Brooking Happy To Be A Cowboy

The Cowboys quickly found a replacement for the recently departed Zach Thomas when they signed veteran inside linebacker Keith Brooking to a three-year contract.

The deal is worth $6 million dollars with only $2.5 million dollars of it to be guaranteed.

The long time Atlanta Falcons defensive star had this to say after the deal was announced,

“I have very mixed emotions about leaving the Falcons for the Cowboys. However, I am excited about this new chapter in my career and rejoining my former coach Wade Phillips.”

Brooking is 33 and has played for the Falcons for 11 seasons. He normally has the speed and burst to play outside linebacker in a 4-3 scheme like Atlanta’s, but will assuredly play at inside linebacker in Wade Phillips 3-4 scheme.

Brooking is one of the most durable linebackers in the game and has made his last 128 starts. We could use some of that physical and mental toughness on this team.

The Cowboys may still be a linebacker short, but they may try to replace Kevin Burnett via the draft instead of free agency. Although the door is not completely shut on Burnett returning to Dallas.

Still, rumors abound that Ray Lewis continues to lobby for a job with the Cowboys, and a couple of writers on our staff believe he will ultimately sign with Dallas.

The off season is starting to get very interesting.

  1. Cowboy Bill
    Cowboy Bill says:

    Yeah Joe, I think Ray Lewis will sign with Dallas. Not sure I like it either but I don’t write it off as just bringing in a big name. The guy does have some good qualities that could benefit this team.
    Brooking is a solid pick up. It’s an upgrade from Thomas. He’s a wade guy and Wade is a defensive genius in my opinion.
    Where I’m shook up is I just saw the report that Canty signed with the Giants. DAMMIT!!

  2. shawnah
    shawnah says:

    I cannot believe all thats happened in the offseason. What the h*ll? Thomas, Burnett, Canty… And possibly adding Ray Lewis? Oh not to mention possibly losing Roy Williams? Who do we look like the friggin Raiders… DAMNIT!!!!! DAMNIT ALL TO HELL!!!!!

  3. Justin
    Justin says:

    Brooking is an upgrade over Thomas and I don’t think we should let Burnett go even though we have Carpenter and Spencer waiting in the wings. Signing Brooking makes signing Ray Ray difficult because we really dont need him now but he would be a nice voice in the locker room along with Brooking.