The Thin Line Between Love and Hate

As a daily reader of this fine blog and a fan of all who contribute in any way, shape or form, I have been pondering a few general thoughts based on some of the comments that I have read on many of the recent posts. Whether I will be able to accurately articulate my exact thoughts, remains to be seen…..but here it goes:



Quick question…..How many active Dallas Cowboys have been arrested and charged or convicted of a crime in the last 3 years, or even 5 years?? I am talking about players getting in trouble WHILE on the Cowboys roster. This is not a trick question, because I personally can’t think of any. Please feel free to enlighten me. There seems to be some type of conspiracy theory about the team and it’s “troublemakers”, and I am sure it is ALL because we signed Pac Man, or maybe it’s because Michael Irvin got in trouble 12 years ago. To me, it doesn’t really make alot of sense. 

I read and hear many people say we don’t need any players unless they have a perfect history or have never had any scrapes with the law, and I have to ask WHY? These men are not our political leaders, our school teachers or any type of religous leaders. They are football players. The main qualifications for the job are to be really strong and really fast.

Don’t get me wrong, the laws and rules of society should be applied to all in sports and life and yes, they are role models to kids, and yes, maybe it is hard for me and you to understand why some profesional athletes make the decisions they do, but they are not perfect, and very human. In my opinion, if a player or players make mistakes, they should pay for their crimes within the court system and then within the NFL player conduct system, but after that should we ban them for life? Should they never be given a second or even a third chance??

If you say that, No, they do not deserve other chances, then I would ask you Why? Is it because you and I do not make the millions or drive the cars, is it jealousy? Or is it an even darker issue at hand? Just something to ponder. And as far as the Cowboys go, last I checked we had a majority of our roster made up of very good guys, from Witten to Demarcus, and even all of the young guys like Deon Anderson (who without a second chance in college would not be in the NFL right now) and Sam Hurd. I just don’t understand why the Cowboys get slapped with the generic “made of bad guys, with no character” tag so often. We are definitely not the Cincinatti Bengals.



It’s been cancelled. It’s over. He is gone. It really doesn’t matter anymore if you and I agree with it, like it, dislike it, can’t decide about it; because it’s done. Time to move forward. I hate to even bring this up, because of all the over-sensitive T.O. fans out there, but at the end of the day, he was a great player for us for 3 seasons, and great personality who provided alot of entertainment and, in my opinion, actually a good guy who got a pretty bad rap from the media and the average fan-on-the-street, but NOT a Cowboys legend by any stretch of the imagination. He will not be in the Ring of Honor, there will be no statues of him at the new stadium and no freeways named in his honor. He does rank up at the top of the NFL all-time recieving records, but he did most of his damage with the San Francisco 49ers. Did you hear that?? The 49ers! One of our all-time arch rivals! So, one last time….Goodbye T.O., thanks for the memories.



This last thought is probably the most delicate, because I normally like to deal in facts, instead of “faith” or opinion….but, to me, there is just way too much negativity among the Cowboys nation! It is hard, due to the terrible end of the season last year culminating in the train wreck that was the Philly game, but where is the faith? The support? The optimism?

I am glad I live here in the metroplex and am able to follow the team in the local media, because sometimes it seems that some people are trying to convince me that we don’t have any able-bodied football players on this team, and we have a “general manager” that doesn’t even know how many yards long a football field is (it’s 100, Jerry). We went 9-7, and missed the playoffs, a very dissapointing season, yes, who can even begin to argue that but this is not Detroit or Oakland, and this is not even Green Bay or Denver.

We have a nucleus of players in place, on both offense and defense, that rank right at the top of the NFL. Do we have every little nickelback or 3rd receiver position covered perfectly and ideally? Well, no, but name me a team that does? The great and even quality players in the NFL don’t just grow on trees, unfortunately.

I will put my faith and my support behind Romo, Witten, Barber, Ware, Ratliff, Newman and the rest, and hope that we get a few breaks that all teams need and get to where we all want to go, to the Superbowl. It’s not going to be easy this year, next year or any year ever, but that’s football, that’s sport, that’s competition.

So, there you have it. Just a few random thoughts from TD….. you can love me or hate me, agree or disagree, that’s what it’s all about here! All I know is that it is a thin line, a razor thin line, between LOVE and HATE. Which side of the line are you on??

