Haynesworth Indicted On Traffic Charges

I found this article on nfl.com, and according to what  the maximum sentence is the Redskins may not have Haynesworth for pre-season.

Washington Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth has been indicted on two misdemeanor traffic charges in Tennessee after being involved in an accident that seriously injured another driver.

District Attorney Kim Helper said Haynesworth faces charges of reckless driving and having expired registration.

Haynesworth, a former Tennessee Titan who signed a seven-year, $100 million contract with the Redskins last month, was released after surrendering Wednesday. Maximum punishment is six months in jail and a $500 fine on the reckless-driving charge and 30 days and a $50 fine for the other charge.

The charges come from a Dec. 13 incident in which police say Haynesworth was trying to pass another driver, who crashed into a concrete median.

Haynesworth’s agent didn’t immediately respond to an e-mail seeking comment.”

Well on the bright side for Haynesworth maybe he can share a cell with Plaxico and Vick.

  1. JayTea
    JayTea says:

    Haynesworth is a peice of shiznittle if you know what I mean. Does anyone remember how he stomped on the head of a Cowboy a few years back? I sure do. Haynesworth is a perfect fit for the sorry ass skins. Screw him! Pay me millions and I could do better than his sorry ass. FUCK Haynesworth!

  2. Josh Bradley
    Josh Bradley says:

    hey Gerald had a permit for the Ak and the police here profile him just because he actually made a name for himself and did good and the officer that made the last arrest did not even stop him she followed him to a barber shop where he went in to get his hair cut and then she arrested him when he was done.

  3. Cowboy Bill
    Cowboy Bill says:

    I’m no fan of Haynesworth by any means but to act as though he’s a criminal because his driving caused an accident is a stretch. This is grasping at straws. I mean, seriously, how many of us haven’t driven “recklessly”?
    I’ll never forgive him for head-stomping Gurode but that has nothing to do with this.
    Let’s not make this bigger than what it is. It’s not like he had a pound of coke on him or illegal guns or he beat up a stripper and caused a riot. The guy was speeding. Let’s get real and start thinking with our heads instead of our hearts.

  4. Cowboy Bill
    Cowboy Bill says:

    And one more thing… why is it necessary for ANYONE to own an AK-47?? Permit or not I don’t like the idea of anyone having one of these things. Talk about looking for trouble. Make excuses for this guy all you want. If he’s running around with assault rifles then he’s no freaking choir boy.

  5. Riggs
    Riggs says:

    Wheres all the media covering this? If J.Jones or Romo would have breathed it woulda been on every news station in the world…yea sadly..we wont hear any details on this, it will be forgotten..I mean he isnt on the Cowboys and he didnt sneeze so…

  6. Josh Bradley
    Josh Bradley says:

    Cowboy Bill about the Ak he likes to collect guns and shoot at ranges during off season its his HOBBY. Gerald would not shoot someone everyone in this town including myself will vouge for that.

  7. Cowboy Bill
    Cowboy Bill says:

    I’m not saying he would shoot anyone. I don’t know the guy. Who shoots fully-automatic rifles at shooting ranges? But again, I don’t know the guy. But I do know he’s had some run-ins with the law. That’s plural. Not A run-in. Hey, maybe the guy IS a choir boy. But the bottom line is any player that signs with this team and has a history with the law is a bad thing for the Dallas Cowboys. Nothing against him personally. LIke I said, I don’t know the guy.

  8. Josh Bradley
    Josh Bradley says:

    well the police here profile against Gerald he has wrote letters to the editor and the police department from what i’ve heard and there is a possiblity from what i’ve heard that our police dept may get investigated….becasue this last arrest he was not even stopped…the officer seen a black bentley and becasue it was in a low income place where his family lives she ran the tags and note that she did not stop him she followed him to a barber shop and went into the shop and arrested him after he finished his haircut

  9. Dallas Don
    Dallas Don says:

    Don’t make it bigger than it is? Are you joking? I have never driven recklessly Cowboy Bill. I don’t know how they do it where your from but I take that type of thing seriously. What if your child was ran over by some idiot not paying attention to the road? Do you drive drunk also? You probably do. Haynesworth, Burress, Pacman, and Vick should all start a “worthless losers club.” Pay me a tenth of what they get and I will do a ten times a better job.