Five Reasons for a Special 2009 Season

There are still many months before the Cowboys kickoff the 2009 season, but is there ever a wrong time to write about America’s Team? The Cowboys just went through one of the most disappointing seasons in recent memory. The hopes were high for the team and the fans that 2008 was going to be their season to get back to the top of the league once again. I try my best to forget what happened during the 2008 season. I hope the Cowboys themselves also forget about what happened and move forward.

I’ve thought of five simple reasons why the Cowboys can make a run for the title in 2009. Yes, it’s easy for me to say simple reasons considering I’m not going through anything the players and coaches will be going through during a long season. This team has the talent to do great things, but it takes more then talent. It takes heart, it takes a spark, and it takes the players believing in each other and the system they are playing in. I believe in this team and what they can do and hopefully will do.

1. Wade Phillips will be running the defense full-time this season. Wade knows defense and can take the Cowboys defense to the next level.

2. No distraction of Hard Knocks. In my opinion this took the focus away from what the Cowboys needed to do in 2008. On my superstitious side, nothing good ever comes from teams appearing on Hard Knocks.

3. The TO Circus has left town. Yes, I know TO put up great numbers with the Cowboys and had some great plays. I can not deny that. But I’m one of those who are glad he is gone. He always seemed to be in the middle of things that divided the team.

4. Hopefully the dreaded injury bug is gone. I think the Cowboys had their share in 2008. Tony Romo, Kyle Kosier, Flozell Adams, Marion Barber, Felix Jones, Jason Witten, Mat McBriar, Terrence Newman, Roy Williams, San Hurd, Miles Austin just to name a few. Did I miss anyone??

5. This is now Tony Romo’s team. He needs to step up and lead them this season and I think he will because of one reason. See reason 3 listed above. Also when it comes to Romo I think of a quote from what some people may think is a strange movie that has no connection to football, but it fits Romo well with everything he has gone through since that playoff game in Seattle. In the movie Meet the Robinsons it was said…”From failing you learn, from success not so much”. Learn Mr. Romo from everything you have gone through the last 2 ½ seasons and get the Cowboys to where they want to be in 2009.

The 2009 version of the Cowboys will not be Super Bowl favorites, division favorites or even a Wildcard team to the so-called experts. This team needs to ignore the media the best they can this season and keep everything behind closed doors. In my opinion most of the media wants the Cowboys to fail because they are the Cowboys.

Wade Phillips can put the pieces together to get this defense to be one of the best in the league and to attack week in and week out. He has a nice combination of veterans with DeMarcus Ware, Bradie James, Terrence Newman, Greg Ellis, Ken Hamlin and young players like Mike Jenkins, Orlando Scandrick and Anthony Spencer to get the job done.

On offense, Jason Garrett’s only problem should be that he has too many weapons and can attack defenses in many different ways. With Tony Romo running the show and hopefully a healthy offensive line, they can pass or run whenever they choose. Players like Marion Barber, Felix Jones, Tashard Choice, Jason Witten, Martellus Bennett, Roy Williams, Patrick Crayton, Miles Austin and Sam Hurd.

Let’s move forward Cowboys and show the world what you can do. Forget 2007, Forget 2008. It’s a new season, a new hope. It’s time to Forget, Focus and Finish in 2009.

  1. James Edwards

    NO do not forget the season do not forget the disapointment,that is what should be the motivation to never ever want to go through anything like that again.

  2. nate

    Great POSITIVE post, Rob. I needed that.

  3. Kelly Horn

    Love it! I don’t want high expectations or spotlight shows, just complete focus on FOOTBALL. Dallas will always be in the media but this year already feels different somehow. Awesome post!

  4. James Edwards

    We are always in the spotlight and it will actually get some getting used to not being in it this year (well not as much as usual anyway).We must however remember our failures to learn how to succeed.

  5. Fredooch

    I think many of you are too overly pessimistic. We do not have a # 1 receiver on this team. The only PROVEN passing weapon is Jason Witten. Jason Garrett is not the prodigy Offensive play caller many people thought he was after the 07 season. Wade Phillips couldn’t lead a group of cub scouts out of the wilderness and the only real offensive strength on this team is the 3 headed running attack we do possess. You guys are counting on Austin and Hurd strictly on potential but every NFL team has receivers they hope reach their potential. Both the Giants and Eagles got better in the draft. The Cowboys strictly drafted on the premises of having a better special teams than last year. I thought and still believe Graham Harrell to be a way better quaterback than Stephen McGee, I dont see the reasoning behind drafting McGee especially considering he probably would of been there in the 7th round. Its easy as fans to be critical of the decision making that goes on behind closed doors at Valley ranch but I really hope Jerry proves me wrong. I think this team ends up 3rd in the NFC East at best right now. The Giants and the Eagles are more talented. WR Roy Williams has never proven to be a # 1 receiver at the NFL Level. Going strictly on potential well, thats like saying the 49ers thought Alex Smith was the next Montana or Bobby Carpenter becoming the next Randy White, going strictly on potential of course. Sorry guys if you all dont like what i write but someone has to have some common sense around here.

  6. Fredooch

    I meant to say optimistic…heehee

  7. Cowboy Bill

    Well said..

