How Do We Replace T.O.’s Game?

So here we are three days after we let Owens go, a huge mistake in my opinion. How exactly are we going to replace his offense?

Roy Williams will assume the number one spot although he has yet to prove he deserves it. He is paid like a number one receiver, but I cannot see him commanding the same respect that defenses showed Terrell.

As of right now Miles Austin is slotted as the number two receiver, with Crayton still in the three slot. Miles has game, but a number two receiver? I’m not so sure about that. Crayton is where he needs to be. He has proven he can thrive in the slot position.

Then there is Sam Hurd and Isaiah Stanback. Hurd was showing some promise in 2007, but injuries kept him from playing all of last season. Stanback in my eyes is a bust, he has shown little promise as a receiver.

Which leads me wonder, is this who Tony will throw to in 2009?

Now some might think Witten will step up another notch, but I actually think losing T.O. is going to hurt him more than any other player on this team. I have a feeling defenses will be doubling Witten and leave Roy in one on one coverage. Now if Roy can run some decent routes and make some catches it will ease the pressure off of Witten, but that remains to be seen.

Martellus Bennett could be a wild-card in all of this. If he can take the next step, he may be able to make some big plays with all the attention focused on Witten. Lets hope his mind is on the game and that he has matured in the offseason, because he has big-time talent. 

Is Jerry going to  add a veteran to move into the two spot? There isn’t much out there in free agency to fill the spot, Marvin Harrison maybe? Other than that, the best available WR is Bobby Engram, yikes!

There are some rumors that Torry Holt will be released and that the Browns are shopping Braylon Edwards… either of these two would fit in nicely across from Roy.

How about the draft?

Picking 51st in the draft, makes it unlikely that we will grab a receiver that can jump right into the starting lineup like a Michael Crabtree would. I have seen the name Juaquin Iglesias show up a lot in mock drafts for the Cowboys. He is a 6’0″ 205 lb. senior from Oklahoma, and has decent speed, running a 4.45 40, but jumping right in as a starter is a long shot at best .

I don’t know about you, but this Cowboys fan is extremely concerned about our receiving corps. I am hoping that Jerry Jones has something up his sleeve or it could be a very ugly season.

  1. Raina
    Raina says:

    I totally agree that is what makes me think Jerry has something up his sleeve. Juaquin is a awesome player. I am surprised that the mock drafts think we can still get him at that stage of the draft.

  2. Bud Crumpton
    Bud Crumpton says:

    While I believe that Roy Williams has the talent to be a #1, I’m not sure about Austin. I hope he can be a solid #2. Whether we add any receivers or not, everyone will benifit from a more balanced offence. If Felix can stay healthy and Garrett will get the running game going with the three good backs we have, I think we’ll see alot less nickel and dime defences and Tony will look better and the receiving corps will look better.

  3. TD
    TD says:

    I hope we run a much more balanced offense, only 7 teams in the NFL had a a less balanced offense than ours in terms of run/pass ratio, and they were teams like Kansas City, Oakland, Detroit, etc….teams that HAD to pass because they were always losing.
    I am not too concerned about “replacing” T.O.’s production…surprisingly, he was held UNDER 40 yards in 9 games. Roy Williams was a complete non-factor last season, and say what you will about the reasons for that, but he will get many more opportunities to make plays this year. I also think that Martellus and Witten will be a extremely dangerous combo who will eat the LB’s alive….
    And get that balanced attack going, MB3 about 20 carries, Felix 10 to 12….as well as the check downs they will get when the blitz comes, and even without TO, we are not short of playmakers and weapons…..
    I believe in Austin, he will have his growing pains but I think he can be a consistent receiver. He was the star of the Green Bay game, on national TV in a night game, as well as the kickoff return for a TD in the Seattle playoff game (remember that?) so he has proven he can play under pressure.
    Basically………..BRING IT!!! We’ll be fine.
    Oh…and I forgot about one thing: ROMO. He will be back in the Pro-Bowl this year.
    – TD

  4. TD
    TD says:

    “I don’t know about you, but this Cowboys fan is extremely concerned about our receiving corps. I am hoping that Jerry Jones has something up his sleeve or it could be a very ugly season.”
    And as far as that comment….I don’t understand all of the negativity, because what did we win WITH T.O????
    Just wondering……..

  5. nate
    nate says:

    there are more “receivers” on this team than just the receivers. the tight ends and running backs are all threats as well. a change of scheme on the offensive side of the ball will have us rolling just fine. id be worried more about if garrett can handle it more than the players we have or might want.

  6. Danny
    Danny says:

    Run, run, run! Get the running game going! Don’t stray from it like they did basically the entire 2nd half of the season.
    I say put Crayton back to 2nd WR like he was when Terry Glenn went down and was let go. Austin and Hurd in the slot. I honestly would like teams to double cover Witten cuz that means Roy will be one on one and Bennett has huge potential. I’m not too worried about the receiving corps they have right now.

