Chiefs Sign Former Cowboys TE Tony Curtis

As reported by, The Kansas City Chiefs have signed Tony Curtis to fill in a roster spot left open when they traded Tony Gonzales to Atlanta.

The Kansas City Chiefs announced the signing of former Cowboys tight end Tony Curtis today. Curtis was one of five restricted free agents for the Cowboys this season, but the team did not submit a tender offer for the former undrafted free agent.

Curtis came to the Cowboys after the 2005 draft and spent more than a year on the team’s practice squad. He had a short stint on the active roster in 2006, then went to NFL Europe in 2007.

A 6-5, 251-pound project out of Portland State, Curtis may best be remembered for his three catches in 2007, all of which went for touchdowns. He proved versatile as a blocker this season, filling in for injured fullback Deon Anderson against Green Bay in Week 3.

It was Curtis who blew his assignment on the blocked punt against Arizona that not only cost the Cowboys the game, but put Mat McBriar out for the season. He began the season as the usual No. 2 tight end, but eventually saw his playing time decreased as rookie Martellus Bennett matured in the offense.

The Chiefs had previously met with Cowboys unrestricted free agent safety Keith Davis this off-season, but the special teams captain left without an offer.

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    SMOKECzECH says:

    What a good pick up for them.
    Something though is troubling me, and has for a while. Since Michael Irvin retired from the Cowboys. The Boys have been looking for a number 1 wide receiver to fill those shoes. Regardless of what you make think of TO and his locker room presence or cancerish attitude, you have to admit he gave us that WR threat that we needed to compete in the NFC East. Now with him gone, I look at the other teams… Giants are without Plaxico, Redskins can’t get consistancy from Moss, and the Eagles haven’t had a real number 1 since TO left them. So after looking at them in comparison, I feel the Cowboys are pretty even, since Roy really hasn’t shown anything, especially that of a number 1 WR like he is now, and I don’t really remember him standing out in Detroit as a real playmaker. So, my concern is this… With TO gone and the threat of the Giants or Eagles getting a guy like Braylon Edwards, Chad Johnson, or another standout WR, will the Cowboys be behind the curve again in the division? What if Roy doesn’t earn the Round one pick that we gave away or even being labled our number 1 WR? Are we back to finding a replacement for TO like we were Irvin?

  2. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    Curtis is a good TE, but he was not going to get much playing time behind Witten and Bennett. Good luck Curtis. The boys will see you in Kansas City.


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