Goodbye Superman

rw.jpgWe all knew that the release or trade of Safety, Roy Williams, was in the works. It was no surprise, but yet to finally see it in print broke my heart.
I know that his playing ability isn’t what it was in his earlier years, yet I can’t help but remember that player… the player that was drafted in the first round by the Cowboys in 2002. 
 That year as a rookie, Williams led the team with five interceptions, and when he tackled, the ground shook at Texas Stadium.
With all the media attention on TO leaving, I feel like Roy and the memories he made for all of us are being left in the dust.  What was your favorite memory of Roy?  I really can’t think of just one.  There are so many hits, and I mean hits! He was a leader on the field and in the locker room.
In the 8 years with the Cowboys, Roy has had 506 tackles, 6.5 sacks, 38 pass deflections, 19 interceptions, 307 interception yards and 3 touchdowns.
With everything Roy has done in his eight years here, I am sure everyone will remember the hard hitting and the horse collar (his signature move), but there is so much more to remember.  Roy gained my respect with his compassion for children and single mothers. He has done a lot for the city of Dallas, and as much off the field as on.
Roy Williams will always be our Superman.  I hope when his career is over that he will retire a Cowboy because in my mind he will always be a Dallas Cowboy.
Goodbye Roy and thank you for the memories.

    MICHELLE says:


  2. Josh Bradley
    Josh Bradley says:

    i agree raina roy is superman but when he let clark kent start playing on the field it was time for him to play somwhere else till retirement time and in which i agree with you JERRY LET ROY RETIRE A ‘BOY

  3. james
    james says:

    Very well said,Roy since he was drafted has been one of my favorite Cowboys as you said not only for his football skills and talents but more for the single mother as my mama is a single parent of 5. Dallas lost a true hero when they cut Roy I hope to see him prosper somewhere else
    Roy thank you for the memories you will always be a Cowboys you will always bleed the silver and blue you will always have a star in your chest instead of a heart goodbye Roy the team the fans and the entire city of Dallas thanks you

  4. Cowboy Bill
    Cowboy Bill says:

    Thanks for a great blog, Raina.
    I’ll miss the huge collisions. Not many safeties have been compared to Ronnie Lott. Roy was and deservedly so. There were none better when he was in his prime. Too bad the team has decided to go in a different direction. Superman has left the building.
    Thanks again Raina…as always you knocked it out of the park.

  5. Danny
    Danny says:

    Didn’t Roy couple years ago after someone intercepted McNabb Roy blocked him and McNabb got hurt for the season?
    I didn’t want Roy to go but he wanted to go so yeah. I’ll follow Roy where he goes

  6. Ayre
    Ayre says:

    I was a big R.W. fan even when he was in college, but it seemed with the rule changes and Darren Woodson retiring he just never adjusted. I hope he finds it again with another team.

  7. Kelly Horn
    Kelly Horn says:

    Thanks for recognizing him Raina. He deserves it, he gave alot to this team and for years was the best there was. Good luck Roy!

  8. Mary Lou Herrera
    Mary Lou Herrera says:

    I agree that Roy Williams should retire a Cowboy. He played his heart out when he was a Cowboys, and should be remembered as such. I’ll still wear his jersey and think of all the terrific tackles and interceptions he accomplished as a Cowboy. Great Work Roy!!!

    COWBOYS 4 LIFE says:

    The 1st article on here that I “completely”
    agree with!!! Roy will greatly be missed
    The whole NFL knew to look out for him because of his hard hits!!!! Hahaha
    I just dont know what Jerry Jones was thinking letting these 2 go (Roy & T.O)
    Just want to thank these two great players for the great memories they will leave for us true fans!!! Gone but never forgotten COWBOYS
    They both have said they WANTED to retire being a COWBOYS too bad Jerry Jones had to phuck up their plans this way!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Nicole V.
    Nicole V. says:

    It is really sad that they won’t be able to retire as a Cowboy. This business sometimes really sucks. Who knows, since T.O only got a 1 year deal maybe we can have him back in 2010, lol.
    Love ya Raina.

  11. Raina
    Raina says:

    Thanks everyone for your great comments! I have been reading other blog sites and having to defend Roy it is so nice to come home to LSS and to his fans! Thanks again!