Navy Rules Against FB Kettani attending Combine

Well I have lost some respect in the Navy for not allowing Kettani to attend the combine and have a shot a post-military carrer. I came accross this article on and it was shocking to me that the Navy would keep someone from attempting to plan for the future. I would like to know the your guys takes on this so please comment.

Fullback Eric Kettani, only the second Navy player to be invited to the Senior Bowl, will not be attending next week’s NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. In a ruling made Friday by Navy superintendent Vice Admiral Jeff Fowler, Kettani will not be allowed to attend the annual six-day event in which top NFL prospects have a chance to improve their standing among their peers.

Kettani is committed to the Navy for five years after his graduation this spring.

“We respect the decision of the U.S. Navy,” Chad Wiestling, Kettani’s agent, told the Baltimore Sun. “I know Eric is very disappointed in the decision. What the combine basically is, it’s a job interview. My take on it is that the Navy is denying him an opportunity to interview for a post-military career, whether right or wrong.”

Kettani rushed for 982 yards and averaged 5.2 yards per carry last season. He finished his Navy career with 2,091 yards (5.3 per attempt) and 15 touchdowns.

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  1. Nate
    Nate says:

    Let me start out by thanking you for writing this article. Not enough of these cases are publicised enough and that should change, to force a policy change in our military.
    The kicker here is:
    “Kettani is committed to the Navy for five years after his graduation this spring.”
    When he committed to The Navy for 5 years, he should have thought about the possibility of football or some other big life opportunity. Committing to ANYTHING for 5 years is hard to do at that age. The people around him (mom, school counselor, etc.) should have advised this young man better as well.
    The armed forces would be opening a door for many others to break their commitals and pursue professional sports opportunities.
    I’m not for the Navy in this case, I’m for policy change in all our armed forces allowing young athletes the chance to compete and succeed during their prime years.