A Long Way To Week 11

While we are waiting on a potential interesting draft, something else is brewing in the Nation’s Capital. It’s what I like to call “Pre-Pre-Pre Season” trash talk.

It’s no question in DC there are a lot of Cowboys fans. The trash talk started the day the new schedules were announced.

As usual, ESPN, NFL Network, and sports talk shows gave there opinions. Then not 5 seconds after the announcements, my phone, e-mail and myspace was crammed with “Week 11! Get ready for the Skins!”

I mean really. I got a message of my friend singing “Hail to the Redskins!”

The draft hasn’t started yet, but this is already prevalent in DC. Even if we were to grade ourselves this offseason it doesn’t warrant trash talk… Until some 49ers fans entered the room.

Lucky me… I have fans who are Cowboys, Redskins, 49ers and Eagles fans. One big happy family. But that’s what makes football fun, year-round trash talk without pulling punches.

So now I have to deal with the Eagles fan yelling, “how was the end of the year butt-stomping we gave you!”

 And the Skins fan…. come on, their Skins fans, do I care? 

But unfortunately for my Niner friend, we won’t see each other this year because it just ain’t happening in the playoffs.

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  1. Ko$Double$
    Ko$Double$ says:

    Hey was that beatdown by the eagles before or after they won a superbowl? ohh wait a min the eagles have had a tradition of being losers for 40 years and counting ohhh my bad.ya keep egging are buses and you can watch us win another superbowl on tv. im out peace.

  2. Kelly Horn
    Kelly Horn says:

    That’s quite a spread of fans! I take the trash talk to heart, I’ve gotten tougher on my defense though. Just yesterday I was getting angry at my boss… LOL – it never ends!

  3. johnny
    johnny says:

    guess this is 1 dead skin fan who won’t talk too much during the off season.

    The Associated Press
    Wednesday, April 15, 2009; 3:21 PM

    WASHINGTON — Police said a man was punched in the face after grabbing a Dallas Cowboys flag from a car in downtown Washington. D.C. police Lt. Eric Hayes said someone snatched the flag from a car as it was stopped in traffic Tuesday evening and apparently threw it to the ground.

    Police and witnesses said that by the time the man crossed the street, someone exited the car and struck him in the face before driving away.

    Police said the incident may have been motivated by team loyalty, or the motorist might not have wanted anyone to touch his car.

    Police said a man was taken from the scene to be treated for a bruised forehead.


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