Whatever It Takes, Get It Done

There have been some interesting moves so far this offseason, and it has only begun. Some have questioned the moves, thats completely normal. But there is one thing that absolutely no one will question that must get done very soon… giving DeMarcus Ware a huge contract extension.

Everyone knows he deserves it and no matter how big it turns out to be, I don’t think anyone will object to the price. What exactly is DeMarcus Ware worth?

In my opinion, he is priceless. There is no doubt that he’s worth more than the $100mil Albert Haynesworth got from the Redskins. I think Demarcus said it perfectly: “Oh, yeah, I’m ready for Christmas. I have been giving gifts. It’s time for me to get a gift.”

Ware’s hard work on the field and clean image off the field make him one of the most respected men in the league. Millions fell in love with him last summer when the “Warewolf” sang lullabies to his baby daughter on HBO’s Hard Knocks. He’s simply an amazing person all around.

With all of the drama that continuously surrounds Dallas, its a breath of fresh air to have a guy like DeMarcus Ware on the team.

Ware was the 11th overall pick in the 2005 draft, he received a five-year, $13 million contract with $10 million guaranteed. Did you know that Ware (before a new contract) would only make one million dollars in 2009? That’s just not acceptable, not for the man who led the league in sacks with 20 in 2008. Ware is only 26, and definitely has alot of game left. He has 63.5 sacks and 299 tackles over 64 NFL games. Michael Strahan better get ready because Ware will beat his single-season sack record.  

I know I don’t have to convince anyone, and I know that Jerry knows this is top priority. I’m just waiting for the details of the best money spent in Dallas in a long time.

Texas Stadium Turf Plaque

Hey Cowboy nation!

I received an email from Steiner Sports today who is selling Texas Stadium turf plaques.

I know everyone could not get to the Fan Fest to get a piece of history. I was lucky enough to get a turnstile from the stadium. 

So below is the link to Steiner Sports so you can get your piece of Texas Stadium history!


Trading for Kitna Was Just a Bad Move

I am hearing alot of people excited about the Cowboys trading for John Kitna, my question is why?

Kitna who will be 37 a month into the season is only a year younger than Brad Johnson was when he signed in Dallas back in 2006. Yes he has put up gawdy passing numbers in Detroit, but lets take a look at that.

In ’06 and ’07 he threw for more than 4,000 yards, pretty good numbers right? Well lets dig a little deeper, in 2006 the Lions were ranked 32nd in the league in rushing and in 2007 they were 31st. In 2006 only 2 other teams had attempted more passes than the Lions, and in 2007 only one other team had more attemps than the Lions. Do you see where I am going with this? Any average NFL quarterback can throw for 4,000 yards when your team’s running game is terrible and all you’re doing is chucking the ball up to guys like Roy Williams, Calvin Johnson, and Mike Furrey. When your team is down that’s all you do is throw the ball and thats all Kitna did.

Not convinced yet? Ok how bout this, in 2006 Kitna was sacked 63 times, and in 2007 51 times. Just to give you a little comparison in 1990 Troy Aikman’s first 15 plus start season he was only sacked 39 times. In 2005 Drew Bledsoe seemed like he was being sacked at least once every series, and has always been known to take too many sacks, was sacked only 49 times. Kitna is not very mobile and more importantly not a smart quarterback with pressure heading his way.

Not convinced yet?? Well here is my final stat for you. Kitna has played 14 or more games in seven seasons, how many times do you think he has thrown more touchdowns than interceptions? Give up? That would be two! Only in 1999 in Seattle and 2003 with the Bengals has he done this.

What would be the reason we traded a starting defensive back for Kitna is beyond me. To save cap money? It was only a little over two million saved, so we would not get into a bidding war WHEN he was released? There are many back up quarterbacks out there that are just as good and a whole lot younger.

Pushing Tony for his position? Kitna has no prayer to start over Romo, if we wanted someone to push him we should have gone with Garcia.

We lost a starting defensive back (which we will have to replace with another veteran) for a late thirties average quarterback who was going to be released by the worst team in football.

Kitna is a Cowboy and I will root and love him just as I have for every player who has worn the star on his helmet, but god Tony please stay healthy!  

As the Coast Guard Searches for 2 NFL Players Lost at Sea, All We Can Do Is Pray

I have been following the story of the men lost at sea over the last few days.

Four men including Marquis Cooper of the Oakland Raiders, free-agent lineman Corey Smith and former college player William Bleakley have been missing for 3 days now. One of the men, Nick Schuyler, was rescued yesterday.

The Coast Guard wouldn’t publicly say whether they thought the men were still alive.

But officials did say the search was aided by information from Ohio native Nick Schuyler, who was rescued Monday clutching the boat’s hull. Schuyler says the men put on life vests after the boat overturned Saturday.

The three missing men face dwindling odds of survival after more than two days in the water, though their size and good health could help them fend off hypothermia, authorities said.

