Cowboys 2009 Draft (Fixed)

I know hind sight is always 20/20, but looking back at this draft I see major flaws in the Cowboys draft strategy this year. The “big idea” was to acquire depth and special teams play as well as create competition with a large number of players.

The problem is, many picks will go wasted because of a lack of roster spots available for them all to make it. Also, it seems there was too much focus on players that specialize in a certain area of their total position’s responsibilities.

For example, a strong safety that can’t really play safety but is big enough to maybe play linebacker, but is supposed to be a special teams beast, or a kicker that won’t kick field goals but might play some sort of special teams positions as well as kickoff into the endzone. There are others.

If I’m a general manager, I’m taking FOOTBALL PLAYERS. If you are an outside linebacker you better be able to rush the passer and drop back into coverage, because those are two HUGE parts of your responsibility. I’m NOT taking any “tweeners” either. There are certain types of sizes and shapes for the front seven of a 3-4 defense and even though Ratliff has proven this theory wrong, it is not something that most 3-4 defenses have luck with.

Now I’m not saying that some of the players we did take aren’t “football players”, but I am saying the players we COULD HAVE taken at the same pick were more complete and, in most cases, more highly touted.

The kicker and tight end deal, as well as their explanations for taking them, degraded this grade from a C+ to my final 2009 Cowboys draft grade of a C-.

This revised draft is not fair, in the sense, that I could see ahead and see where certain players fell. However, other than the 7th round trade up, the players I took and the positions they play, in my opinion, would have seriously upgraded our overall draft strength. Trade downs and the one trade up that we actually did are included in this revision.

This is my “revised” draft:

Trade 20. 82. 192. To Detroit Roy Williams WR and 210
51 Trade To Buffalo For 75 And 110
69. Tyrone Mckenzie SOLB
75. Rashaad Johnson FS
101. Marcus Freeman WILB
110. Lawrence Sidury Jr. WOLB
117 Trade To Tampa Bay For 120 And 229
120. Scott Mckillop SILB
Trade 156 And 210 To Atlanta For 143. Jamon Merideth OT
166. Herman Johnson OG
172. Mike Hamlin SS
Trade 197 And 208 To San Diego For 189 Coye Francies CB
227. Mike Mickens CB
229. Manuel Johnson WR/PR

After Draft Signings:

Possibly Stephen Mcgee QB
Cullen Harper QB
Rudy Carpenter QB If Mcgee Isn’t Available
Darry Beckwith ILB
Alex Boone OT
Dallas Reynolds C/OG/OT

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  1. TD
    TD says:


    IDK Nate….there were some picks that I thought they could have been more active and picked other players… the end of the day, who really knows? I like the insight tho and your opinions…..

    To all the fans, I would say…let’s see these guys on the field before we go to judging them.

    – TD

  2. nate
    nate says:

    i hear ya. i just had to get this off my chest. next step is to let it go and support the players that are on the team. i hope the staff knew something that the rest of the world didnt know about these players and they go on to have great careers. time will tell.


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