just yet… The deep playmaking threat would be gone and we would have just a good offense, not a deadly one.

So where do we get his replacement, probably not a trade or within the team how about free agency? Well after T.J. Houshmanzadah the cupboard is bare, he is the only guy that could come close to filling T.O.’s shoes. The Bengals just franchised Scott Graham so this pretty much assures he will hit the market. I won’t even mention the draft because with our first pick being in the middle of the second round it is more likely that I will root for Tom Brady (which will never ever happen) than us finding Michael Crabtree or Percy Harvin in the mid second round.

So there we are. We let T.O. go and it would be one of the biggest mistakes in Cowboy history!

P.S Did I mention if Terrell was released it would cost the Cowboys over 9 million dollars against next years salary cap YIKES!!!!!!

  1. Kelly Horn
    Kelly Horn says:

    Austin and Hurd are Restricted Free Agents, so we aren’t even sure they will be with us just yet. Terrell Owens isn’t leaving Dallas, I think the media (esp. ESPN, of course) needs to find something else to over-exaggerate already lol.

  2. cowboy joe
    cowboy joe says:

    i think hurd and austin will both be here , the t.o thing ive been pretty certain hes not leaving it just makes no sense buisness or team wise i was just trying to stir up some conversation on both sides ;0) as for espn since maybe midseason ive stopped watching sick of hearing them trying to create non existant stories

  3. Cowboy Bill
    Cowboy Bill says:

    You’re spot-on about Williams not drawing the same attention as Owens. T.O. will be back. Just like you said, the salary cap hit is way too big plus we can’t get his value in a trade. It’s a catch-22 that a lot of teams wish they were in.
    Ranting and raving DURING a game is totally okay by me. Fueling the media fire is where I have a problem with him.

  4. deb2125
    deb2125 says:

    i totally agree with this joe. if jerry lets T.O. it will be one of the worst mistakes since tom landry (well, except for garrett’s play calling but that’s another story). i would rather have T.O. facing other teams’s defenders than ours! i love his temper tantrums.. i would take those over a smirk and a nonchalant attitude any day. football is a trash-talking, kick-the-can, in your face sport and i for one love it when a player shows a passion to win which is what T.O. does. he is a reflection of us die-hard cowboys fans because i know i was cursing, kicking whatever was close and slamming stuff around this past season. i was even at texas stadium when they lost to the ravens and i stormed out with tons of other fans because i was so hurt and angry and in total disbelief. i still love my cowboys though. the media loves to hate them and if T.O. was not their target it would be another cowboy. they are happy as long as they are talking about the boys but at least they are talking about them. so i say bring it on. i am to the point of welcoming whatever they dish out, especially about T.O. that said, T.O. is getting older so he will eventually lose the fire but for now i say we need to fan that flame and keep him doing what he does best.