Early this morning, Coast Guard officials wouldn’t speculate on the men’s chances of being rescued alive. There was some hope, even though hypothermia can set in after 18 hours in 64-degree water. Water temperatures were in the mid- to upper-60s.

“With all of these men being past, present football players, they do have a much larger physique than a lot of people,” Petty Officer Robert Simpson said. “So their odds are going to be definitely in their favor.”

Detroit Press


I would like to extend my thoughts and prayers out to the families and loved ones of the missing men. May God be with them and hopefully a miracle will bring them home safely.


UPDATE: (AP) — The Coast Guard says it is suspending at sundown the search for two NFL players and another man whose boat capsized off Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Roy Demanding An Answer Today

According to Todd Archer of the Dallas Morning News, safety Roy Williams is demanding to know his future in Dallas by today.

The Cowboys have made Williams available for trade but the market has been slow, largely because teams believe the club will eventually release him. Williams is scheduled to count $6.6 million against the 2009 salary cap.

A few years ago Roy was untouchable. Everyone believed he would be a Cowboy for life. He was on top of the world, life was great.

Now, the man once dubbed “Superman” doesn’t know if he even has a job. I’m sure someone will pick him up, but he will never be looked at the same.

It’s About Time We Got a Backup With the Right Attitude

The Jon Kitna trade surprised alot of people on Saturday. I don’t think anyone seen it coming. But now it makes perfect sense, you have to love Jerry and co. for moves like that.

It’s also comforting to know that Kitna understands his role as the backup and embraces the fact that he may not even set foot on the field next season.

“They’re not looking for me to push Tony or anything like that,” Kitna said on a conference call. “The ultimate thing for me would be to never have to play a down – Tony plays great and all that stuff.

“I think that has to be the attitude of the backup. I’m ready to play, and I’m ready to step in if I have to play. But for me to play, that means something bad has to happen, either things aren’t going well or Tony gets hurt or whatever. I don’t want people backing me up to think that way – ‘Oh, I can’t wait for my shot’ – and I certainly don’t want to be that way.

“That’s the way I was with Carson Palmer [in Cincinnati]. I’m going to do everything I can to help [Romo], whatever he needs me to do. You know, I’m a competitive person, but they didn’t bring me here to push him.”

Dallas Morning News

I remember a few years ago when Brad Johnson was signed. His attitude was horrible. He made it extremely clear that he wasn’t here to mentor Tony Romo.

Yeah, I hope Kitna never has to play a down, well unless we are winning by so much that we get to put in backups (now thats thinking big!).

But, I do feel a little more comfortable knowing Kitna’s there – just in case. 

Oh and for the doubters, who throw it up that the Lions went 0-16 in 2008, Jon Kitna was placed in the Injured Reserve in week 5, so you can’t blame that record on him. 

Current Positional List of Importance

Well, my draft list of positional importance has shifted again. With the signings of Jon Kitna and Keith Brooking and the loss of both Joe Berger and Chris Canty, this slightly shifts my list around.

Sitting on top of that list now, very solidly might I add, is STRONG SAFETY. Yep strong safety, not free.

With recent comments by Jerry Jones and DC.com writers, it looks as if they truly don’t believe Ken Hamlin is able to switch to strong safety like he played in years before. Further proof of that theory would be that Henry was involved in the Kitna trade when he was allowing us, while still on our roster, to take the best available cornerback or strong/free safety in the offseason. We no longer have that luxory. Also, recent talks of trading or cutting Roy “Superman” Williams will almost certainly be carried through thus creating valuable cap space.

It looks like we will be looking for a fifth cornerback to compete with Alan Ball for the fourth corner spot as well. A spot that will almost surely see significant playing time with Newman’s year to year injuries and age a factor.

The recent signing of right defensive end Chris Canty to rival New York Giants gives us our second position of importance, just below strong safety. The only reason it is listed lower is because we have Stephen Bowen and Jason Hatcher who backed up both Canty and Spears last year and are believed to be able to compete for the spot left vacant on the right side. Another option would be to slide Ratliff over leaving Bowen as a solid backup on the right side and drafting a solid nose tackle to start in front of current backup Junior Savaii. It seems that a solid nose tackle will be around in the third round when we pick.

Next in line would be left outside linebacker. Deciding on the future of Greg Ellis, who is in the last year of his contract, is the determining factor here. If he stays, this position is solid for another year. If he goes, it will leave first round pick Anthony Spencer, whom has yet to prove he can take over the spot full time, as the sole player at his position. It would be possible to find a player later in free-agency to fill this position, but the more likely choice would be to get one in the draft, given the position’s depth.

After outside linebacker, the weak inside linebacker spot needs to be filled and it’s likely that a second day draft backup to newly signed Keith Brooking would be the answer.

Next, after the loss of swing offensive lineman Joe Berger and the shaky play of Corey Procter, a solid backup that can play center and either guard or tackle would be the pick. This year’s draft, in my opinion, has the deepest o-line depth of any position. We should be able to get our kind of guy (strong and 320lbs. plus) with no problem.

