Wide Receiver Concerns in Dallas

With Terrell Owens gone, Roy E. Williams steps into the number one receiver role in Dallas. Some may be concerned with that, but I see a different issue. 

My problem would be the number two spot. Correct me if i am wrong, but Patrick Crayton will most likely fill that void, right?

Crayton is a slot receiver and in my opinion has not shown what it takes to be a starting receiver in the NFL.

Dallas has many weapons on offense – from our new 3-headed running attack to our star tight end – but we will need a reciever to take some of the pressure off of Roy in the passing game.

I believe one option could be bringing in free agent Torry Holt, even if its just for a 2-year deal.

Anybody else have concerns about the current wide receiver situation?

  1. Josh Bradley
    Josh Bradley says:

    Ok James for one Crayton is going to be the slot reciever and our #2 is MILES AUSTIN NOT TORRY HOLT NOT MARVIN HARRISON or anyone else for that fact so there is no reason for anyone to be concerned cause Miles is going to burn defenses and Roy is going Physically torment them

  2. James Edwards
    James Edwards says:

    I can certainly understand and respect that to the fullest all I am saying is how do you know Austin will be reliable? What has he proven on a consistant basis? I am just saying a veteran on the other side of Roy would be very more comforting at least until Austin proves he can do it on a regular basis and not just here and there,we are smack dab in the middle of a Super Bowl run and this window will not be open forever, and the number two receiver spot often times is just as important at the number one.

  3. Josh Bradley
    Josh Bradley says:

    I understand where ur coming from to but bringing someone else will just delay Austin getting to prove that this year is a year for our young players to prove themselves not for a aged veteran to try and prove more

  4. nate
    nate says:

    im all for seeing what these young receivers have got. stanback, i think, would have the shortest window of opportunity imho. he doesnt make it through camp if he doesnt show something big. at that point, a free agent receiver would make sense. as far as #2, it should be a 3 way battle between hurd, austin and crayton. may the best man win.

  5. Danny
    Danny says:

    Remember the most productive year Romo has been in was when Crayton was #2. I know TO is gone but Roy is a Good receiver. I’m fine with 1-3 is Roy, Crayton, and Austin

  6. texas jack
    texas jack says:

    Guess I am a little late. I was going to say that the plan is for Austin to be #2 and Crayton the slot. But too old and too slow. I am also concerned about Austin staying healthy. He hasn’t been able to yet. Then I don’t know what, unless it is to rely on Hurd. Perhaps we will get lucky. Anyone who can take some heat from Williams will help. Especially considering we also have Whiten and Felix Jones. I don’t think Stanback will be here.

  7. James Edwards
    James Edwards says:

    Yes Romo’s most productive year was when Crayton was #2, but common did Crayton really do that much?? I am not doubting the talent of these young guys but what I am doubting right now in this moment is consistancy.

  8. Dustin Newell
    Dustin Newell says:

    IMO Crayton is a good number 2. He has always had 2 stars ahead of him. In 07 he produced good #2 numbers, and with only half a season as # 2 he had 39 Catches, 550 Yards and 4TD’s. When we got Roy E. he got demoted to 3 again and split snaps with Austin and player 3 games without Romo. I think he should be number 2 and play in the slot with the 3 reciever sets. We also have Bennett, which people seem to forget about.

  9. Mike
    Mike says:

    I say we sign Hank Baskett to a deal, then his fiance Kendra Wilkenson can hang out with Jessica in the new Suite. Seriously, what abouta Brandon Lloyd, Reggie Williams, Ashlie Lelie, or Jerry Porter? They all could be that guy who gets a second chance and produces for you….

  10. julian
    julian says:

    Hey Guys….
    I truly believe that as long as our 0-line can stay healthy that our #2 reciever won’t be as much of a concern….let’s face it..WITTEN was pretty much the #2 behind T.O. last year. No he’s not the #2 WR….but he is a fav target of Romo’s

  11. James Edwards
    James Edwards says:

    I know Crayton produced in 07,he was very very good,but he was not a putting up numbers a really good number two should. Terry Glenn is who I am really missing he had the speed to go deep ,he is a prime example even with Jason Witten our offense is so much better with a reliable number 2.Think back guys as soon as Glen went down defenses stopped worrying about that entire side of the field opposite T.O. because there was really nobody on that side who produced on a consistant basis.Witten was the number 2 last year in all reality but with a true number 2 receiver we could once again put up the number that had our offense keeping defensive players up at night. Ray Lewis said before our Texas Stadium finale game with the Ravens “that offense is the most simple offense in the league, it is very easy to figure out”. Now did you hear anybody say that when we had a deep threat on both sides of the feild??