Current Positional List of Importance

Well, my draft list of positional importance has shifted again. With the signings of Jon Kitna and Keith Brooking and the loss of both Joe Berger and Chris Canty, this slightly shifts my list around.

Sitting on top of that list now, very solidly might I add, is STRONG SAFETY. Yep strong safety, not free.

With recent comments by Jerry Jones and writers, it looks as if they truly don’t believe Ken Hamlin is able to switch to strong safety like he played in years before. Further proof of that theory would be that Henry was involved in the Kitna trade when he was allowing us, while still on our roster, to take the best available cornerback or strong/free safety in the offseason. We no longer have that luxory. Also, recent talks of trading or cutting Roy “Superman” Williams will almost certainly be carried through thus creating valuable cap space.

It looks like we will be looking for a fifth cornerback to compete with Alan Ball for the fourth corner spot as well. A spot that will almost surely see significant playing time with Newman’s year to year injuries and age a factor.

The recent signing of right defensive end Chris Canty to rival New York Giants gives us our second position of importance, just below strong safety. The only reason it is listed lower is because we have Stephen Bowen and Jason Hatcher who backed up both Canty and Spears last year and are believed to be able to compete for the spot left vacant on the right side. Another option would be to slide Ratliff over leaving Bowen as a solid backup on the right side and drafting a solid nose tackle to start in front of current backup Junior Savaii. It seems that a solid nose tackle will be around in the third round when we pick.

Next in line would be left outside linebacker. Deciding on the future of Greg Ellis, who is in the last year of his contract, is the determining factor here. If he stays, this position is solid for another year. If he goes, it will leave first round pick Anthony Spencer, whom has yet to prove he can take over the spot full time, as the sole player at his position. It would be possible to find a player later in free-agency to fill this position, but the more likely choice would be to get one in the draft, given the position’s depth.

After outside linebacker, the weak inside linebacker spot needs to be filled and it’s likely that a second day draft backup to newly signed Keith Brooking would be the answer.

Next, after the loss of swing offensive lineman Joe Berger and the shaky play of Corey Procter, a solid backup that can play center and either guard or tackle would be the pick. This year’s draft, in my opinion, has the deepest o-line depth of any position. We should be able to get our kind of guy (strong and 320lbs. plus) with no problem.

Cornerback would be next in line, since it’s importance is actually competing for fourth at it’s position. The corner depth is solid this year and like o-line, we should have no problem finding someone to fit Wade’s style of defense.

Last would be quarterback. The reason why is because the top one’s will be off the board before we will be able to snatch one and with the recent signing of Kitna, there is no need to draft one high this year. A developmental QB is what we will be looking for in the late rounds. There should be a few still left to choose from. We could possibly even snatch one up who goes undrafted as well. It happens every year.

Here is a list of possible draft choices at each position listed above and their expected draft round to be taken. I didn’t list players that would be expected to be taken before we would be willing to go after them.

Strong Safety:
Louis Delmas 2 (Listed As A Free Safety But Can Play The Strong Side)
Patrick Chung 2
William Moore 2
Michael Hamlin 3
Chris Clemons 3

Defensive End:
Tyson Jackson 2
Sen’derrick Marks 2
Jarron Gilbert 2
Fili Moala 2
Evander Hood 3
Ricky Jean-Francois 3

Nose Tackle:
Ron Brace 2
Dorell Scott 2
Terrance Taylor 3
Sammie Lee Hill 3

Outside Linebacker:
Larry English 2
Connor Barwin 3
Clint Stintim 3
Tyrone Mckenzie 3
Ian Campbell 4
Orion Martin 4
Lawrence Sidbury 4
Cody Brown 5
Brandon Williams 5
Willie Vandesteeg 5/6

Inside Linebacker:
Scott Mckillop 3
Jason Phillips 3
Worrell Williams 4
Jasper Brinkley 4
Antonio Appleby 5

Offensive Lineman:
Herman Johnson 3
Eric Wood 3
Antoine Caldwell 3
Fenuki Tupou 3
Kraig Urbik 4
Louis Vasquez 4
Ray Feinga 5
Alex Boone 5
Andy Kemp 5
Jason Watkins 5
Cornelius Lewis 5
Travis Bight 5
Cedrick Dockery 6
Dallas Reynolds 6
Jamie Thomas 6
Eric Vandenheuvel 6
Scott Burley 7
Robert Brewster 7
Roland Martin 7

Mike Mickens 3
Victor Harris 3
Morgan Trent 4
Keenan Lewis 4
Dominique Johnson 4
Deangelo Smith 5
Glover Quinn 5
London Fryar 6
Donald Wahington 6
Deangelo Willingham 6
Cary Harris 7

Rhett Bomar 5
Cullen Harper 6
Tom Brandstater 7
Rudy Carpenter 7
Graham Harrell 7
Mike Teel 7
Nathan Brown 7

  1. Joe D.
    Joe D. says:

    You’re absolutely right, as a matter of fact you could of made a strong case a safety should have been our top priority even before the recent defections.
    I still feel strongly about adding a wide receiver within the first four rounds though.

  2. nate
    nate says:

    Well, scratch that inside linebacker spot. Looks like the weak inside spot will be filled by veterans this year.
    Matt Stewart, 29, has experience at inside and outside linebacker in the 3-4 and 4-3 schemes. He played for head coach Wade Phillips at Atlanta in 02 and 03. In Atlanta, he started 29 games and had his best season in Atlanta in 2003 with 108 tackles. He also played for special teams coach Joe DeCamillis in Atlanta.