Cowboys Fan For LIFE – TD


  1. Cowboy Bill
    Cowboy Bill says:

    You know, I manage to walk down the street, go to work and do all my everyday things and somehow I don’t get arrested. Imagine that? I’m not perfect. I don’t walk on water. I swear way too much and eat horribly. Yet I don’t get harassed by the police.
    Here’s the deal. Millionaire or not, why is it so difficult for some people to get through a day, a week, a month or a year without getting arrested? The very LEAST you can do is not get arrested.
    This is not a jab at you TD by any means and I’m not saying you’re this way but let me ask everyone this question. How many Cowboys fans would sell their souls for number 6? How many do you know that would?

  2. TD
    TD says:

    I sort of like my soul, LOL, and no, it’s definitely not perfect by any means either.
    And I understand where you are coming from, but my main point is that WE, the Cowboys, are not made up of a bunch of bad guys.
    As far as number 6 goes, though, anything else I have is absolutely available to the highest bidder.

  3. Kelly Horn
    Kelly Horn says:

    I dont know when or how the Cowboys became known as a rehabilitation station for problem players. Its not really a fair stereotype. I’ve heard the occassional jokes by non-Cowboys fans, comedians, etc. We have had (and presently have) tons of respectable law abiding players that way outnumber any of the “bad guys”.
    Personally I dont think NFL players should get third chances, and barely even second chances. I think its an honor to be a professional player and it should be based on character as well as talent.
    As for the negative fans, come on people we are the Dallas Cowboys! New stadium, new season – lets support our team!
    Great post, TD!

  4. nate
    nate says:

    that was an awesome post. period. loved it on all counts. great job td. nothing wrong with pointing out flaws in the organization, but when people dwell on it with no glimpse of optimism, it makes me as well as many others wonder if that “fan” is really TRUE BLUE or maybe just a poser sporting the gear. im not speaking of anyone in particular, just a generalization of the state of some of the fans lately.

  5. Joel G
    Joel G says:

    Thx for the great article T.D I do have to agree with you and I wonder if all those fans on board in the 07 season were really fans. I still remain optimistic that we will have a better year this season.

  6. Joel G
    Joel G says:

    I dont make millions of dollars but I too have had my run in with the law and not by choice. Let me just say that jail doenst make you a better person all it does make you rebell even worst. I believe in second chances because its those people who believe in me that taught me to love myself and change my life around. I been clean for almost 3 years. At the same time I do believe there should be a high standard on players say for instance pacman and many others. This dude is deffinately an alcoholic who should be more concern on getting help that were he might be playing next. Just cause some of you never been in trouble and been privilage to have a great life dont mean you gotta take second or maybe third chances away. At the end we are all children of GOD and forgive me if I offended anyone.

  7. TD
    TD says:

    Joel, congratulations on your recovery. You made my point even clearer, we all make mistakes. It doesn’t make us bad people.

  8. Joel Gonzalez
    Joel Gonzalez says:

    Thanks T.D and just so you all know I went back to school and got my degree as a substance abuse counselor and would love to have pacman in our facility people do change.

  9. KIM
    KIM says:

    It’s not the fact that these guys get into touble or that they dont deserve a seccond chance because everyone does. Its they way they behave like they are entitled to act like complete idiots because they are millionaires and can buy their way out of it. Many of these guys have a lack of what I like to call home training…they were never taught how to be men, or responsible productive citizens for many of them theyve skated by on there football talents alone. So no, I’m not saying we shouldnt give players a second shot but when do we say enough is enough; When do we start holding people accountable for their actions instead of making excuses ,”about how nobodys perfect”?

  10. Rose
    Rose says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but why would they want to take Thanksgiving Day tradition.. Here’s an old article I found that should be read to all the other teams….
    During the first half of the 1960s, televised NFL games grew exponentially in popularity. In an effort to capitalize on this success, the league began shopping around for a team to host an annual Thanksgiving Day game in addition to the game hosted by the Detroit Lions. Every single team turned down the offer on the grounds that scheduling a Thursday game so late in the season would be too disruptive. Every team, that is, except for the Dallas Cowboys. General Manager Tex Schram recognized this as a golden opportunity for the Cowboys to establish their own Thanksgiving Day game tradition. Clearly, his decision was a prescient one. The game caught on and has become wildly popular.