  8. Rob V.

    Answer: Brown, Patten, Givens and Branch. Question: Name the New England wide receivers when they won their Super Bowls? You don’t always need that #1 receiver that most fans cry about. It just takes a team to come together and play well. Garrett was being praised after the 07 season because of what he did with what he had. The poor guy was handed a new injury report every week in 08. He could only do so much with what he had. I think people are being too hard on Garrett. I don’t like saying one team did better than another in the draft because no one on this planet has any idea what kind of players these guys will be on any team. The Giants lost their heart on defense when Spags left. Will that effect them? Eli is average at best and that was proven in the last 5 games of 08. The Eagles lost half their defense in the offseason. McNabb is his own circus on that team and maybe has a lot more in common with TO then he thinks. I’m not saying the Cowboys are better, what I am saying is that they have just as good a chance as anyone to make a splash this season. Their should always be hope with a new season.

  9. Fredooch

    We dont have Brown, Patten, Branch and Givens on this team. Thats a huge difference. Plus New England has always had smart coaching and Tom Brady. We dont have the caliber of coach as New England has and I love Romo as much as the next Cowboys fan but he is no Tom Brady, at least not yet. Brady and Peyton Manning are the only real elite quarterbacks in this league right now. If anything, the 2008 season should of taught us that this team has deeper issues than the T.O. circus. That ship has sailed and we will now see what this team is really made of. Last year was a complete disgrace. With all the talent this team had and the way it finished, there is no denying that. Mickey Spanola and Brady Tinker said it best a few weeks ago, only 2 guys ever spoke up and said anything about that and how disgraceful last year was and ended and that is a huge problem. One is now playing in Buffalo and the other is Demarcus Ware. Sure, I have as much hope as the next Cowboys fan and I will always love the Cowboys but this team on paper actually has been downgraded from last year. Or should I say, it hasnt been upgraded. All we have done is gotten rid of our proven # 1 receiver and replaced him with a great # 2. Defenses in the NFL prepared for T.O. and the Cowboys. He commanded double teams. Now Witten is the one thats going to command double teams. Roy Williams is no field burner by any means. He is more a possession type receiver. T.O. was. Just look at last year when we played San Francisco. The 49ers decided that they wouldnt double Owens the whole game. He had almost 200 yards receiving and 3 TD’s I believe. Thats what a Terrell Owens does when you dont respect his talents. And we no longer possess that.

  10. Rob V.

    I respect your opinion, but going into Super Bowl XXXVI vs the Rams no one really knew who Tom Brady or his receivers were. There are superstars born every season. Why can’t it be this season for the Cowboys? I know Manning and Brady are two of the best, but remember that Manning came into the league and his first few years he was known as the QB who could never win the big one and that was with his #1 receiver in Harrison. New England is a TEAM. No one stands out, no one needs the attention, no one complains. Yes, I know Dallas had more issues other than TO last season and I know the coaches need to control that locker room better, but I also know TO is a selfish player who divides the locker room and people were afraid to say anything to him. I think Romo becomes a better player without TO on the team and hopefully can elevate himself to the next level because now he can concentrate on something other then to keep TO happy. I’m sorry most converations end up about TO, but it just seems to be that most people are blinded by him. I always here that Dallas can’t win without TO, well we never won with him and every year it’s something different. I like our team and will be watching every game just like all the over fans and I will never say anything about whether TO could have helped in this game or that game. The pressure is on Romo this season because the team now belongs to him and I think he will respond with a very good season with his #2 and #3 receivers.

  11. Fredooch

    I respect your opinion as well Rob, but to put it in lamen terms, Romo needs to be the kind of quarterback that makes everyone else around him better. Thats what Brady and Peyton Manning do best. Thats what makes them elite. Thats what Troy did when he was our quarterback and thats what Roger Staubach did when he was our quarterback as well. They make average receivers good and good receivers great. Not to say we didn’t have great ones in Dallas when they quarterbacked but the perfect example would be Alvin Harper. An average receiver on any other team and a good one and great compliment to the already great Michael Irvin. Thats what Romo needs to learn and develop this season to become an elite quarterback. He has all the tools. In any case, I believe Owens was really made a scapegoat for the 08 season. I think it was more of the bias reporting from ESPN and other so called news networks that did him in. Owens just wanted to win badly and you can never ever have enough of those guys, especially when they perform. T.O. is a selfish player but so was Michael Irvin. Selfish is what makes them great. Great ones want the ball. And yes you can’t compare the Patriots to the Cowboys because the Patriots are a TEAM. They are professionals who know they have a job to do and do it to the best of their ability. The Cowboys still have some issues that they need to address inside that locker room. Witten, Romo and Ware among others need to start holding players accountable. Until that happens, this team is going no where. Only time will tell. But if we go 12-4 next season and go to the superbowl then great, if not then I guess it will lead to I told you so but Rob, my friend, I dont wanna go that route and I really hope you prove me wrong. Go Cowboys!

  12. Rob V.

    I agree that Romo needs to be a leader for this team, but I also think that he had trouble making that step because of TO. It just seemed as though worrying about TO week in and week out had Romo playing scared at times because he knew TO was a ticking time bomb. It had to bother him just like it bothered Garcia and Mcnabb. I don’t care if Romo said it didn’t bother him. That is why I think Romo will be a better player this season. Irvin was a different kind of selfish. He handled things as a pro. Never called out his QB and anyone else. TO seemed as though he never wanted to handle things the correct way or professional way which will kill team chemistry. As far as Brady and Manning, they never had to deal with anyone close to what TO is. Their teams were given to them to lead and teach. Romo has not had that opportunity until this season. Hey, without different opinions these conversations would never exist. I love it!! Take care Fredooch. I really hope I can say I told you so as well. Not to throw it in your face because I’m not that kind of a person, but for the simple reason that I just want to win again just like you do. Go Boys!!

  13. Riggs