Cowboys Extra Points: Show Ware the Money!

The NFL will be releasing the 2009 schedules Tuesday evening at 6pm central time. The program will air live on the NFL Network.

Rumors are spreading that Free Agent Julius Peppers could land in Dallas. There is no substantial evidence that this is even a possibility, but the idea is interesting.

Running backs Marion Barber and Felix Jones have both fully recovered from toe injuries. Jones promising rookie season was ended after six games when his injury occurred. Barber was limited in play last season after his injury, however it gave the Cowboys a chance to see Tashard Choice.

All three running backs are likely to be featured this upcoming season.

Defensive star DeMarcus Ware still awaits his big deal. The Cowboys have yet to sign Ware, who will be a free agent in 2010. The Steelers have signed James Harrison to a 6-year, $51.175 million deal while the Washington Redskins signed Albert Haynesworth to a 7-year, $100 million deal. The Cowboys should base Ware’s deal on those two monster deals.

Cowboys fans all believe Ware deserves to be highest paid player in the NFL, hey Jerry we are waiting…

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  1. nate the cowboy ninja
    nate the cowboy ninja says:

    still julius peppers talk huh? hmmm..i wonder if jerry is getting ready to pull something off…

    and as for d-ware, maybe his deal will get done once jerry finds out exactly how much money they have to spend this year…he’ll get er done…no worries…

  2. nate the cowboy ninja
    nate the cowboy ninja says:

    the only problem i see with this is that with austin gone, we’d need to sign a free agent to step in and contribute. no way could we sign ware, peppers and holt (or that type of receiver)

  3. tom r
    tom r says:

    i liked austin and thought he was coming along in the game with the boys, sorry to see that he is leaving. as for ware and peppers that is going to be tough they are both beasts, but how are we going to have both without one of them getting angered about playing time. you have ellis on the other side still who is also a pretty good player as well. i just dont see how they are going to get it all done. in the end i think d-ware will be the one to stay altho it is going to be hard to match what harrison and haynesworth is getting paid. specially when i dont think they are as good as d-ware is.


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