Texas Stadium Turf Plaque

Hey Cowboy nation!

I received an email from Steiner Sports today who is selling Texas Stadium turf plaques.

I know everyone could not get to the Fan Fest to get a piece of history. I was lucky enough to get a turnstile from the stadium. 

So below is the link to Steiner Sports so you can get your piece of Texas Stadium history!


  1. Riggs
    Riggs says:

    COOL! IS it corny to own something like that? I swear I get a kick out of the simplest things sometimes..COWBOYS RULE!

  2. George
    George says:

    That is cool but is this the place to be posting things for sale? I thought this site was for Cowboys news and debates.

  3. Josh Bradley
    Josh Bradley says:

    George i would like to say that he is not posting what he is selling it is a peice of cowboys history and i thank him for posting cause im probably going to buy one

  4. cowboy joe
    cowboy joe says:

    thank you josh!george i was just trying to help people out, riggs no its not corny at all i have one from the late 90s when the redid the turf anything and everything cowboys