  11. KIM
    KIM says:

    I couldnt agree more with your post “the t.o show” Like i told a friend of mine when they asked how I could still be a cowboy fan after the way we ended the season or after they cut T.O.
    “Long after Staubach and The DOOMSDAY Deffense, There was still the Dallas Cowboys, Long after Troy, Emmitt and Michael, There was still the Dallas Cowboys, and after Romo and company yep There will still be the Dallas Cowboys. Yes certain players may bring us joy while they don the star and we might buy a million jerseys but the institution that is the DALLAS COWBOYS is much much bigger than any player, coach, or number of wins its greater than you could ever imagine and I’ proud to call myself a COWBOY FAN!!! GO BOYZ

  12. cowboy joe
    cowboy joe says:

    td the faith is here if cowboy nation didnt complain after the disaster in philly well they just wouldnt be a fan right? just as an american citizen has the right and responsibility to question what our leaders do ,we as cowboys fans who give our hearts and souls to the dallas cowboys have the right to question moves made by the boys brass
    as far as guys with perfect histories, no they dont have to be perfect but repectable is a must . i mean a guy like sensabaugh whos been arrested 3 times whether right or wrong will likely be in street clothes for a couple games ,what if his replacement gets burned and we lose a game its huge . great thoughts though as i always say boys 4 life!

  13. Joe D.
    Joe D. says:

    Fantastic blog TD. In your last paragraph you make an excellent point and it reminds me of something that Jimmy Johnson always used to say, “Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.”

  14. Joe D.
    Joe D. says:

    By the way, one more thing I forgot to mention. You also hit the nail on the head in your first point that everyone seems to think the Cowboys are a pack of hoodlums. I think the most destructive thing about signing all the players with the bad rap sheets, was not what they did as Copwboys, but the fact that the Dallas Cowboys have gotten stereotyped because of those players. Much like the Oakland Raiders were for a few decades.

  15. texas jack
    texas jack says:

    TD. Enjoyed your blog. Intelligent and deserving as a Cowboy Fan. I agree with us looking positively at our team and their chances this year. Last year was a hit on us, but that is no reason to believe this year will be bad.
    I truly believe that with the changes made, Roy Williams will show a lot more than last year, Romo will get on pace. My worry is the offensive line. If they will get back their confidence and do some line blocking for the run and pass protect for Romo, I see playoffs without a doubt.
    Reputation of our players, as you said is way over exaggerated. We took on Pac Man, who I thought was overrated to begin with. As far as why some players are in trouble all the time, fame, and fortune, for a person who came up as a jock, can be completely overwhelming. These few (compared to the majority) came from beginnings that were from the street. Being a millionare does not change that. Education does, But fame and fortune can override that.
    All in all. They Cowboys have been my team for over 48 years and will always be my team. I have seen bad times and wonderful times. But Sunday would not be the same without my Cowboys.

  16. THE Munger
    THE Munger says:

    I think Colin Cowherd said it best on his radio show……2 things will show a persons true colors…..1) excesive alcohol….and 2) more money than they know what to do with. Maybe the media should focus a little more on the positive things the majority of players, not just Cowboys, give back to their communities. Maybe a few more “feel good” stories would actually help!!!! Crap!!! just cut myself…..bleedin silver and blue AGAIN!!! GO COWBOYS!!!

    SMOKECzECH says:

    Hey I believe in True Blue and all of that but I think some of you, and you know who you are, think that all fans should be like you or that you are a real fan, more than others.
    This is AMERICA’S team and it is that way beacause no matter where you go, you will find fans. It’s like that because no matter if they love us or hate us, they always talk about us. I went to Prague,Czech Republic last year and found the only sports bar in Eastern Europe I think that was showing the game between the Cowboys and Packers. Remember the game when Aaron Rogers came in for Farve and probably sank his future with the Packers? Well, I had to get up at 2am and walk thru the snow and rain to see the game, then to catch a train to Berlin at 5am, all while being jet lagged. So I consider myself True Blue, but someone may have a opinion negative or not that you don’t like. That doesn’t mean you are any true to the Cowboys as a fan than that guy or woman that has been a fan so long and feels so deep about the Cowboys that they are negative, not because they are a bad fan, but because of their passion, they feel so bummed. This is the USA and people have opinions, they shouldn’t be called out for it. Maybe they don’t know who #60 was that season in 1974, but they still may be TRUE to the BLUE! I think you need to check your tone…but again. It’s only my opinion about your opinion.

  18. TD
    TD says:

    I looked again, and didn’t see where I said that NO ONE could say ANYTHING BAD about the team or the management. It’s just when it is every day, doom and gloom and nit-picking over the smallest little things, that gets under my skin a little bit. Maybe I am just an optimist by nature. But that’s just me. To the BOWL.