Scandrick Playing Free Safety? true blue fan club is reporting that the Cowboys are talking to Darren Woodson about working Scandrick on playing Free Safety in the base defense but Scandrick would keep his role as slot corner in the nickle defense.

Personally I like this idea because Scandrick wants to hit. Comment and let me know your feelings on this and be sure to read the article on the link above.

  1. Kelly H

    Nate brought this up last night during the chat as well. I say, why not! Especially if Woodson is willing to train him. Not a bad idea!

  2. james

    good idea yes but i would still want somebody with more NFL experience

  3. nate

    in the famous words of paris hilton, “loves it…”

  4. Who would be the free safety in the nickel defense then? I don’t like the idea. Weren’t the Cowboys trying to develop Courtney Brown to be a FS? Is he still around? I’d started Brown over Scandrick.

  5. cowboy joe

    he would need to bulk up bout 20 lbs he is listed at 5 10 192, watkins is 6 5 215 , and unless we signed a decent corner we need him there , right now would be on the slot receiver , the lack of experience in our secondary minus tnew and hamlin scares me