Cowboys To Forgo Corporate Naming Rights…..For Now.

The Dallas Cowboys have decided on a name for the team’s new stadium, but that’s being kept secret for now.

sta1According to, the Cowboys will not have a corporate naming rights sponsor in time for the June 6 grand opening concert featuring George Strait. It’s likely that a non-sponsored name might be fairly similar to the current working name of Dallas Cowboys New Stadium.

Cowboys Vice President Stephen Jones was interviewed for the story and said that “There will be a [sponsored] name on it at some point, we certainly want everyone to be aware of that. But not initially.”

I like the patience that the team is showing with this, it is better to wait then to just take the first thing that comes along, I think that one of the few things that could tarnish this beautiful stadium is if it goes through several name changes over the course of it’s early beginnings. I don’t want it to be Dr. Pepper stadium in season 1, then Chevrolet Field in season 2, and then Wal-Mart Stadium in seasons 3 thru 5.

On a personal rant, isn’t it sad that the main reason behind the deal, or lack thereof, is the struggling economy? I wish it was about discretion and class. I am not saying this just about Jerry or Stephen Jones, but just the entire sports world. It seems that every stadium, arena, scoreboard and segment has to be sponsored. I like Candlestick Park, Reunion Arena, Sky Dome, and Joe Robbie Stadium….not AT&T Park, American Airlines Center, Rogers Centre or Pro Player Stadium. And to me, there was no better stadium name in sports than Texas Stadium. I am sure for now we will be calling it Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, soon to be followed by “INSERT GENERIC COMPANY NAME HERE Stadium” and that’s just the way it, so no point in fighting it or having a heart attack about it, but just wish things were a little different.

Cowboys Fan For Life – TD

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  1. Kelly Horn
    Kelly Horn says:

    Its a shame. I wish that they didnt have to have a sponsored name, but I guess thats how the world works now. Hopefully we can get something decent.

    I think I will just always call it Cowboys Stadium anyway lol.

  2. James
    James says:

    I do not like this at all,I personally think tradition should be kept out of respect for the old stadium she gave us so many memories I think the least we can do is keep the same name.I understand it is a business and they need to make money but common this stadium will be sold out every week people are gonna make up the money used to build the stadium keep the same name.

  3. James
    James says:

    I am thinking Tom Landry Feils @ Texas Stadium something like that just nothing like Sprint Stadium or KFC feild lol

  4. Stargazzing
    Stargazzing says:

    I still like Randy Galloway’s name for it; “The Boss Hogg Bowl”

    No seriously, I agree with your rant TD. I don’t care for corporate sponsor named arenas either. It’s just the times we live in.


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