  7. Cowboy Bill
    Cowboy Bill says:

    You game plan toward your strengths. Obviously the strength, as it stands right now is the running attack. A good running game will cause defenses to bring guys up which opens up the passing attack.
    Roy Williams is not going to be the speed guy. He’s a possession receiver. A lot like how Irvin was in the 90’s. Austin is the speed guy. He’s the deep threat.
    Felix Jones is a legit receiving threat as well.
    I can see your concerns, Cowboy Joe. To a point anyway. But losing T.O. does not necessarily spell doom and gloom.
    Garrett knows what he has going into the season. Hopefully the game plan will reflect that.

  8. Chris
    Chris says:

    I think we’ll be fine. A lot of teams do pretty well without a big receiver like Owens and Roy never had a good QB like he’ll have in Romo. Our rb’s are pretty solid and will help in the passing game as well. I think Austin will have a very good year if he stays healthy. I agree Owens helped out a lot,but regardless of his numbers,chemistry has to do a lot with football and the Cowboys have never been a ME first organization. We will be fine but I completely understand your frustration.
    Now I would like to have Braylon Edwards and believe we could get him kinda cheap and Torry holt would be fine also. As for Marvin, I’m not sure. He’s had a great career but I think he’s done.
    We should be fine,lets just hope we pick up a veteran cheap though.

  9. cowboy joe
    cowboy joe says:

    TD like i wrote before the two years before t.o the offense was ranked 25th and 15th his first two years 5th and 2nd , isnt it obvious he made the offense so much better?its not negativity , its just a fact, losing him is going to hurt the offense no matter how many times we run the ball if theres no deep threat like t.o gave us defenses will just put 8 men in the box and shut our run down . we need a solid threat to replace him if we want number 6

  10. Justin
    Justin says:

    yea, but we didnt have Romo in 2004 and 2005 either, we had Testaverde and Bledsoe, both Parcells guys who werent very good, at least Testaverde wasnt anyways, we get the running game going and then the passing game will open up, I am hoping if Holt gets released, JJ will be willing to give him decent amount of money since he still has about 2 or 3 years left in the tank…

  11. cowboy joe
    cowboy joe says:

    justin i get what your saying but romo wast the difference it was terrell, our rushing yds went up in 06 and 07 (with the same backs)which was direct result of how much respect terrell got ,with him gone i see the defenses just loading up the box which has always caused us trouble . im with ya on torry would love to see him opposite roy

  12. T.O.'s Fan 4 Life!!
    T.O.'s Fan 4 Life!! says:

    You put it so well!!! Letting T.O. was a “HUGE MISTAKE”……all these guys you mentioned are good BUT not as good as T.O.??
    Witten is good too but he needs that a pressure off of him, he is a TRUE WARRIOR always but he still doesn’t need all the pressure on him. Roy Williams is a good guy BUT I saw too,too, many dropped balls come out of him…YOU SAID IT PERFECT…he “HAS YET” to prove himself to us!!!!???
    Martellus did score some T.D.’s I think in time he will just improve more & more!
    Bottom line is these guys except for Witten do not pose a threat to opposing teams the way T.O. did…..Damn Jerry Jones for letting T.O. go…WTH was that old guy thinking!?!
    Time will tell what the COWBOYS are going to do now AND who is going to be their scapegoat to blame now that the best W.R. is gone?
    Never the less I really want the COWBOYS to go to the SuperBowl & win …they deserve it sooo much!!!!!!

  13. TD
    TD says:

    Again, these are all good points, and no doubt is everyone entitled to their own opinions, and I am a T.O. fan and would have been fine with him coming back, but I am also not devastated he is gone. It’s the NFL, which stands for what? NOT FOR LONG….
    WHAT DID WE WIN WITH T.O.??? It’s time for a fresh start, try something different….
    And as far as the comment from “TO fan” about Roy dropping passes, WOW! Kettle, this is BLACK. LOL…..
    Oh well… was a good try, but at the end of the day I think T.O. was just too much off a dominating personality, and the management felt that we needed a fresh start in the room.
    To be determined if it works, but UNTILLLLLL we FINALLLY get that playoff win, JUST ONE PLEASE, we got to keep trying to get it right.

  14. T.O. Fan 4 Life!
    T.O. Fan 4 Life! says:

    To TD:
    You said “WHAT DID WE WIN WITH T.O.???”
    OKayyyyy since when does a NFL team have ONLY 1 player take them to the Superbowl & win??!!??
    Last I knew it takes the whole “team” to go to the championship & WIN…..starting with the O better protecting the QB!!
    WOW T.O. alone couldn’t have done it all by himself…DUH!!
    But he was a competitor that’s what I liked most about him… he was always wanting to help the team!

  15. TD
    TD says:

    No, one player does not take a team to the Superbowl, you are right…what I meant was that, going forward, we can win just as many playoff games with T.O. (ZERO) as without him no problem.
    Hey, it’s fine. Since you are only a “T.O. fan for life” go to and go get your Bills jersey and blog on your bills website…because I am a “COWBOYS fan for life”…..and he ain’t a Cowboy no more, and no use crying over spilled (or in T.O.’s case, DROPPED) milk.
    – TD