How Soon Before We Have A Name?

The idea of writing a blog with wild predictions and suggestions about the upcoming draft was shot down, by yours truly,  when I realized I could not have been more wrong about, well, pretty much everything so far this off-season.

What things you ask? Well let’s see. Ray Lewis will be a Cowboy. Um…no. Roy Williams(Safety) will not be cut. Um…no. T.O. is coming back. Um…you get the point. Should I go on? Um…no.

So instead I’ve decided to write about the new stadium in Arlington. Specifically what this stadium should be called. A lot can be said about a name. I’m definitely glad my name isn’t say…Sue for instance. No offense to any guys named Sue. But Cowboy Sue? I don’t think so. I think I should move along.

I’m going to throw a few suggestions out there as far as the name of this beautiful structure that will house America’s Team for the next several decades. Now if for some reason it already has a name and I missed that memo, please just smack me in the back of the head. It’s been a rough month.

Texas Stadium. Now that is pretty simple, right? But we all know there will only be one Texas Stadium. Would it be right to name the new girl the same as the old girl? Probably not.

North Texas Stadium. It’s almost redundant. I mean, I don’t hate it, but it lacks originality. But it is North Texas.

Jerry’s World. I mean after all, Ole JJ has poured a ton of dough into this gem. He has the right if he so chooses. Maybe Jerry Jones Stadium or Jones Field. The Jerry Dome. Um…maybe not?

Geico-Diet Pepsi-Texaco Stadium. We all know corporate sponsorship is a big deal nowadays. Jerry loves money and what better way to generate revenue than to have big wigs sponsoring the stadium. Maybe George Strait could do a duet with that lizard from the Geico commercials. Not sure they make cowboy hats that small.

The 1-B. Seeing as how every writer that even mentions the new stadium has to mention that it’s either The Cowboys $1 Billion Stadium or Jerry Jones’ $1 Billion Stadium, we’ll just call it the 1-B. Like, “I’m going to see Reba at the 1-B this weekend.” Has a ring to it doesn’t it?

So there are a few suggestions for you guys and gals to ponder over. If you have better ones(and I’m sure you do) by all means comment. I’m just throwing some out there for ya. I mean really… what the hell do I know?

But seriously, in my humble opinion, I know what it should be named.

Tom Landry Memorial Stadium. A fitting tribute to a man that was the face of the Dallas Cowboys for almost 40 years. A man that has earned the right to have something this grand named after him.

I may have been wrong about my off-season opinions. But in my heart, as a life-long Cowboys fan, I know I’m right about this one.


  1. Kelly Horn
    Kelly Horn says:

    StarStruck Stadium! or.. Star Dome! LOL I agree about Tom Ladry namesake but I dont know if Jerry would do that… It would be nice to know soon. Great post!

  2. nate
    nate says:

    Love the Tom Landry Memorial name. If it were up to the fans, I have faith we’d name it that. We’ll see. Great post.

  3. Digna
    Digna says:

    The Landry Dome….I love it! He will always be remembered as an Icon of Dallas Cowboys Football…Classy, Focused, and a True Champion!

  4. Tiffany (Stargazzing)
    Tiffany (Stargazzing) says:

    I also love the idea of naming it after Landry and as unpredictable as Jones is, I won’t rule it out.
    I think Star Dome is pretty damn cool too!
    Loved the writing Cowboy Bill!

  5. Mike
    Mike says:

    Star Dome is pretty lame. No wonder Tiffany liked it!
    I like the Landry idea.
    If it is up to Jerry, I think you see “University of Arkansas Stadium”…Hey Arizona did it!…lol

  6. Joel Gonzalez
    Joel Gonzalez says:

    I Love the Laundry stadium but if its about sponsors more than likely Ford Stadium hAS a ring to it.

  7. Joe D.
    Joe D. says:

    Reba, why would anyone want to see Reba at the 1B? lol
    As for new names, how about the Brandt-Landry Memorial Stadium.
    Brandt is always forgotten as the architect of the glory days. He was hired before Landry and lasted one year longer, long enough to draft Aikman.

  8. cowboy joe
    cowboy joe says:

    tom landry is my vote but i heard until they get a sponsor it will simply be called cowboy stadium

  9. TD
    TD says:

    It will be AT&T Stadium….
    They are holding off on the announcement due to the bad economic times….
    At least that’s the rumors….

  10. Mike
    Mike says:

    AT&T was already pleayed in Frisco. Then they couldn’t affors it and now I dont know what the Giants home is now. Ford Field has already been done. You know, don’t count out Dr.Pepper Field!

  11. TD
    TD says:

    hmmm…I personally am sick of the whole naming rights “game”… nowadays they always change anyways, every 4 years or so….
    I think it should be “New” Texas Stadium….
    The Yankees (BOOOO!!) are doing it.
    AT&T is def boring, but that is what I have heard repeatedly in the FW Star Telegram….Don’t know about the park in Frisco.
    Whatever its called, it is going to be a BEAUTY!!!!!!!!!
    And if I win the lotto, yall can all come for a game in my suite 🙂