New Mock Draft and WR Perspective

Now that we have the official draft order, I decided to update my mock draft. I didn’t take a WR because Stanback needs a chance to prove himself in camp. If Jerry decides he hasn’t shown significant improvement, I believe he will go after a free agent to fill the fifth spot. As for Hurd and Austin, they will get the chance to shine this year with the only competition coming from Crayton. Should be a good battle for #2. My prediction, barring injury, is that Austin emerges as the winner.

(2) 51. William Moore SS Missouri
One of the best safeties in the draft. At the very least, a STRONG backup and insurance for Sensabough.

(3) 69. Coye Francies CB San Jose State
Depth for our young CornerBack core. Coye possesses everything you would want from a young corner.

(4) 101. Scott McKillop ILB Pittsburgh
One of the nation’s premiere linebackers. Should start out as the nickel linebacker and eventually work his way into the starting position at WILB.

(4) 117. Sammie Lee Hill DT Stillman
A mammoth run stuffer that ran an impressive 5.11 40 yard dash for his frame. Gives the team many options on the D-Line.

(5) 156.  Frantz Joseph ILB Florida Atlantic
Frantz would be a steal at this point. Might not be available here, but if he is, the Cowboys get another solid young linebacker to add depth behind James and Brooking.

(5) 166. Louis Vasquez OG Texas Tech
Louis put up way more reps of 225 lbs. at the Combine (39) than ony other O-lineman this year. Should join Montrae Holland as a backup Guard in ’09.

(5 comp.) 172. Alex Boone OT Ohio State
All-Big Ten first team in ’08. Should give Free and McQuistan a good fight for one of two backup tackle spots.

(6) 197. Willie VanDeSteeg OLB Minnesota
Willie finished his 2008 campaign with 19 TFL and 10.5 sacks playing DE. Will be a project to convert to OLB, but should have at least a year to do so if Ellis sticks around to finish his contract.

(6 comp.) 208. Cullen Harper QB Clemson
There are a handful of QBs that could drop here, but I believe Cullen possesses the best set of skills for us to mold into a future QB. Thanks go out to Clemson coach Tommy Bowden for ruining Cullen’s college career and allowing us to get him at this spot.

(7) 210.  Dallas Reynolds C/OG/OT BYU 
I can’t say enough good things about Dallas. His name rules, he has the most consecutive starts (37) and can play 4 positions on the O-line. Good thing we gave Procter the second round tender. Sheesh.

(7) 227.  Nate Ness FS Arizona
A rangy young Free Safety, that can play special teams, to push Courtney Brown for the backup spot behind Hamlin.

  1. Joe D.
    Joe D. says:

    Great job Nate. It took me while to digest all of this and try to analyze it. With two of those fourth or fifth round picks, don’t you think it might be better to add to our depth at wide receiver and maybe another skill position like running back?
    So many great running backs and wide receiver bargains can be found in the fourth and fifth rounds and we can use some quality upgrading on special teams, while at the same time give us some added depth in case of injuries or to use as trade bait?
    For the most part I agree with your choices and logic as to the areas we need to address, but I feel like we should expend two of those 11 choices at WR and RB, or even two WR with one who can step in as a punt returner.

  2. nate
    nate says:

    the only problem i see with wr and running back is that we dont have any more room on the final roster for more than what we have. if there is a steal at one of our picks, thats one thing, but otherwise id just trade it for future picks. 3 runningbacks and 5 widereceivers will make the roster. if we draft more, they will be hung out to dry on the practice squad.

  3. Kelly Horn
    Kelly Horn says:

    Running Back? Joe? Have you lost it? lol wide receiver, ok I will give you one for that. Otherwise we have way too many other needs first, especially on the “D”.
    Corner, Safety, LB…

  4. TD
    TD says:

    Yeah, I don’t really want to draft another Stanback, to me it just doesn’t seem like he can get on the field, whether it is injuries or whatever.
    Nice work. – TD

  5. Robert Silver and Blue crew Rule!!
    Robert Silver and Blue crew Rule!! says:

    I hoestly believe the Cowboys will pick up another safety through Free agency. I also believe that they will draft a LB with the 51st pick. Trying to trade Barbie Carpenter is a reason that i think that way!!! Also have read that some teams have enquired about Tashard Choice. Soooooooooo Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    Later all and take care!!! Robert