D Day Is Over

This years draft wasn’t the very best but I must say it was deep. A good hand full of sexy picks, a few sleepers and potential bust in this draft kept it interesting. As we all know the whole point of the draft is to fill in a spot or grow talent in a successful system. In the Cowboys case it’s a little of both.

Jason Williams is here to fill in the spot that Greg Ellis will leave in a year or two. Mel Kiper didn’t like the pick, which in my book is a good thing. His numbers are nice and he is in a nice 3-4 scheme, which he can do some real damage in. If he can keep up with the speed of the NFL, look out.

Robert Brewster is coming in to a system of great lineman with Adams, Colombo, and Davis. Unfortunately he will be played a couple times this year due to fact the injury bug bites the Cowboys o-line once a year. I love this guy’s size, 6’4 325 pounds. Damn.

Stephen McGee, a great pick up for the Cowboys. While backing up Kitna and Romo, two great QB’s, he should study and learn the game the way it should be played. What is his potential you ask? You got me, quaterback’s are tricky that way.

In the case of Victor Butler and Brandon Williams its more of a means of beefing up the Defensive Ends pot the Cowboys have already. With Spears having a up and down couple of years, and Spencer not living up to his own draft pick, this seems like a gut check pick.

The corner backs DeAngelo Smith and Mike Mickens, both teammates from the Bearcats were nice pick ups, but all is not good with the state of the secondaries in Dallas. Mike Jenkins is getting there and Orlando Scandrick is learning the nickel back position, the real focus is the fact were getting burned with Terrence Newman being the only lock down corner. I see both of these players as steals. I’m interested on seeing how these two play out.

Safeties Mike Hamlin and Stephen Hodge will be coming into a beat-up mix of safeties. Ken Hamlin should see some help with Mike Hamlin who was a bit of a head hurter at Clemson. Stephen Hodge unfortunately might be moved to the Special Teams with Keith Davis being gone. Hopefully this will be a chance for him to step up and show us what he got.

Kicker David Buehler, I think it goes without saying has everyone scratching their heads in confusion. So much so we (Along with anyone else) are finding excuses for him being on the team. “Oh he’s got a great leg; he’s going to be great in kickoffs.” While Folk isn’t a great kickoff guy it’s not like he’s chucking it out of bounds or in the stands. Also in these cases you have your punter do the kickoffs. But for whatever reason the guy runs a 4.5, that’s faster then some linebackers so I guess…let me stop. I’m finding an excuse for him being here. I mean I welcome everyone to Dallas but come on. I need a reason.

Tight End John Phillips was a late pick and rightfully so. As a Terps fan, I got to see this guy run over a few of my boys while his stay in Virginia. Not a great TE but we can plug him in. Tony Curtis who played the roll of blocking tight end is replaced. I am worried about his ability against quicker linebackers but we’ll what he’s got soon.

Finally, Manuel Johnson was our last pick. I’m gonna be honest folks, unlike Phillips, Hamlin, Smith and Mickens; I’ve never heard, seen or even smelled this guy. I’m not going  to take the Trey Wingo route and talk out of my butt here. I’d like to see how he plays. Hey, Patrick Crayton was a 7th round pick too.

All in all the draft was interesting. I, like a lot of Boys’ fans, was smashing his head into a wall when we gave up a pick to the Bills. Or the fact we got another kicker when we could have gotten another as a free agent. If it wasn’t for good ol’ sweet beer, how many of us would have focused to much on the guys at ESPN without going into a blind rage? (Thank God for NFL Network.)

I would like to thank LSS.com; this was the first draft I sat and watched, with passion and more importantly from start to finish. A new milestone for me as a Cowboys fan.

Let’s go Boy’z!

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  1. Derek Sanders
    Derek Sanders says:

    I think people are expecting WAY too much out of these guys already. Do the Williams boys and Victor Butler need to play a huge roll right away? No. Does McGee have to contribute right away? No. Is Brewster expected to start this year? No. All these guys were drafted for depth and to groom for the near future. When you’re team has great starters already in place, you can afford to do that, and for that reason, I loved this draft.


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