Draft Day Fast Approaching

As the 2009 NFL Draft fast approaches, I have read many articles about what the Cowboys will do with their first pick. All of these are opinions of course which is what makes draft day so much fun. Do they go best talent on the board no matter what position? Do they go for best talent in the most needed positions? Do they try to get back into the first round? Will Jerry Jones make a move that will change the whole look of the Cowboys draft? The Cowboys have 11 draft picks this year and I think it’s a great opportunity to add talent, depth and maybe even find those gems in the later rounds.

I would think Safety would be the Cowboys first concern with the release of Roy Williams and the options they currently have to play alongside Ken Hamlin. They have Keith Davis, Pat Watkins and newly signed Gerald Sensabaugh on the roster, but if either Louis Delmas from Western Michigan or Patrick Chung from Oregon are still available at pick 51 I would think it would be hard to pass them over. Both are excellent Safeties and should be able contribute early for the Cowboys and maybe even become a starter.

Then there is the question of Wide Receiver? What happens if there is still a top receiver on the board come pick 51? What if players like Hakeem Nicks or Brian Robiskie is still available for the Cowboys? You can’t have too many weapons on offense if you ask me. The Cowboys have Roy Williams, Patrick Crayton, Miles Austin and Sam Hurd, but if we can add a game breaker at wide receiver it will be hard to pass up.

There are so many options and only a few minutes to make the pick. I’m sure whatever the pick is it will be debated by all. Come pick 51 I’m not sure I would want to be Jerry Jones and Wade Phillips. I believe they will have a lot of options and directions they can go to add more talent to the already talented Cowboys roster. When it comes to Jerry Jones anything is possible. Draft Day is like Christmas morning…you know you’re going to get things, you just hope they are things that will be great! Will the players selected be the missing pieces to the Cowboys puzzle? Time will tell. All I know for sure is that I will be sitting, watching and waiting this weekend as I always do.

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  1. SheScrbies
    SheScrbies says:

    You made some excellent points. I’ll be anxiously waiting to see who they pick in the draft this year too in hopes that they are able to draft the next round of “greats” such as Emmitt, Troy and Moose.

  2. Kelly Horn
    Kelly Horn says:

    I think sometimes when you least expect it you find players you didn’t even know you needed. I’m hoping for a great draft despite no first rounder (at the moment). So many great players weren’t drafted in the first or even second rounds.

  3. nate
    nate says:

    the two cover safeteys they like are louis delmas from westernmichigan and darcel mcbath from texas tech. michael hamlin from clemson could be a possibility in the mid rounds too.

  4. James Edwards
    James Edwards says:

    I personally think WR is a must fill

    DB is a pruority yes but we have Jenkins and Scandrick who got plenty of playing time last year and showed very good potential


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