The Deal With DeMarcus Ware

Cowboys fans have been waiting all offseason for a huge contract extension for the sack leader DeMarcus Ware. Well, I’m sorry to tell you, I’m not here to give the good news. But according to a blog on the Dallas Morning News Ware says things are moving along.

Pittsburgh linebacker James Harrison came in with a $51 million deal with $20 million guaranteed, while Washington paid Albert Haynesworth $100 million with $41 million guaranteed.

“I feel like it’s somewhere in there,” Ware said. “It’s not 51. It might not be 100. It’s somewhere between the two. Maybe it’s 94.”

“I’m not frustrated because at the end of the day I know I can play,” said Ware, who led the league with 20 sacks in 2008. “Like I say, I’m a Ferrari. The only thing I do is appreciate. It’s on them to get it done.”

I love Ware’s attitude on the subject. Did you know that DeMarcus is set to make only $1 million dollars this year? That is certainly unacceptable. I believe he will get his money and be well rewarded.

  1. Rob V.

    No doubt he will get his money this year and hopefully one of those Lombardi trophies to go with it!

  2. soberstar_joel

    Wow! How crazy is that 1 million greens. I say he will get his $$$$ before training camp or during the bye week which is early in the season.

  3. James Edwards

    1 million?? he had better get his money just think of where our defense would be without him…….

  4. Stargazzing

    He’ll get his money. He’s too valuable to the defense. This guy is as awesome off the field as he is on. Jerry values him tremendously.

  5. jgunz69

    ware should get all the money he has cumming to him. without him our defense is weak