Cowboys Extra Points: Moving Forward

Dallas Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett has joined the blogging world on the Dallas Morning News website. He will be taking the place of former Cowboys linebacker Kevin Burnett. You can visit Marty B’s blog here.

Outspoken wide receiver Patrick Crayton is getting some heat about comments he has made recently. However, I find this one quote to be rather refreshing:

“It’s time to move forward, nothing we can do about last year. Once it became Jan. 1, 2009, you can’t go back. Our deal is 2009.”

Cory Procter signed a $1.545 million 1-year deal today with the Cowboys. The offensive lineman will backup at guard and center and be ready to go should there be any injuries.


The Titans have asked the NFL to investigate the Redskins about violating NFL tampering rules. The Redskins signed former Titan Albert Haynesworth to a monster deal the minute free agency began.

Browns wide receiver Donte Stallworth has formally been charged with DUI manslaughter. Stallworth hit and killed a 59-year old man in Florida last month while under the influence.

Jay Cutler seems to be the talk of the sports world this offseason. The Broncos have confirmed they will trade him. They are asking for two first round draft picks.

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  1. Joe D.
    Joe D. says:

    The second that deal with Haynesworth went down, I told a bunch of people that is smelled fish. How could Haynesworth and the Skins negotiate a contract that is dozens of pages long im most cases for a record breaking sum, just minutes after the free agent clock began? It’s obvious that there had to be some contact betwen Redskins officials and Haynesworth’s agent. They should get fined and forfeit a draft pick to Haynesworth former team in my opinion. If you are going to have tampering rules than either enforce them or get rid of them and stop jerking our chain.

  2. nate
    nate says:

    corey procter can also long snap. so for a utility guy who is a veteran, this is an average deal. however, they dont count a penny against the cap if he doesnt make the 53 man roster. lets pray for dallas reynolds to save the day in the draft.


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