Why Jerry Needs To Fire The GM

First off let me say I love Jerry Jones as the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, his love and commitment to win is evident in the way he speaks about the Dallas Cowboys, now with that said:

Since Jerry bought the Dallas Cowboys 20 years ago he has had six head coaches two of them seemingly had some control over personnel, the rest were just Jerry’s puppets. When Jimmie Johnson was the head coach we had some outstanding drafts taking Aikman, Emmitt and Maryland as his first round picks, which led us to 3 super bowls, but after Jerry’s ego wouldn’t allow Jimmie to have more power  or take credit for the success. They parted ways and along came the puppets Switzer , Gailey , and Campo the drafts were horrible during these years taking players like Quincy Carter, Shante Carver, Dwayne Goodrich, David Lafleur and Sherman Williams with our first picks.  If any general manager in football had drafts like these he would be long gone wouldn’t he? luckily in 2003 I thought Jerry was checking his ego finally when he hired Parcells who is one of the best talent evaluators in NFL history. Parcells drafts included most of the incredibly talented team you see on the field today including James, Ware, Barber, Newman, and of course signing Romo.

There are only two teams in football that the owners act like the GM the Cowboys and the Raiders. Luckily we had  Parcells for three years or we would be right where the Raiders are, terrible. Jerry’s problem as a GM is that he has no eye for talent and that he always wants to make a big splash. The drafts between Johnson and Parcells were just horrible, then going after players like Deion, Eddie George, Chris Warren, Joey Galloway and most recently Pacman, T.O.  and Roy Williams. Doesn’t this sound like someone who just wants a big splash rather than keeping, let’s say the two first rounder’s for Galloway and building a solid team? The examples are endless during the puppet years and that’s the reason we haven’t won number six. Right now we have the talent to win number six but that’s not going to last forever. Jerry please fire yourself as general manager.

Boys 4 Life

  1. FireTheCowboysGM.com
    FireTheCowboysGM.com says:

    Cowboy Joe,
    You’re not alone! Many of us feel this way!!
    Not sure if you’re aware, but there is a website out there that has an online petition for Cowboys Fans to sign asking Jerry Jones to step down as General Manager of the Dallas Cowboys!
    Take a look and sign the petition at http://www.FireTheCowboysGM.com and make sure to tell all your friends about it so that they can sign the petition too!
    Who knows if the petition will work, but even if it just manages to plant the seed in JJ’s head, we will have succeeded. It only takes a few seconds to sign the petition, so you have NOTHING to lose!

  2. FireTheCowboysGM.com
    FireTheCowboysGM.com says:

    Cowboy Joe,
    If you would like to add the link to your story, it might help draw more people to sign the petition! Note that the website is not intended to make anyone money. There are no advertisements and no request for donations.
    The url is http://www.FireTheCowboysGM.com

  3. Kelly Horn
    Kelly Horn says:

    Hey! Why you wanna talk about my daddy like that? LOL
    No, but in all seriousness, you definitely have some great points. Something needs to change or else we will be going down the same road, year after year.
    We want our Cowboys to win! GO BOYS!
    Welcome to LSS Cowboy Joe, look forward to your blogs!

  4. TD
    TD says:

    I would just like to point out that there are massive personnel and player development departments….no team, not the Patriots or even, yes the Raiders, have one person in charge of drafting each and every player….and you make good points, but if I hear any more about PARCELLS this and PARCELLS that, I am going to throw up! He didn’t win ANYTHING here and hasn’t won a Superbowl in nearly 20 years. Not to mention EVERYone in this town wanted him gone. The draft is a crapshoot, you can get a Demarcus Ware or a Mike Mamula (don’t know who that is? Exactly, the Eagles 7th overall selection in the 95 draft). Anyways, Jerry will never fire himself anyhow..so……GO COWBOYS.

  5. cowboy joe
    cowboy joe says:

    well since i live in boston yes i know who mike mamula is , yes the draft is a crap shoot but is it just a coincidence that the drafts were horrible between jimme and bill?we have pretty much the same people in place in those massive personel departments for the most part right? so whats the difference?a guy who knows talent when hes see’s it. he may have not won anything here but he created this team and he will get credit for building it when we win the superbowl
    boys 4 life
    cowboy joe

  6. Cowboy Bill
    Cowboy Bill says:

    Well last year’s draft was pretty stout, Parcells didn’t draft any of those guys. Parcells didn’t want Romo. Sean Payton wanted Romo. The problem with Parcells is he knows how to build a team but can’t put them over the top. Yeah he won a couple at NY but we all know BUffalo had them beat in Super Bowl XXV.
    Point is, Parcells did lay the foundation. But it wasn’t him alone. JJ has a alot to do witrh that as well. Dallas had the great success in the 90’s for a few reasons. Jones was not the least of those reasons. Afterall, had the Herschel Walker trade with Minnesota not happened who knows when this team would have gotten to the top? Jones is a wheeler dealer. That’s what he does best.
    The reason I want Jones gone isn’t because of the last 13 or so years. I want him out as GM because of how he’s performed over the last 2 years. I personally don’t like the way he’s treated Wade Phillips. He’s undercut him every step of the way. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a huge Phillips guy by any means. But his hands are tied and that’s just not fair. Jones has turned into a dictator.

  7. cowboy joe
    cowboy joe says:

    thats my point im not talking parcells the coach im talking parcells the talent evaluator,when sean payton offered a 3rd round pick for romo why didnt it happen? as far as jerry being a wheeler and dealer it was jimmie johnsons idea on trading herchel walker not jerry’s, thanks for the comments cowboy bill talking cowboys with a other cowboy fans helps in the offseason
    cowboy joe

  8. deb2125
    deb2125 says:

    wow.. your first post on lss.com. .. very hot. i am very impressed and very proud of you!! cannot wait to read the next one. now to football.. i am with td.. i am sick of hearing about parcells too. i am so glad that snarling old smelly tuna is no longer with the cowboys. he is in miami with the fishes where he belongs.

  9. Cowboy Bill
    Cowboy Bill says:

    Yes, the trade itself was Jimmy’s idea. But the wheeling and dealing is where Jerry came in. Nobody else could have pulled that trade off other than Jerry Jones. Jimmy Johnson has two major things going for him. He knows how to evaluate talent and he’s an excellent motivator. Parcells just knows talent. So we agree for the most part I’d say. Parcells would have been a good GM, no doubt.
    By the way, welcome to LSS Cowboy Joe. I look forward to reading more of your posts.