Cornerback would be next in line, since it’s importance is actually competing for fourth at it’s position. The corner depth is solid this year and like o-line, we should have no problem finding someone to fit Wade’s style of defense.

Last would be quarterback. The reason why is because the top one’s will be off the board before we will be able to snatch one and with the recent signing of Kitna, there is no need to draft one high this year. A developmental QB is what we will be looking for in the late rounds. There should be a few still left to choose from. We could possibly even snatch one up who goes undrafted as well. It happens every year.

Here is a list of possible draft choices at each position listed above and their expected draft round to be taken. I didn’t list players that would be expected to be taken before we would be willing to go after them.

Strong Safety:
Louis Delmas 2 (Listed As A Free Safety But Can Play The Strong Side)
Patrick Chung 2
William Moore 2
Michael Hamlin 3
Chris Clemons 3

Defensive End:
Tyson Jackson 2
Sen’derrick Marks 2
Jarron Gilbert 2
Fili Moala 2
Evander Hood 3
Ricky Jean-Francois 3

Nose Tackle:
Ron Brace 2
Dorell Scott 2
Terrance Taylor 3
Sammie Lee Hill 3

Outside Linebacker:
Larry English 2
Connor Barwin 3
Clint Stintim 3
Tyrone Mckenzie 3
Ian Campbell 4
Orion Martin 4
Lawrence Sidbury 4
Cody Brown 5
Brandon Williams 5
Willie Vandesteeg 5/6

Inside Linebacker:
Scott Mckillop 3
Jason Phillips 3
Worrell Williams 4
Jasper Brinkley 4
Antonio Appleby 5

Offensive Lineman:
Herman Johnson 3
Eric Wood 3
Antoine Caldwell 3
Fenuki Tupou 3
Kraig Urbik 4
Louis Vasquez 4
Ray Feinga 5
Alex Boone 5
Andy Kemp 5
Jason Watkins 5
Cornelius Lewis 5
Travis Bight 5
Cedrick Dockery 6
Dallas Reynolds 6
Jamie Thomas 6
Eric Vandenheuvel 6
Scott Burley 7
Robert Brewster 7
Roland Martin 7

Mike Mickens 3
Victor Harris 3
Morgan Trent 4
Keenan Lewis 4
Dominique Johnson 4
Deangelo Smith 5
Glover Quinn 5
London Fryar 6
Donald Wahington 6
Deangelo Willingham 6
Cary Harris 7

Rhett Bomar 5
Cullen Harper 6
Tom Brandstater 7
Rudy Carpenter 7
Graham Harrell 7
Mike Teel 7
Nathan Brown 7

Giants Sign Chris Canty To Six Year Deal

Chris Canty is now a New York Giant.

Canty agreed to terms with the Giants on a six-year, $42 million deal, with $17.25 million in guaranteed money Sunday.

Nick Eatman writes,

Arguably the biggest name the Cowboys had in the free-agent market is headed to the big city.

Chris Canty has found the contract he was looking for, signing a six-year, $42 million contract with the New York Giants on Sunday.

Canty, who receives $17 million in guaranteed money, will be one of several new defensive players for the Giants, who also signed defensive tackle Rocky Benard on Sunday, and linebacker Michael Boley on Friday.

Canty has spent the last four seasons as a 3-4 defensive end but will move to the Giants’ 4-3 scheme.

At the start of free agency on Friday, it appeared Canty would land with the Redskins, who had drawn up a deal. Instead, they signed probably the biggest fish in the pod, giving Albert Haynesworth a $100 million deal.

So Canty went elsewhere, visiting Tennessee Saturday and then the Giants before inking a deal later in the day.

The Cowboys have now lost two unrestricted free agents in Canty and Joe Berger (Miami).

Well, we all knew this was coming, but it still stings just the same…

Brooking Happy To Be A Cowboy

The Cowboys quickly found a replacement for the recently departed Zach Thomas when they signed veteran inside linebacker Keith Brooking to a three-year contract.

The deal is worth $6 million dollars with only $2.5 million dollars of it to be guaranteed.

The long time Atlanta Falcons defensive star had this to say after the deal was announced,

“I have very mixed emotions about leaving the Falcons for the Cowboys. However, I am excited about this new chapter in my career and rejoining my former coach Wade Phillips.”

Brooking is 33 and has played for the Falcons for 11 seasons. He normally has the speed and burst to play outside linebacker in a 4-3 scheme like Atlanta’s, but will assuredly play at inside linebacker in Wade Phillips 3-4 scheme.

Brooking is one of the most durable linebackers in the game and has made his last 128 starts. We could use some of that physical and mental toughness on this team.

The Cowboys may still be a linebacker short, but they may try to replace Kevin Burnett via the draft instead of free agency. Although the door is not completely shut on Burnett returning to Dallas.

Still, rumors abound that Ray Lewis continues to lobby for a job with the Cowboys, and a couple of writers on our staff believe he will ultimately sign with Dallas.

The off season is starting to get very interesting.